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What 'Happened' With Regard To Online Council Sessions?

Who dropped the ball in re this?

By Curmudgeon

Here's something that set me to wondering.

Which specifically has me wondering is: what ever happened to the city channel [aka The Godfrey Channel] televising on cable of the Council sessions, much discussed last year by the council, and said to have been on the way.

Did the Godfrey-Channel manager balk when it was no longer thought important for campaign reasons to seem to be interested? Or did the Council flinch?


Too Funny said...

The Ogden city Channel 17 manager,
Bill Francis, is a total Godfrey slut

He cowtows to Boss Godfrey for the money.

Hates Channel 17 so far said...

I want my council session MTV!

Curmudgeon said...


Until we know what happened, though, seems fair to me to ask whether it was Channel 17 or the Council that dropped the ball. I have no idea.

Amy Wicks said...

The Council did not drop the ball on this. It was my understanding that administration would work on amending the contract they have with Bill Francis and the Imagination Company to ensure that ALL council meetings are filmed in their entirety and available both on cable channel 17 and in an online archive. This happened a few times after we had a work session on this and gave direction for it to happen. Then it stopped without explanation or excuse offered.

It was my understanding that this would be an ongoing thing and no further work was required on part of the Council.

I noted for the record when the Council meetings were not being filmed as expected and asked the Mayor and John Patterson to follow up on this last month.

At the special meeting today to honor outgoing council members and swear in the new council members, Bill Francis was present with camera rolling.

I hope that this is an indication that the broadcast and web archive system is up and running as promised. If there are further lapses in coverage, we will have to reassess our options to ensure that we are able to offer consistent provision of this service to the citizens of Ogden.

Too Bad said...

It's too bad we can't film all the closed door meetings the mayor has with council members where he tries to bully them.

Curmudgeon said...

Councilwoman Wicks:

Thanks very much for the update. Appreciate it.

George K said...

The special council meeting at noon was televised and will be able to be viewed on Channel 17.

We had some strong new Council members sworn in today at the special Council meeting at noon. The ladies on the Council were able to retain the council leadership. Chair Amy Wicks said that for two years, she has not nominated anyone, but this year she wished to nominate Caitlin Gochnour for council chair. The nomination was seconded, then Stephens was nominated by Stephenson. Chair Wicks asked if there were any other nominations and called for a voice vote when there were none. The voting was five ayes for Gochnour with Stephens and Stephenson voting nay. Chair Wicks said that Caitlin was elected as chair and moved to the vice chair nominations. Gochnour nominated Van Hooser, Stephenson nominated Stephens as vice chair and Garner nominated Stephenson. Van Hooser received four aye votes with Stephens, Stephenson and Garner voting nay. Again Chair Wicks announced that Van Hooser had received the necessary votes for vice chair. Vice Chair Gochnour and council member Van Hooser were sworn in as the new council leadership team which seemed to please the majority of those in attendance.

The Council Chambers were filled by well-wishers for the new council members and there were some there to say farewell to and thank the outgoing council members for their service. The outgoing members spoke saying that they were honored to have been elected to serve and thanked staff members and others for their support and help. They also stated appreciation for the support of their families. Both Garcia and Jeske stated that they planned to stay involved in city issues. Jeske said that it was an emotional time for her, but she was consoled knowing she was leaving her seat in the capable hands of Bart Blair and that he and Council members Wicks, Gochnour, Van Hooser and Garner would serve the citizens honorably and ethically.

The newly elected members were sworn in and everyone thanked their families and those who had helped with their campaigns and said that they were honored to serve and were looking toward moving the city forward. Councilmember Stephens read an extremely long speech that mentioned past activities and successes.

A reception was held in the council’s conference room after the meeting was adjourned. On the whole it was an enjoyable and non-controversial council meeting.

OgdenLover said...

As requested by Rudi, here are some notes taken at the Special City Council meeting held at noon today.

Caitlin Gochnour made a motion amending the agenda to add comments from Mayor Godfrey, which was approved.

Outgoing Council members spoke:

Jesse Garcia-
Thanked Ward 1 for their support during the past 16 years. Later he mentioned that he will continue to speak up and be involved in City affairs.

Dorrene Jeske-
Stated that this was a very emotional moment for her. The new members are capable and ethical. She advised them to seek their constituents' input and to follow their core values. She thanked the City - John Patterson, the department directors and managers who provided information, city employees and the Recorder's Office. She would like to see increased cooperation between the Council and Mayor (or was it the other way around?) in the future, particularly to bring transit-oriented-development to Ogden. She also added (later) that she will continue to be involved in matters she feels are important for Ogden.

Blain Johnson-
Said he loves public service, having been involved in Little League and other venues before the Council. "Public service is who I am" (if I remember correctly). He thanked his wife profusely for supporting him in running for and serving on the Council. Said the Administration has the "best for Ogden" at heart, not what is best for special interests.
The new Council Members were sworn in and they were asked to make comments.

OgdenLover said...

Susan VanHooser - Felt privileged to talk with the citizens during her campaign and hear of their concerns. Feels the three biggest concerns facing Ogden are community development, preservation of open space, and transportation. She feels the streetcar has the potential to provide solutions to all three.

