Thursday, January 21, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Juvenile Corrections Employee Faces Public Intoxication Charge

Beginning to think a little better of Mr. Killpack

By Curmudgeon

The Standard-Examiner has a story up this morning about a local juvenile corrections official arrested yesterday when she and her husband, passengers in a car driven by someone being arrested for DUI, belligerently and repeatedly, the police say, tried to interfere with UHP officers making the arrest of the driver:
Juvenile corrections employee faces public intoxication charge
Before being arrested herself, the juvenile corrections official told police they'd better do what she said, or she'd call her friend, Ogden's Police Chief [when the legislature's not in session at least], State Senator and Friend of the Mayor, Jon Greiner, to put the fix in. From the story:
"Jackie kept interfering, and she made threats," [police spokesman Scott] Sangberg said. "They gave her every opportunity ... she kept talking to police, threatening that she knows (Ogden Police Chief Jon) Greiner and she was going to talk to him."
So, the question naturally arises, how many other government officials in and about Ogden feel free to call on Chief Greiner to fix DUI problems for them when they run into policemen who think the DUI laws apply to everyone --- even friends of police chiefs who are friends of the Mayor?

I'm beginning to think a little better of Mr. Killpack, who had the good sense not to pull rank when he was arrested, not to threaten the arresting officers' jobs, and not to make calls to high-placed cronies to get him off the hook.


A.S. said...

Jackie was a passenger in a DUI arrest of Bob Watson. He is the owner of Teasers Bar. He always told us he was untouchable. He told Southwicks that too. Guess not.

Curious 1 said...

She was arrested for DUI in 2004, then runs an alchol and drug abuse program. Seems like the norm for Utah.

OgdenLover said...

Kudos to the police officers who continued with these arrests despite threats and name-dropping. I hope they receive the respect they deserve for doing their jobs.

Curmudgeon said...

"I'm a good friend of the police chief [or mayor, or governor --- pick one] and I'll have your badge for this!" is the second least favorite thing an officer likes to hear from an irate motorist outraged that he's getting a ticket, or being arrested.

The least favorite is "I pay your salary!"

To the officers involved in the Killpack arrest, and in this one: nice work.

Taser! said...

I believe Tasers should have been deployed as soon as the dumb drunk chick started spitting and threatening. Teasers is a crap-hole that caters to slutty over-primped drug whores, and testosterone soaked dumb-guys. The bar has been the jumping off point for more domestic violence, drunk driving, coke deals gone bad, and date rape, than just about any other spandex, hairspray, and reeking men's cologne dive hole in the entire state.
Gross pigs and tramp fuglys gotta drink somewhere, i suppose.

Good work.

100% Honesty said...

Sheesh Taser don't hold back how do you really feel about Teasers?

ozboy said...


Said like a good PR guy repping the bar. You earned your commission with that wonderful description that will surely drive the prurient of heart to the joint. Hell, I might mosey on over and take a look myself!

Live and Let Live said...

In the big picture, Teaser's is one of Ogden's better watering holes.

Lighten up, Ogden Mormoms.

Mark Shurtliff said...

I'm So glad that I helped senator chief greiner run for office and that he now owes me one. I mean a favor for a favor, and if he doesn't I will let every one know that he is a smoker and a drinker, But I'm still a good friend of his and I know that I will be looked after. Oh and By the way the money that I gave his dept. to put my Business advertisement on the police cars has nothing to do with him owing me a great big fat Hugh favor. He told me that he does every thing that the mayor tells him to do but I know that he still finds time to go get a nice sun tan in southern Utah just before the session starts. I know that he has all this vacation time saved up and this is all on the up and up. After all, he needs to enjoy his retirement that he got 8 years ago, and the $40,000.00 dollars a year that go into a 401 k. help him to buy his airplanes. I sure like john Greiner and he is my best friend and don't anyone forget that. I look out for his needs and he looks out for mine. and that is what our friendship is all about, right John. I love you Man.

Much to do about nothing said...

"So, the question naturally arises, how many other government officials in and about Ogden feel free to call on Chief Greiner to fix DUI problems for them when they run into policemen who think the DUI laws apply to everyone --- even friends of police chiefs who are friends of the Mayor?"


What the hell difference does that have to do with anything, Curmudgeon? Here ya go, trying to associate the actions of some boozed up blonde to Godfrey. Way too much of a leap. It was a simple DUI arrest, with some collateral BS from a paasenger who has a title and that's why it made the newspaper, not because somebody else in a similar predicament might have suggested they'd call an associate or pal in high places.

And Taser, how do you know so much about Teasers and all the illegal shit that allegedly goes on there if you haven't been part of those deals yourself.

Seems like the bulk of these posts are as lame as Kate, the OSE and Curmudgeon are themselves.

Curmudgeon said...

Much Ado:

Well, a couple of points to make about your comment: (a) the person threatening to call Chief Greiner was not the person arrested for DUI, and so had nothing personally on the line. She was a passenger in the car. (b) The person was an official in corrections herself.

Given those two facts, I don't think it's unreasonable to wonder whether other local officials would feel free to invoke influence with the Chief in similar circumstances. The answer may be "none." I don't know. But I don't think the the question I raised was unfair or out of line.

It's a sad fact that in municipalities across the land, ticket fixing for Important Persons and their friends is not unknown. It happens. I remind you of the mayor on that little Utah town who fired an officer for daring to ticket his son. [Said Mayor happily retired by the voters in the next election.] So, Much To Do, it happens. Given the news story, wondering if it happens here doesn't seem at all unreasonable to me.

Biker Babe said...

I would think dropping the name of the chief would make an arrest more certain ... given the current circumstance in the city



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