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A 2010 Utah Gubernatorial Election "Battle Royal" Already Seems to Be Shaping up

Now that the fiscally conservative and politically moderate Peter Corroon has entered the Governor's race, will the ultra-right-leaning Governor Herbert adapt his own agenda toward a more politically moderate course?

As a followup to yesterday's WCF article, this morning's Deseret News carries an informative thumbnail biography of Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon, who confirms he will formally launch his candidacy for the Utah Governor's office next week, under the Democratic Party banner. Mayor Corroon indeed has an impressive resume; he's a true "Renaissance Man," it would seem:
Corroon set to launch run for governor
It's also evident that GOP Governor Herbert recognises he's faced with a formidable challenger, as he hastily backpedals on a matter which one WCF reader only a day ago considered to be a strong political vulnerabilty:
Herbert pulling back on water deal
Ten months in advance of the 2010 election, it appears we're already watching a gubernatorial election "battle royal " shaping up, in which connection we'll ask our readers this:
Now that the fiscally conservative and politically moderate Peter Corroon has entered the Governors race, will the ultra-right-leaning Governor Herbert adapt his own agenda toward a more politically moderate course?
For our part, we're thrilled to see two Utah political heavyweights squaring off so early in the 2010 election cycle; and we hereby pledge that Weber County Forum will henceforth be following developments in this race ever so very closely.

The floor's open for your comments, O Gentle Ones.

Do not allow the cat to get your tongues.


Milt said...

Herbert's a Realtor with a Realtor's Develop At All Cost mentality. I'll vote for his opponent, regardless of who he/she is.

Jim Hutchins said...

The last Cook Political Report, dated 12/7/2008, had this as a "likely R".

I'm thinking that they will move this to a "leans R" in the next report, but it will be interesting to see what the expert analysis is.

It's still not a tossup, but Corroon is the strongest candidate the Democrats could have fielded.

Danny said...

In the notorious Real Soccer deal, Huntsman and his Republican legislature handed Huntsman's business crony Dave Checketts $30 million dollars in corporate welfare while the rest of us were hoping Checketts would leave the state instead, as he promised.

Think of it - to be so attached to the government teat, that the government would hand him $30 million to stop him from uncoupling himself and leaving.

Who was the honest politician who reviewed this reeking, corrupt deal and turned it down flat? It was Peter Corroon. It SHOULD be hard to beat somebody with that kind of intelligence and integrity.

Any parasite should be running scared. With a Republican legislature, governor, and attorney general Utah has been the poster child for insider dealing.

Voting for a Democrat governor with good credentials could shake things up a lot.

It's nice to see Corroon is already shaking things up, a day after people hear he's running.

Aslan said...

The taller of the two will certainly win.

Biker Babe said...

Milt: "Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. Jerry Garcia"



Danny said...

Here's a mind boggling article showing how bad the employment situation is in this country, and how it will be virtually impossible for it to be rectified.

Lost Decade for Jobs in the USA

One thing we still do well is print money and get the rest of the world to accept it. How long can that last?

How long can we pretend to have an economy based on writing government funded mortgages and selling houses to each other?

ozboy said...

Corroon would be the best thing that could happen to Utah politically if he were to be elected Guv.

Unfortunately, there are just too many drones in Utah who are conditioned to vote "R" regardless of what the candidates stand for. As a consequence Corroon doesn't have a chance even though he is miles ahead of Herbert in intelligence, class and integrity.

You could take my dog Viktor, shave his ass, teach him to walk backward, put a suit on him, register him as a republican, put him up for election and he would beat Corroon on any day here in the promised land.

peter said...

as long as democrats want your underage daughter to be promiscuous, smoke dope, have free abortions with out parental consent, and take away all of your guns, and make america look like a hippie commune, utah will vote R.

Because democrats are evil.

Independent said...

Been here a long time. And in Utah things seem ultimately to be one-hundred eighty degrees out. Or just the opposite from what is represented.

In Utah so far as the legislators are concerned at least, the Republicans are generally the progressive and liberal tax and spend decision makers. And the Democrats are the fiscal conservatives and for individual freedoms and liberty.

R's need to seriously consider this Utah phenomenom
reverse derangement syndrome when it comes to Utah legislators. Nationally, well...there is not enough bad that can be said for the current crop of majority Democrats.

Personally I think everyone of Utah's Senators and all but Chavist need to be "expelled" from public office.

Oz's dog would be a far better public servant than Hatch, Bennett, or Bishop with or without the costumes.

Rasputin said...

Corroon can get a lot of republican support if he attacks the ethics issue position as articulated by the republican talking heads. Only in this state of Utah, would a politician or a political party like the state republicans be brazen enough to say they are against ethics reforms! Almost anywhere else in this country that would be political suicide. Corroon may be able to ride that kind of stupidity to the Governor's office.

