Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ogden Knights Meet Their New Fans

Ogden's new arena football team takes time out to thank its fans and sponsors at last night's Union Station charity dinner

By Wm M.

Last night, gentle reader disgusted posted this comment in the comments section beneath the previous WCF article.

What he was witnessing was the kick-off celebration dinner for the Ogden Knights arena football team. The Standard-Examiner has the story up on its live website this morning:
Knights meet their new fans
They have had a few office locations scattered around Ogden for the past 6 months or so. They have finally settled into permanent offices at 1781 Washington Blvd.

Knights games start in the next few days and most players are Northern Utah products.

Home games are being played at the Golden Spike Event Center.

I hope Ogdenites will support the team and let's wish them future success.


Curmudgeon said...


Thanks for posting this. Disgusted's description of what was happening didn't sound right when I read it. [Ogden isn't a big enough market to support the SL Arena franchise, and in any case, a velodrome would be an inappropriate venue, even if that will-o-the-wisp managed to get funded and built years from now.] I figured the SE would have something on the event last night this morning that would clear things up, and it did, but I missed it. Thanks for the pointer. This makes a good deal more sense.

Kicking the home team season off during March Madness, however, may not have been the wisest of scheduling. I imagine the focus of most sports fans [those who follow sports year round by season] just now is on hoops and will be until Final Four week ends.


I'm with you, WM M.

Here we have a new sports franchise setting up shop in Ogden, all without looking for a government handout. The sponsors and promoters are setting this up on their own dime.

This is pretty unique in recent Ogden City history, wherein our little right wing socialist Mayor usually ignores entreprenuers who haven't actually made a serious donation to the little shit's re-election campaign, or sucked up to the public teat properly...

I'll tel you what. I WILL buy tickets, and support this new "Knights" sports franchise.

Ah'm Confused said...

Didn't Kurt Warner play in an arena league one year, after being cut from the NFL, and working stocking shelves at a grocery store, and then ultimately making his way back to the TOP of the NFL?

Maybe we all ought to tune into local arena football.

Go Knights!

anonymous employee said...

It might not have been accurate but it really isn't hard to picture the empty suits all huddled around-"and then if we make the posts for the tennis nets removable we can turn this into an indoor football stadium, the first of it's kind".

G'n'R lives said...

The article says most people are products of Utah, do we know any of those names? I would like to know.... might be more interested in going. Good luck Knights.. I would have perferred Ogden Mean Machine..

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