Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The "New" Ogden City Council Goes Haywire

We once again solicit those readers who attended last night's work session to take a few moments to let us know what the hell happened in the council discussion last night

As a followup to Monday's WCF article, wherein we provided a heads-up as to the continuing discussions with regard to last night's council work meeting...

Ace Reporter Schwebke now diligently provides more info on this story:
Council considers Mt. Ogden proposals
For those readers who didn't have the luxury of attending last night's council council work session... here are the two Mount Ogden Golf Course "rehab proposals" that Ace Reporter Schwebke mentions in the above-linked SE story:
Seems that the council has narrowed the Golf Course choice to only these two options, and that neither of these options even remotely resembles our earlier-discussed low-cost "minimalist" Option "B."

As to last night's discussion of the water tank situation, we're left scratching our heads wondering which direction the council will be going on this, inasmuch as neither Mr. Schwebke, nor the several WCF readers who were observed in attendance at last night's session saw fit to enlighten us about the Water Tank Discussion.

Nevertheless, we will endeavor to persevere, and once again solicit those readers who attended last night's work session to take a few moments to lodge their comments below, and let us know what the hell happened in the council discussion regarding THE WATER TANK(s).


what will it cost us said...

If the administration wants to close the golf couse or raise taxes to cover the $250K how can the city justify the tax revenue/BDO money for the Junction which is 3 times what the golf course looses.

The City Council still completely funds the mayors office and the Economic Development dept even with all the mistakes it has cost the taxpayers. Until they do an audit of the revenue stream from all departmets, lease agreements, and other revenue coming to the city the City Council will be just as responsable for the city debt as the mayor.

As to the citizens that are against selling city open land I would retain a good attorney and let the mayor know they are ready for legal action. If they don't have the will or are just a social club then when the city sells the golf course to a developer just remember what you have all lost.

Jim Hutchins said...

I don't see any evidence from the S-E story that the council took any action.

Just listening to proposals, regardless of how lame, is no sin.

Dan S. said...


The latest issue of High Country News has an interesting column by Bob Berwyn, a reporter who dared to suggest that ski companies might exaggerate the amount of snow at their resorts. A few hours after his column was published, Mr. Berwyn got an angry phone call from the CEO of Vail Resorts. A few days after that, he was called into his editor's office and told the ski company had pulled its advertising in retaliation. After another week he was fired.

Anyone care to speculate whether something like this could ever happen at our own local paper?

ozboy said...


I believe a version of this has already happened at the Standard. It was several years ago now after McKittrick bailed out of the Sub-Standard and went to work for a real newspaper in Salt Lake. The Suits of Sandusky installed a very good reporter to replace her - can't remember his name now, but he was competent and seemed to cast a warry eye toward the Godfreyites and all of their lies and manipulations. He didn't last long on the Ogden city beat, but while he was there he made the little lord and his pack of bull shit artists pretty nervous. He was soon replaced by the ever so incompetent and incurious Schwepke who endures to this day with his mostly inane articles about Godfrey and his evil empire which are for the most part a bunch of warmed over press releases from the losers on the ninth floor.

Moroni McConkie said...

Wasn't it the estimable John Wright?

ozboy said...

Ya, dat was da guy!

Dan S. said...

When John Wright was transferred from the Ogden City beat to SLC (to cover the legislative session), I asked him if the move was voluntary on his part and he said yes--and that he was pretty sure he could have kept the city beat if he had wanted it. But apparently he preferred living in SLC.

I never got a chance to ask him why he left the paper entirely soon after that.

In any case, John was an astute reporter. He once told me, flat out, that Godfrey sometimes lies to him.

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