Saturday, March 07, 2009

Utah Stories: Top 10 Utah Political Blogs

That's right, gentle readers, WCF made the list

Despite our tight schedule and busy afternoon calendar, there's one more item to which we'd like to draw our readers' attention this afternoon, namely, Thurday's article from our Utah blogging colleague Leo Dirr, of the Utah Stories blog. Here's the lede:
Utah politics and Republican politics seem like synonyms. And, in some cases, they are.
But this pretty great state is growing increasingly diverse. And the debates at the Utah Legislature are starting to reflect that diversity more and more.
So, it really should come as no surprise that Utah political blogs cover a broad spectrum of views. Heck, we even have a liberal Mormon. Huh?!? And he's not ashamed to admit that publicly.
Alrighty then. Here they are: The Top 10 Utah Political Blogs: [drumroll]
Read Mr. Dirr's full story below. We know the suspense must be killing ya's:
Top 10 Utah Political Blogs
Yessiree, we believe this story is particularly notable alright, in no small part because Weber County Forum made Mr. Dirr's top ten. But before any of our loyal readers start grousing that WCF should be rated #1, just look at the illustrious company we're in. Mr. Dirr's list includes the cream of the crop of the Utah blogoshere, as far as we're concerned. To our mind, WCF's inclusion at any position on this list constitutes the highest compliment.

When you visit Mr. Dirr's site, be sure to check out the sampling of the Utah blogosphere that he's provided. Quite a few of these are great blogs that we read daily ourselves; and Mr. Dirr also offers links to a few "surprises," which were heretofore unknown to us... like the The Raw Buttarse blog, for instance.

When you're through checking out Mr. Dirr's "Utah Blogosheric Sampler," don't forget to come back and lodge your own comments here. If there are other Utah blogs that you believe Mr. Dirr inappropriately neglected, our lower comments section would be a good place to provide those links. And if there's anything we can ourselves do to improve our readers' WCF blogging experience, we'd love to hear about it in the comments section below... (we think.)

We'll also note in passing that we find it refreshing that at least one blog commentator has taken the trouble to offer a ratings list generated by the weighing of subjective human aesthetic and journalistic factors, rather than mere cold mathematical formulae.

And one more thing, inasmuch as your blogmeister now headed out to goof off for the rest of the day...

Last one out... don't forget to turn out the lights.

Better yet, please hold down the fort until we get back.

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