Friday, March 06, 2009

Spotlight on Yet Another Fine Std-Ex Editorial

A tip from gentle reader Marko, offering a pointer toward another most excellent Doug Gibson editorial

We received this email a few minutes ago, from one of our old-time WCF readers, whom we haven't heard from very much recently:
Since it's a slow news day, why not shine the WCF spotlight on this morning's Doug Gibson editorial, which put the radio moron Rush Limbaugh on the BBQ grill, and advises Obama to just ignore the nasty and morbidly obese pill-popping Idiot?
"Obama should tap out of this undignified sport and keep his administration focused on more important issues."
This editorial is stirring up lots of comments from SE readers.
Maybe you can stimulate a similar discussion here.
We believe Gentle reader Marko makes a very good point; and we thus link Std-Ex editorial editor Doug Gibson's most recent & fine editorial here:
OUR VIEW: Obama versus Limbaugh
As a war-horse paleo-Republican, (you remember us from the Goldwater Era of course, when we argued in our day for small frugal government, jealous protection of constitutionally protected liberties, and non intervention in foreign and traditionally private matters,) we''ll just say that we ABSOLUTELY LOVED today's Std-Ex editorial. We appreciate the heads-up, Marko.

Your blogmeister has also recently complained about the GOP party's current political "leadership vacuum," which was created by Geedubya's Right Wing socialist, "faith based-tainted" neoCon agenda, and about the claque of opportunistic media entertainment clowns, who've arguably assumed the leadership helm of your blogmeister's formerly beloved GOP.

Thanks for the suggestion, Marko. It's good to see you back reading Weber County Forum, even though you're not recently offering your reader comments.

And what say our gentle readers about all that?

The floor is open, O Gentle Ones.


Rafiki said...

If Limbaugh wants to debate Obama then he should run for President in 2012. Otherwise he should shut his trap.

My two cents!

RudiZink said...

I'll point out that those "Suits from Samdusky Dumbasses" will soon realize that a smart editorial editor like Doug Gibson will help them sell newspapers.

If they throttle him, the SE is headed in the direction of the venerable but broke Rocky mountain News.

Kudos to Doug Gibson!

Tell these dumbasses at the Standard, people, that that Doug Gibson's strong editorials can become the first step in saving their otherwise floundering newspaper.

We at Webar County Forum believe they (the suits) should give him plenty of rope.

Curmudgeon said...


The editorials have been better than I anticipated on Mr. Gibson's appointment. However, today's is not among the better ones.

Given the editorial writer's [and your] political associations, I can understand why you'd approve of an editorial (a) suggesting that it's the Obama administration via its surrogates that has anointed El Grande Limpaw as the de facto head of the Republican Party rather than the party itself and (b) advising the administration's spokespersons to cut it out.

If my party had anointed an extremist gasbag like Limpaw as its intellectual head and policy leader, I'd very much want to blame that mortifying occurrence on someone else.

It will stop when the likes of Mitch McConnell cease delivering encomiums to El Grande at CPAC meetings. It will stop when the head of the RNC is no longer made to eat crow and abase himself for criticizing El Grande's statement that he hopes Obaman's policies fail... and thus that millions more Americans will lose their jobs and their homes. It will stop when CPAC robots stop jumping to their feet cheering when El Grande tells them he hopes the president fails.

But it won't stop until then.

Curmudgeon said...

Breaking news:

House Republican Minority Whip Eric Cantor tells the world that Limbaugh's ideas are “what I’m about” just five days after soundly rejecting Limbaugh on This Week with George Stephanopoulos."

To repeat: It's not the Democrats who've made Rush Limpaw the putative leader of the Republican Party. It's the GOP itself. And only the GOP can stop it. If it wants to, that is....

[Cantor's flip/flop on Rush can be found here.]

independent said...

Curm is right on. And if I were in the Dems shoes right now, I would do all I could to keep reminding Americans that Rush is the de facto leader of today's GOP.

Bill C. said...

Curm, it just shows how feable the minds of the current GOP. They're inspiration comes from oxycotin, just like gondolas and imitation high adventure outdoor recreation are inspired by thorazine and a severve squirrel phobia.

Curmudgeon said...


I thought it was telling that Rush Limpaw was demanding that drug addicts receive long sentences and be treated as "the criminals they are," until El Rusho himself got addicted to prescription meds. Then suddenly that was no longer a crime, it was an "illness" or "a problem," and it no longer merited "punishment," it called for "treatment" and "rehab" and "understanding." Suddenly, when it involved him, the man became a liberal on the matter of dealing with dope addicts: treatment not prison. Imagine that.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Rush.

RJ Svengali said...

Random Cut Up Phrases:

Defining your opponent 1010.

Art of War.

Bill O'Reilly, Culture Warrior.

Michael Moore v. Limbaugh.

democrat said...

Only a Republican would agree with a big fat drug user!!!

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