Saturday, March 21, 2009

The "Missing Link" Per the Std-Ex: A Trusted and Community-committed Ogden City Advocate Argues Eloquently for Common Sense

Another example of how all the smart people in Emerald City are all pushing for street car public transit

We'd like to spotlight this very fine op-ed piece on the Standard-Examiner live website from yesterday morning, by Shalae Larsen, uber Ogden City community advocate and a par excellence example of how the smart people in Emerald City are all pushing for street car public transit. This article is so well written that we won't even try to carve out the most powerful paragraphs. They're ALL powerful in cascading sequence. Just read up. Here's the link again:
The missing link
Reader comments are invited, as always.

Consider this a kickoff article to a weekend open thread.


scott e. said...

So is Ms. Larsen proposing a 25th street streetcar link, rather than one on 26th?

This suggestion could set back the Ogden streets car project for another couple of years, I think.

Lonesome Cowboy Bert. said...

Wake up Ogdenites!

You have an insane little man running your city.

Don't be shmucks.

Wake up, fellow Ogdenites.

Godfrey doesn't give a damn about

He's already looking toward higher office.

dan s. said...

scott e.,

None of the planning so far has been so site-specific as to meaningfully distinguish between 25th and 26th Streets. First we have to look at the bigger picture and decide whether either one of these is preferable to a much more southerly alignment along 30th or 36th.

So we can look up his nose said...

Is it true that the supporter of Godfrey are already planning to have his face graved in the mountain of mount Ogden to give a great big tribute to the great king of Ogden?

it's a biggy said...

So we can see up his nose:

The figure that will be engraved into Mt Ogden will closely resemble a giant life like phallic symbol, or dildoe to be precise.

Curmudgeon said...

comment bumped to front page.

urbanite said...

Please note that the alignments proposed by the Wasatch Front Regional Council in their transit study three years ago where general suggestions. The actual on-the-ground routes were flexible several blocks in each direction to allow a more in-depth study to examine the actual pro's and con's of possible alignments.

The current UTA study will identify three routes - a baseline alternative determined by those doing the study, a locally preferred alternative (I'm assuming based on feedback from the scoping meetings), and a build-preferred alternative to be determined by the city council.

The word on the street is that those doing the study are already leaning toward a 36th or 30th street alignment. Partially because the Mayor is pushing it that direction; and also UDOT wants to keep it off of the north part of Harrison so that they can expand it to 7-lanes in the future.

The ONLY chance we have of engaging the Trolley District is to get out the "vote" at next week's UTA scoping meetings. Also, contact your city council people to let them know what your opinion is on the issue.

Tod Transit said...

I'll second this letter and viewpoint. 25th or 26th St serves more population density, city/govt infrastructure/services, schools, businesses, etc. The mayor,as usual, monkey wrenching things for sake of stamping his name on it. The Central core and East Bench neighborhoods provide the catalyst for his vision of a trendy, upscale, gentrifying enlivened city. What is with his obsession with 30th/36th st. Can't he see the historic and intrinsic beauty of the city looking due east from his office. He is surely delusional. A streetcar ride from Downtown up 25th St will showcase the historic wealth of this amazing city.

democrat said...

Republicans have no common sense...
They only have propaganda!!!

George K. said...

The reason UTA and other officials are favoring 30th St. (which UDOT will not approve because of the money spent on widening it a few years ago) and 36th St. is because Godfrey has influenced them. But regardless of what they are saying now, they have to listen to public input and it has as much if not more weight than the Mayor’s wishes on the route. That is why it is so important to attend the public open houses this coming Tuesday (at the Conference Center, 4 PM to 7 PM) and at the WSU Union Bldg. Thursday 12 Noon to 1 PM. Be sure to give your thoughts on where the route should be, whether you would support mass transit and what mode you would support.
The outcome of the alternative analysis depends on public support.

Debbie Dew said...

George K.,
Thanks for letting us know how important our attendance and comments are.

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