Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Our Mayor In China

As investors, we taxpayers want to hear about all that went on, positive and otherwise

Now that Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey has gone to China in an effort to recruit businesses to Junction City, we look forward to receiving a full, public recap -- by our mayor -- of the trip's goals and what has been accomplished for the city. [...]
The China trip was paid for by taxpayers. As investors, we taxpayers want to hear about all that went on, positive and otherwise.

Standard-Examiner Editorial
OUR VIEW: Our mayor in China
January 19, 2010
We'll start this morning's discussion by casting the spotlight upon a fine editorial in the Standard-Examiner this a.m., aptly calling for a full report on Boss Godfrey's now-concluded China trip:
OUR VIEW: Our mayor in China
Boss Godfrey's been doing plenty of world traveling lately on the taxpayer's dime, as the editorial board notes; so we'll join with the Standard in demanding a full report. We agree that it's now incumbent upon our mayor to allay our suspicions that this cross-global excursion was a mere pleasure trip. Godfrey has at his disposal the ideal communications platform to fully inform us whether our taxpayer dollars were well-spent, and to be "specific about individuals and businesses that were on his 'city-business agenda' in China." We therefore strongly urge The Little Lord to get crackin'.

Chime in, O Gentle Readers. The World-Wide-Webosphere awaits your ever-savvy comments.


Ogden Res said...

City Council:

Stop wasting our money on Godfrey's crap!

No discretionary money! Keep him on a tight leash!

Curmudgeon said...


I agree that the Council, over the Mayor's whole term until quite recently, has been remiss in not cutting his discretionary funds when he abuses them --- beginning when he asked the Council for money to buy very expensive roll-away seats for the amphitheater, and the Council said no, and he bought them anyway. It should have at once reduced his discretionary funds by the amount he paid for the seats in the next budget.

The Council has been doing better of late. It stripped out the budget item for a lobbyist out of the Mayor's budget , and hired one itself. The Mayor re-hired his pet lobbyist anyway out of discretionary funds at his disposal. The Council should promptly, next budget, have stripped the exact amount paid the Mayor's pet lobbyist from whatever budget line he took the money from.

However, he is Mayor, full time, and made so by the decision of the voters. The Council is a part time body. Like it or not, and I know you don't, the voters put Hizzonah in office again last election. And it would be wrong to require him to go, hat in hand, to the Council for relatively minor contingent expenses. Our Mayor, any mayor, needs some discretionary funds at his command to do his job efficiently and well. The amount can be --- should be --- adjusted downward when he mis-uses such funding. But it would be wrong to shorten the leash to the point that he had zero discretionary funds at his command. No Mayor could effectively run any city on a leash that short. Trying to do that would be, in effect, trying to undo the decision of the voters at the last Mayoral election.

Elections matter. The voters do not always choose wisely or well, but under our system of government the voters decide who shall be Mayor of Ogden. And their decision has to be respected, even if you [or I] think they choose unwisely.

oldtimer said...

Today's Grondahl cartoon caught why Godfrey went to China.

It was his ego speaking so that he could use Ambassador Jon Huntsman to open doors for him....

He has to have someone open doors for him or nobody will realize he is in the room....

Sherry said...

New here, but I could not let this pass, as I believe I have a character reference. I taught Matt as a toddler in Sunday School. Since he was a little tyke, he found that acting out got him more attention than acting correctly. He was the most snotty attitude whiny brat in my Sunday school class. He runs the city like a spoiled kid. Progress, smart or not, does not require his level of me'ism.

Thomas Rocket said...

I know for certain the above comment is entirely false. Matt was a picture of good behaiviour and reverence when he was an 8 year old. If there was a mote in another eye, he would remove it without even being asked, if there was a job that he thought needed doing, well, it would get done at any cost, even in Sunday school when hew said the benediction it was evident that here was a slight little wisp of a boy, hands folded so softly on his lap, that knew he was in the presence of God when he prayed.
The hand of god works through future our US Senator Godfrey; those who besmirch his character and waylay his plans are a the spirit of contention and perhaps unknowing evil
God Bless Utah. God Bless Matt Godfrey.

Cavendish Wants Godfrey To Be a Sunbeam said...

LOL! Good one, Cavendish!

You REALLY LOVE the little shit, don't you?

Viktor said...

Godfrey is a miserable little sociopathic skunk. I doubt that he got that way overnight. His chances of becoming a US Senator are about as good as him getting an award for integrity, or competence. Everything he touches turns to shit and costs the tax payers huge piles of money. He wouldn't make a pimple on a Senator's ass.

blackrulon said...

i do not so much mind the Mayor going on these trips but he keeps coming back.

Monotreme said...

Now the S-E has done an about face and is glowing with pride that our Mayor went to China (and yes, Blackrulon, came back, as well).

Oddly, he declined to identify his potential trading partner in China.

He did mention that his next trip is to Mexico. Might I (dis)respectfully suggest that he catch a show called "Ramona and Her Trained Burro Bob" while he's in Tijuana? My father was a Navy man and he spoke glowingly of it. It might be something to set up at The Malfunction Junction in the space about to be vacated by the iFly, now selling time at a deep discount.

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