Monday, March 23, 2009

Powder Mountain Update: Tantalizing Rumors From the Weber County Rumor Mill

A possible "farewell kiss" to Doktor Cobabe, et. al., from Weber County Attorney Mark Decaria?

Ogden Valley Forum reports that there's something stirring in the "Powderville" corporate fascist governnment v. Powderville American Citizen stalemate. Rumors are circulating that something mysterious is happening in and around Powderville. Here's the lede from today's OVF article:
We understand there may be some ongoing action with regard to Powder Mountain, aka Powderville. You may recall the Powdervillians have been called "flippers," and they may be flipping as we speak.
We have only heard bits and pieces of rumors (from reliable sources) at this point, but we invite you to click on the links below to refresh your memory of the saga that has been a hot news story the past couple of years.
The OVF blogmeister doesn't actually come out and say it, but here's some additional information we're getting from some of OVF's reliable sources, and others: The current owner of the Powder Mountain Resort has evidently run into the kind of inevitable trouble that has been evidenced recently by developer "bigshots" all across the globe, whose lines of credit have run out. Powder Mountain is 4 sale, according to what we deem to be extremely reliable sources.

What's more, we're told, there's a prospective buyer (sucker) all lined up, who's in the process of doing its "due diligence."

If this is true... it's probably time for our Weber County Attorney to deliver the legal "coup de gras." Kick 'em when they're down, we admonish, with considerable legal and "street" experience in re this subject.

Time for a "motion for summary judgment" from DeCaria's office, we think.

Time for DeCaria to administer "the last kiss of death" to the evil Mark Arnold, and the corporo-fascists of Powder Mountain, before DeCaria assumes his new position on the Ogden City Second District Court bench.

One last bold and devastating "kiss," Mr. DeCaria... that's all we ask.

After that, you can become the moderate and temperate judge we all expect you to be.


danny said...



Curmudgeon said...


On what grounds would DeCaria deliver this "kiss of death?" What legal grounds, that is?

Mark Twain said...

It would be hard to imagine a worst public relations job than what has been done thus far by Powder Mountain. They had a 3rd grade level traffic study and never addressed the main issue, THE ROAD! They never spent anytime trying to talk to the Ogden Valley residents to allay their fears, most their meetings were with the Cache County residents!

This approach reeks with arrogance and stupidity. They also used Jamie Lythgoe as a Powder Mountain mole on the OV Planning Commission and that didn't work either.

The people who should be held accountable for Lythgoe's presence on the OVPC Commission, are the Weber County Commission members who appointed her even though they knew she was a Cobabe family member and her family stood to make great gains from this project.

Fast forward to the Weber County Commission acting "Outraged" by the selection of the (family quorum) Powderville town council members. Don't make me laugh, if they would have used that sense of outrage before appointing Jamie Lythgoe in the first place, this issue may have been resolved as a win win for both sides.

Curmudgeon said...


Yup. All the WC Commission [note: the all-Republican Weber County Commission] heartburning on this has exactly the same PR smell to it as all the Congressional heart burning [both parties] about the AIG bonuses, when Congress approved [under Bush and Obama] all that bailout cash without demanding effective oversight and controls on what the money could be used for. They're putting on a fine show. But that is mostly all it is. A show.

The WC Commission and the current wailers in Congress are taking their cue from "Casablanca" in which the police chief, while receiving his rake off from the betting, announces he is shocked... shocked!... to discover there was gambling at Rick's place.

turn a blind eye to republican corruption said...

Do you really expect; do nothing, see nothing, know nothing Decaria actually do something to expose republican corruption?

Why do you think Huntsman appointed him? Reward for turning a blind eye!!!!

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