Friday, January 15, 2010

Emerald City Kicks Off the Dew Tour... the Biggest Ogden Event Since the 2002 Olympics

Where O where is Ogden's Ambassador of High Adventure Good Will? Oh that's right... he's blown off The Dew Tour and is vacationing in China

OK Folks, as Emerald City's biggest Ogden Boosters, (Weber County Forum) we gotta ask this: "Where is Ogden Mayor Boss Godfrey during the "Dew Tour" Mountain Games?"

To our home-town newspapers' credit, they've been hyping this important local "high-adventure" event for weeks. As a matter of fact, the Standard-Examiner has no fewer than three articles up on their Live! website today, here , here and here , promoting this important event. Not only that, the Std-Ex has a great piece in it's "Go Section" on the Digital Edition site today, highlighting the gratuitous performance of One of America's Great American Bands, Dashboard Confessional, who'll be performing on a bandstand on 25th Street (a'la now Godfrey-banned old-tyme Street Fest Performances) ; and entertaining Dew Tour attendees later on in the evening, at Ogden City's most venerable and hospitable local pub... Brewski's .

So the question of the day is this for our gentle readers is this: In an atmosphere where the "Winter Dew Tour" becomes by far the most robust and important Ogden "High Adventure" Ogden event since the 2002 Winter Olympics... where is the little twit? Is he present on the scene, to roll out the red carpet to Dew Tour visitors from around the world? Is he playing the role of Ogden's Ambassodor of Good Will, to welcome tourists from all around the world to Ogden?

Oh that's right... nope... he's halfway across the globe, vacationing in China.

We humbly appeal to what's left of Godfrey's remaining half-dozen Gondolist Loyalist Lemmings. WTH is up with Boss Godfrey?

We confess we stand by with abated breath, waiting to learn the true meaning of all this.

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Curmudgeon said...

Well, appearances aside, I'm hard put to think how Hizzonah's actual presence at any of the DEW Tour events would enhance the experience for spectators, revelers or contestants. With no disrespect meant, Hizzonah doesn't really seem much like a laissez le bon temps roullez! kinda guy to me.

My Precious said...

Ya - nobody enjoys being in the company of a person who could easily be Gollum's brother!

Jim Hutchins said...

State Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack arrested on suspicion of DUI.

do not drink and drive said...

Salt Lake City , UT – Democratic State Party Chair Wayne
Holland issued the following statement regarding the arrest of Senate Republican Leader Sheldon Killpack for suspicion of driving under the influence:

“Senate Republican Leader Sheldon Killpack’s circumstances are tragic – for him and his family, his constituents and colleagues, and for the public who he may have endangered.

We ask all Utahns to honor the principle that he is to be presumed innocent of the charge of driving under the influence until proven guilty. However, his decision to refuse to comply with the investigating police officer’s request for breath test shows that he did not deal with this in a responsible, forthright manner.

As a public figure, he knows that he will be held to a high standard. We expect that there will be consequences for his leadership position and his position as Chair of the Senate Ethics Committee

Mayor Matthew Godfrey Parody said...

Some of you have accused me of not living up to my Mormon values.

You have accused me of lying, cheating, fraud, distortion and every kind of deceit and self dealing.

But you have never accused me of drinking alcohol.

Sheldon Killpack may eventually burn in Hell, but probably not, and in this life, this good man will retain all his power and prestige in the community, just as Val Southwick should have done.

Why do I say that? Because Sheldon Killpack carries the Mormon look. He speaks softly, and acts as though he is good man, just as I try to do.

And that's all you really need to do. As long as you have the right look, and no alcohol on your breath, you can walk past St. Peter and through the pearly gates. After all, with as easy as I bamboozle the city council and my stake president, I'm sure I can fool some moron checking people trying to get into Heaven.

But the rest of you will burn in Hell because you cuss and some of you drink. Some of you don't seem decent to me at all.

Well, gotta go. It's 10 am in China, the weather is pleasant, and we got a lot of places to see.

But do go and check out the Dew tour with your thermals on. Oh, and thanks for the free vacation, suckers.

Elected official said...

this is just in the media has just grama the senate emails regarding the killpack ordeal. so lets see how many of them have been erased.

fuzzy stoner boy said...

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Curmudgeon said...

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Jennifer Neil said...

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Dan S. said...

Elected official: The Legislature, in its infinite wisdom, has exempted most of its own emails from GRAMA. Utah Code 63G-2-305(19).

Jim Hutchins said...

State Sen. Killpack resigns.

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