Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outta-Work Geigers To be Employed in Boss Godfrey's Economic Development Department?

Whoa! Sounds scary to us!

Interesting emailed info from one of our trusted gentle readers, an insider with respect to the crafty inter-dealings in and around Boss Godfrey's Tammany... oops... Emerald City Hall:
Ogden City's Public Services Director position has been offered to Jay Lowder, another yes-man of Godfrey, and definitely NOT what anyone nobody would call "a rocket scientist." I am told that he was offered and accepted this promotion and is currently salivating over Patterson's boy being blessed by the LDS/Chinese Ambassador of Goodwill…………Boss Godfrey.
In days to come……..maybe a couple of Geigers in Business Development, in which nepotism is illegal, but will probably be overlooked. Scott Brown's illicit actions were.
Geigers pulling down five-figure salaries in the Ogden City Community and Economic Development Department? After getting summarily canned by Descente?

Oh, Please.

Whoa! Sounds scary to us!


history tells all said...

Well, I think it is about time that the press now will be given a copy of all the laws that Godfrey "I have more integrity than anyone in the room" has Broken and that the Public prosecutors have sweep under the carpet and maybe some heads should roll and kicked to the curb.

Just ask said...

Hey Rudi why the foreign language at the top of this comments box?

RudiZink said...

Check your browser settings, Just Ask:

Here's the language displayed above the comments text box:

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It's in English. Make sure your browser is set to display English

Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, well, with election to the office, the mayor gets to appoint staff. His choice. And I'm leery of people attacking the intelligence of an appointee before he's begun the job. Usually it tends to mean he's made decisions the person attacking his intelligence disagrees with. Disagreement is not necessarily evidence of lack of intelligence. [Many people who are by no means unintelligent have disagreed with me here and at other forums. Many many people.]

I figure performance on the job might offer evidence of lack of intelligence down the line, but it seems premature to question whether someone hs the intelligence to do a job before he's begun it.

Try To Keep Up said...

Ummm, Curmudgeon... everyone in and around Ogden City Government recognizes that Jay Lowder is a complete moron.

Try to keep up.

Fireman Joe said...

I work every day with people who are still at entry level wages after giving the city seven years. A pair of ski clothing salesmen going right to the top of the pay range for doing nothing for the city other than being the mayor's friends makes me sick.

history tells all said...

If I remember right it was Geiger that was found guilty of stealing a political sign and that tells us a lot about his character. The guys are not honest and yet they should be in the public trust. Where is the accountability when it comes to honesty of public trust? Now Can you see why the Questions of the Geiger's?

Shelly Sixpack said...

Although the case here may be slightly different - yesterday, the SLTrib opined on Lohra Miller's (Salt Lake County District Attorney) cronyism. If the Geigers are indeed hired by the Mayor, will our hometown rag do the same? Or will they rationalize it as Curm has attempted? Ogden deserves better.

curious said...

Didn't Geiger resign from Descente rather tahn be fired since he had other opportunities? I'm sure he was offered this job before the city went through the legal hoops to post the job opening.

Isn't this fraud since these positions are paid for with tax money and the opening wasn't really there since it been promised to an insider. Just curious out loud.

This is one reson why the mayor wanted to get rid of the civil service commision.

Just have to see how it plays out.

Curmudgeon said...

History and Shelly:

(1) The comment I disagreed with, and my reply, related to Mr. Lowder, not either Mr. Geiger. I said nothing about Geiger appointments, which it's worth noting, have not happened.

(2) As for "Try to Keep Up's" reply above: I don't much like anonymous attacks on peoples intelligence or judgment -- or ethics --- absent supporting evidence. When I criticize the Mayor for his lack of sound judgment, as I do here regularly, I can [and do] point to a mountain [still growing] of evidence that supports that criticism --- fact, example, names, dates and places. Saying "everybody knows" someone is a dodo doesn't come close to providing any evidence, any support for the claim.

Besides, what "everybody knows" often turns out not to be so. If Mr. Lowder is not up to handling the job he was appointed to, that will become painfully apparent as he tries to do that job, and we'll have evidence to back questions about his judgment, intelligence, etc. But no one has offered anything yet beyond anonymous and wholly unsupported name-calling. Far too much of that going around these days.

Jennifer Neil said...

Curm: "If Mr. Lowder is not up to handling the job ..."

The very first meeting on the job is ikely to be an orientation which includes a PPT presentation on how to make it look good, while pushing the dirt under the rug ... something a few folks are adept at in Ogden administration.

And I wonder when the Economic Development department will be transparent and visible on the Ogden City website ... anyone looking may get the idea we don't have one.


Curmudgeon said...


Maybe so, JN. But the charge was that Mr. L. is not bright enough to do the job. Nothing to back that but "everybody knows." I figure when someone gets a job, they get the chance to do that job before people begin concluding that they can't handle it.

If there is no real job there, if it's a sinecure, then the criticism should be leveled at the Administration for creating a phony job slot. Whether the Development Office is a necessary office, needs all the resources and personnel it has, etc. are matters we can argue out on the evidence. What the Office has done, not done, mistakes made, successes, etc. My objection was to the anonymous name-calling in re: Mr. L. on the basis of no evidence other than "everybody knows." Way too much of that going on these days. That the anonymous name-calling minus evidence was aimed at a Godfrey appointee is irrelevant.

ozboy said...

Has there actually been any verifiable info that says either of the Geiger geniuses has been hired by the city? The only thing I have seen is a rumor to that effect by a rumored city employee - as reported in this article.

I don't know what either one of them could actually do for the city. They don't seem to be qualified for much other than kissing up to the mayor and stealing campaign signs. I suppose they could stay busy by being in charge of taking the blind turkeys out to crap as there is an abundance of blind turkeys in the Godfreyite movement.

Curmudgeon said...


You ask: "Has there actually been any verifiable info that says either of the Geiger geniuses has been hired by the city?"

No, there hasn't. This rumor began circulating some time ago on WCF, sometimes with a "probably" thrown in in front of it. Seems like a waste of energy to me to get all outraged over appointments that have not happened and may not happen. If and when they do, that'll be the time to consider them, analyze them, and comment.

blackrulon said...

Wow, and to believe that I thought that the outdoor recreation ski industry did not create any high paying local jobs.

ozboy said...

Mr Curmudgeon

Well, it very well may be a "waste of energy", but ain't nothin tastier than chewing on a good Godfreyite rumor if there ain't no red meat available. It's part of the entertainment factor that makes this sort of blog popular and fun. Hell, if I wanted the unadulterated truth, the facts and nothin but the facts, I would go over to the Mayor's web site even though it is mighty lonely thereabouts.

Al said...

One member of the Geiger family on the Ogden City payroll is more than enough.

I was downtown yesterday afternoon around 2pm to utilize the single lonely "retail type" establishment in The Junction- FedExKinkos. The fierce yellow Bobby Geiger mobile (now free of Descente and DNA bling) was parked on the east side of the 2400 block of Washington Blvd. Maybe he's working for/with FOM cronies Thaine Fischer or Dave Kubly who owns a whole slew of properties on the east side of Washington if you believe the Weber County Assessor website-including 2266, 2274, 2278, 2438, and 2440.

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