Monday, January 18, 2010

Heads-up on Tomorrow Night's Council Work Session - UPDATED

Introducing a revolutionary new concept: Don't buy stuff you cannot afford!
UPDATE: Check out the supplementary council packet docs below

Just for the sake of caution, we'll highlight a couple of important items which are apparently coming up on tomorrow's (Tuesday, 1/19/10) City Council Work Session calender. Although the Council's online agenda doesn't show it, we spotted these items on the Standard-Examiner's "Council Agendas" section on Sunday; and we therefore believe we need to bring these prospective matters to everyone's attention:
Ogden City Council
5:30 p.m. study session, 2549 Washington Boulevard.
6 p.m., regular meeting
Amend zoning map to reclassify zones at 3701 Harrision Blvd.
Adjourn to work session to discuss Mount Ogden Golf Course,
36th/46th Street water and transmission line CIP amendment,
and council business [Emphasis added.]
We unsuccessfully attempted this morning to obtain an electronic copy of the council packet for the tomorrow's meeting; but unfortunately we've far come up dry, since today is the Martin Luther King Holiday; and both the Council and Recorder's offices are evidently closed for the day. We'll keep trying of course. Maybe we'll have greater luck obtaining these documents tomorrow. If we do succeed in this in advance of the meetings, we'll post the documents here as an update, of course.

In the meantime we'll suggest that interested readers circle tomorrow's council sessions on their calenders, in the hope that we'll have at least a few lumpencitizen eyes and ears at the work session.

And to our new council, which hasn't yet met as a body to endure what we expect to be another classic Boss Godfrey "Blue Sky" sales pitch, we'll offer this bit of free advice: Don't buy stuff you cannot afford!

For those Council Members who may be unclear about this concept, we're also delighted to present the following highly-instructive video:

Readers who attend tomorrow night's work session are strongly encouraged, of course, to report back here with their comments and observations. We'll leave the lights on, for sure. Pre-meeting comments are also invited, of course. Knock yourselves out, O Gentle Ones. Update 1/19/10 12:00 p.m.: For the benefit of those readers who are planning to attend tonight's council work session, we're pleased to provide these supplementary council packet documents, which frame the issues which will be discussed at tonight's work meeting:
Continued Discussion of Council and Mayor Regarding the Mount Ogden Golf CourseCIP Amendment for 5-Million Gallon Water Tank
Once again, we'll keep the lower comments section open for any possible post-meeting discussion.


history tells all said...

Hey Rudi,
This property which is 3701 Harrison is a big apartment building that Godfrey once owned or still owns and it would be nice to know what the back ground is on this piece of property. Are you going to the work group meeting?

OgdenLover said...

A parcel search shows the property is currently owned by United Partnership for Christ.

Taxes are owed. Here's the info:
Tax Area/General Charges/Direct Charges/Penalties/Interest/Total
2008/ 25/ $997.84/ $153.18/ $23.02/ $76.80/ $1,250.84/
Grand Total

Delinquent Tax Payments
Click on a Payment for Redemption Detail
Pay Date Payee Amount
17-MAR-08 Utah Partnership For Christ $-788.91
14-JUL-06 Bonneville Superior #123137 $-238.25
11-JUL-06 Michael Welker #31399655 $-285.00
24-APR-06 Michael J Welker#29357313 $-285.00
12-SEP-05 Michael J Welker #22993143 $-55.62
16-AUG-05 W.c.t.t. #12959 $-855.00
08-AUG-05 Michael Walker #22059290 $-285.00
15-MAR-05 Michael J Welker #18018875 $-285.00
09-FEB-05 Michael J Welker #16845354 $-285.00

Curmudgeon said...

God's overdue on his Ogden City taxes? Wow. The economy in Mayor Godfrey's Ogden must be in really bad shape.

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

It is Christ that is overdue on his taxes not God. They are two different doods around these parts.

Biker Babe said...

oz - being as one is representative of the other, they are relatively speaking, the same ...


Curmudgeon said...

Well, I'd merely note that a search of the Weber County Tax records shows that the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not delinquent on any payments.

I'm just sayin'....

Boscoe said...

God is the totality of the universe.
Jesus is an alien.

Fireman Joe said...

Went past the now former Descente headquarters this morning, lights out, available sign on the front of the building.

Ogdenite said...

For the benefit of city council, I note they are trying to insert language that the 5 million gallon tank is not to be used to develop city open space.

That is a baby step. The point of the 5 million gallon tank is to develop the entire remaining east bench - not just the city owned property. That's what it says in Godfrey's own study. So any statement should preclude development of any of the bench land.

The other issue is the cost - the tank is not needed. Godfrey is trying to push the idea that they have to spend the money to comply with the bond.

But the bonding is a red herring. Put the money in escrow. Keep it for a project that is actually needed.

All this work preserving open space, and Godfrey is trying to wash it all away with one unneeded water tank.

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