Neal Garner -
The biggest problem in Ward 1 is crime. He wants to see the citizens work with the Police and Fire Departments to take back their neighborhoods. He feels the Council should make a committment to accountability and fairness to reflect the desires of the community. They should work as a team to accomplish this.

Bart Blair -
"I am who I am and that will not change." He is excited about what we can accomplish by working together, excited about what he can learn while serving on the Council, and excited about serving the community.

Doug Stephens -
Welcomed new members, noting the energy and fresh ideas that come with new people. Expressed appreciation for the departing members. The challenge faced is moving Ogden forward in a positive direction. Mr. Stephens then mentioned all facets of Ogden services and development from the Marshall White Center to Winco and WalMart. (This went on for quite some time.) He also mentioned the "education community" although it was not clear whether he meant primary and secondary education or Weber State University.

A statement from Mayor Godfrey, away with his family (that was stressed, so I guess he's not in Argentina) on vacation was read by John Patterson. It was brief, but memorable for:
"My door is always open. Come see me often." (slightly paraphrased)

Nominations/voting for the new Council Chair and Vice-Chair ensued.

For Chair: Amy Wicks nominated Caitlin Gochnour. Doug Stephens nominated Brandon Stephenson.

Voice votes are done in the order in which candidates are nominated.

Voice vote for Gochnour-
Yes: Garner, VanHooser, Gochnour, Wicks, Blair
No: Stephens and Stephenson

Caitlin Gochnour is the new lightning rod (er.. Council Chair) by a vote of 5 to 2.

Vice Chair:
Caitlin Gochnour nominated Susan VanHooser. Brandon Stephenson nominated Doug Stephens. Neal Garner nominated Brandon Stephenson.

Voice vote for VanHooser-
Yes: VanHooser, Gochnour, Wicks, Blair
No: Garner, Stephens, Stephenson

VanHooser is the new Vice Chair.

Caitlin Gochnour stated that she will miss the outgoing members and is happy to represent the Council. The meeting was adjourned. There was a reception following the meeting.

Curmudgeon said...

Thanks to GK and OL for the meeting summary. Appreciate it.

Watch Out for Doug said...

LOL! Stephens now appears to be Boss Godfrey's new sock puppet.

Beware of Stephens. He possesses no fundamental core values.

He's an out of work reed blowing in the wind, who wears magic underwear.


RudiZink said...

Thanks GK and OL. Your encouraging and timely input is much appreciated. Due to your real-time reporting, WCF has scooped the Standard-Examiner yet again.

Many thanks!

Curmudgeon said...

Mr. Stephens' had ambitions to be Council Chair, I think. His chances to win that post depended on his being seen as an independent voice on the council, and one who had a particular interest in finding middle ways, in brokering compromises when the Council and Administration differed sharply on matters. Since the Administration has proven itself wholly uninterested in compromise and has adopted an "My way or the high way" approach to Council relations, an independent voice adept at brokering compromises could prove very valuable to the City.

I think Councilman Stephens probably undermined that reputation for independence by supporting Mr. Stephenson for the top slot on the Council. By no stretch of any reasonable imagination could Mr. Stephenson be taken as an independent voice on the Council.

Naz said...

Doug Stephens nominated Stephenson? Good hell! Congrat's to Gochnour and Van Hooser. Two smart women who will hopefully stick to their guns and not let Godfrey and his admin bull them over. Council Chair is a tough spot to be in, but I have faith in Caitlin as I did Amy. All in all, sounds like a good day.

Godfrey was apparently too busy skiing today to see the swearing in. Go figure, he has no respect for this council. Wish he would grow up and be a true leader.

AWM said...

Great thread!..will skip reading the S.A in the AM and sleep in for an hour. Thanks WCF contributors!

Curmudgeon said...


Aw, hell, Naz. It was a ceremonial meeting, mostly, with the Council electing its officers as, I think, the only substantive matter. If I were Mayor, I wouldn't have given up a ski trip for that either.

Brett said...

Now that Godfrey and his failure to be at the swearing in ceremony has been brought up, I'm wondering if he's still smarting from last year's election when during administration comments, he remarked: "I'm disappointed in the council leadership elections." Later he commented to staff and a council member that the only reason that Dorrene had attended the meeting was to vote for the council leadership. Duh! Godfrey! (Her vote broke the 3 - 3tie! She had been out of the hospital only two weeks after a 3-week stay there. Thank the Lord that she felt good enough to attend that meeting and we got a good Council leadership team in Wicks and Gochnour!)

Stephenson didn't look very happy with the leadership results today. This citizen thinks that he thought that he had a chance of being chair since Dorrene was no longer on the Council. You need to wake up and smell the coffee, Brandon! As long as you're the Mayor's boy, your chances remain slim of being in the leadership. We also heard that he was applying some strong pressure on voting Council members because it was his turn! How childish can you get? Brandon, some positions such as Council chair and vice chair have to EARNED!

Curmudgeon said...

[Way way way off topic:] Boise St 17 TCU 10

Well, I guess the only questions now are, first, will the WAC get an automatic bid to the BCS bowls? And second: will it be days or only hours before Orin Hatch introduces a bill into Congress making it illegal for college punters to pass?


granger said...

I disagree Curm, ceremonial or not, the mayor should've been there. I hope he likes the results. Although your faith in the mayor is respectable, I can assure you the only reason he went skiing was to get away from this. Acting just like his prepubescent self always does.

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