Curmudgeon said...

Ah, Peter... please make an appointment with your doctor. Your meds need adjusting so you can again join the rest of us in the real world instead of the fantasy world you live in now.

Let's see now, I'm a life long card carrying liberal Democrat. And I don't want your underage daughter, or anyones -- or any adult woman either --- to be promiscuous [it's dangerous these days], or to use drugs [dangerous to the point of destroying lives and families], have free abortions without parental consent [except under limited circumstances, such as the young woman having been made preggers by her father for example, or her polygamous husband thirty years her senior]. Nor am I after your guns, nor do I want the US to "look like a hippie commune" --- whatever you think that means.

Where in the world do you guys get this stuff, these fantasies about what Democrats want? Your little John Birch Society cell still having meetings, is it?

carping said...

Curm: in any other state you would be a Republican. Here in Utah you can call yourself a demo, but if you are progun and anto abortion, tyou are a republican

Curmudgeon said...


Well, I've lived in NE, Wisconsin, Illinois and Louisiana. I was a Democrat in all of them.

I didn't say I was "pro gun." I said I was not out to take away the guns of people who are.

I didn't say I was anti-abortion. Nor am I "pro abortion." I said did not favor free abortions at public expense without parental consent as a matter of right for minors, except in limited circumstances. [On abortions for adults, I'm with Bill Clinton: they should be safe, legal and rare. And so I'm for government policies that will make them rare by reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies. This includes sound sex education in the schools,including information about contraception, as a proven means of reducing unwanted pregnancies in school age children and very young women. Thus decreasing the number of unwanted pregnancies, many of which end in abortion.]

Want to pin a label on me that outside political party labels? I'm a pragmatist, with libertarian leanings. I'm interested in what works, not in slavish obedience to ideological stands that have been proven not to work, like abstinence only sex ed in schools.

spencer said...

I did not catch the pro teenage prmiscuity, and pro killing babies part. I guess you are a demcrat, after all.

JEFF said...

Off topic but listening to Cheneys daughter on "This Week" bemoaning the fact that we took away a tool for interogating terrorists. Yes we did take away torture at least I hope so which is only a tool in that Republicians mind. She keeps spouting the Bushes retoric add nausium, along with he father.

Funny to have fiscal conservatives being vocal after 8 years of saying yes to every costly program enriching friends corporations.

As a liberal who can make an adult choice rather than letting some charlitian try to influence me, let Caroon run and I do wish him the best.

Curmudgeon said...


"I did not catch the pro teenage promiscuity, and pro killing babies part. I guess you are a Democrat, after all."


spencer said...

"...abortions...should be safe, legal and rare." Baby killrs are not republacans. They are Democrats. " education in the a proven means of reducing unwanted pregnancies in school age children." Yup, lke I siad, promoten sex in elamentary school children. You probably would pass out condams in the nerses office, or something. Capital D Democrat. Definatly. as long as that be what democrats stand fer, they dont stand a sinners chance of being electad in utah.

get er' done said...

Where in the Hell have you been? For 8 years during the W bush days in this country the republicans controlled the white house, the congress, and the supreme court, yet abortions are still legal. Here in Utah the republicans have controlled everything all the way to dog catcher for over 30 years and abortion is still legal. Boy are they just Palin stupid or really stupid, no, I know they just don't know how to get things done. So every election the run on the abortion issue but do nothing about it, case in point is Rep Wimmer and his stupid bill, enough said. No more argument on abortion.

democrat said...

Any man that is against Ethics Reform has no business in leading the people.

democrat said...

Spencer, your nut job!!!

Rodney King said...

It never ceases to amaze me how reasonably intelligent people can spend so much time accomplishing nothing.

State your opinion, or your point relative to another's opinion.

If someone makes claims that are false in your own opinion. Simply call them out by using factual data and logic to correct the false claim.

Resorting to name calling, ad honomyn attacks, and personal insults not only wastes your time. It wastes everyone elses time. Personal attacks are beneath the lowest forms of debate and argument. Such demogaguery largely explains why politicians have such low approval ratings.

"Can't we just all get along?"

democrat said...

Spencer, Yep, your still a nut job... you too, Rodney King!

Do you honestly believe that only the dems are having abortions?

Take a look at the red states map. Those are the highest areas of abortions in the nation!!!

Yep!!! Spencer, your still a nut job!!!

Rodney King said...

Like I said. Democrat(s) immediately go for name calling and attack the messenger if they do not agree with the message.

Where I came from that is a hallmark of the weak minded and ignorant.

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