Saturday, January 02, 2010

Standard-Examiner: "Junction City" Readies For Boss Godfrey's "Family Friendly" Winter Carnival

Former "Ogden Street Fest" arm-wrestlers and Northern Utah fun-loving single people are DEFINITELY NOT invited to show up

Here's another interesting piece from today's Standard-Examiner. Ogden City, (we presume that to mean the "high adventure" Boss Godfrey administration"), has cooked up another primo family-friendly event for our beloved Emerald City:
Junction City readies for winter carnival
It's billed as a Godfrey-style"family-friendly event," which we take to mean that former "Ogden Street Fest" arm-wrestlers and Northern Utah single people looking for a weekend of fun are DEFINITELY NOT invited to show up.

Among the many family-friendly events will be "a polar bear swim" and "human snow bowling." Certainly no Ogden families will want to miss these "family friendly" events.

We're also fascinated by the Godfrey administration's concerted efforts to set this event apart from the ongoing Ogden/Hof sister cities' established event, which Boss Godfrey has inexplicably handed off to Weber County. And with respect to that: "Why is that," we ask?

Perhaps the tea-totalling and socially-repressed Elder Godfrey is still irked that actual Ogden adults will do what they did during the years that the Hof Winterfest was in full bloom in downtown Ogden:
In 1987 Ogden started the original Hof Winter Carnival as a way to celebrate Ogden's sister city of Hof, Germany. Like this Winterfest, that carnival featured snow-covered downtown streets and outdoor festivities. Union Station became a giant beer hall...
Ewww... what a terrible thing to happen in blue-collar Emerald City!

That would certainly be the deciding factor for our tea-totalin' juvenile and socially-repressed mayor, we think.

Please don't hesitate to offer your ever-savvy comments, folks.

Will this new event become a popular tradition, or yet another Godfrey project Dud?


Loves the Osmonds said...

What about "the Osmonds?"

Has Godfrey booked them to perform sometime during the family friendly festivities?

For me, that would be a big enticement.

Just sayin'

ozboy said...

Godfrey knows jack shit about putting butts in seats. If his fingerprints are on it anywhere, it most likely will be a turkey. The only guy I know of that has ever worked in the Godfreyite camp that knows diddly about promotion and filling up events was Glassman, and he bailed out of the crooked ship Godfrey 6 months or so ago.

stonedrunkogdenite said...

Does anoyone even realize how many drunks there are in Ogde?

Curmudgeon said...

Nothing wrong with an event being, and being touted as, family friendly. I'd expect any street fair [this one, M to M, etc.] to be family friendly. What irks a bit, sometimes, is the assumption by some that family friendly means no beer, no --- oh, let's call them "adult libations" --- of any sort at the event. That leads to the ridiculous "lock em up behind barriers" beer corrals that helped kill Summer Fest. [I notice at M to M, folks are allowed to wander the streets, enjoying the day and their fellows, with a brew in hand in front of god and everybody. And yet it's still a family friendly event. Let's hope the same approach prevails at WinterFest.]

A winterfest --- and on Mardi Gras weekend for Bacchus's sake! --- sans something like the Bier Garten of the old Hof Festival would not be as much fun for many potential attenders as one with the old Hof Fest Bier Garten.

Of course, I'm from a culture for which wine in particular was part of most family friendly events, which were often sponsored by the church or held on the church grounds. [Raised Italian Catholic in Brooklyn, NY.] And I lived in S. Louisiana for three decades, where three generations of families, and sometimes four, often gathered in local bars/dance clubs of a weekend night to dance, drink and generally have a fine old family time. Great grandpa and great grandma if still there, grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, and the kids. There's some truth in the saying "the family that plays together, stays together. [More truth, I suspect, than in the more pious version of the quip.]

Family friendly's fine, so long as it's not taken to mean that people who like their public fairs and fests with an adult libation or two aren't welcome.

[Just so my meaning is not mistaken: drunks are not family friendly. Ever.]

Hopey Change said...

Obama’s our hero - Godfrey is too,
We love them both no matter who they screw,

While Godfrey does Ogden, Obama our Country,
With Donkey’s in charge - future looks bumpy,

Hopey change, hopey change - that’s our mantra,
Stand’in in soup lines - but don’t tell yo mamma,

Hopey change, hopey change, hishonor no honor,
Hopey change, hopey change, Obama a downer.

Hishonor wants family night – no adult fun,
Grown-ups in Utah, illegal my son,

So Hopey change, hopey change,
With silly kids games,
And “oh my heck”, these one’s for hopey change.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page

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