Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Emerald City Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Three Standard-Examiner items, just to get the discussion rolling

We'll reel off these selected Std-Ex morning items in no particular order of importance:

1) The Standard-Examiner is front and center this morning in helping to hype this season's Winter Dew Tour, which is happ'nin January 14-17 at Snowbasin:
Getting ready for Dew Tour
The Standard reports that this event is "expected to draw about 20,000 visitors over the course of the four-day event." Thus this is is a VERY BIG deal for Emerald City, we think.

Is there anyone who'd be willing to tip us off about any Ogden downtown-venue festivities which might be happening in conjunction with this important event? (We're willing to bet that WCF regular Wm III might have some info in re this.) Who will be the first to share their "insider" information?

2) Charlie Trentelman reports this morning that Ogden car dealer Homer Cutrubus is suffering a double whammy in connection with the recent termination of his Riverdale Road Chrysler Corporation dealership. Chrysler Corporation unilaterally shut down his Chrysler dealership in 2009 as part of its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy plan; and he now learns that the Larry Miller Group has been awarded a new Chrysler dealership just down the road. Mr. Cutrubus has filed a motion in Federal Bankruptcy Court opposing the installation of the new dealership; and Chrysler Corp. attorneys have slapped him back with a motion demanding $10 thousand in sanctions per day (Ouch!):
Cutrubus says Chrysler treated him unfairly
Poor ole Homer. He probably thought he had his butt fully covered as a paid-in-full Friend of Matt. He should have hedged his bet and coughed up some campaign dough to Obama too, we guess.

3) The Std-Ex editorial board hops aboard the individual liberty bandwagon this morning, along with Weber County Forum and the Salt Lake Tribune:
OUR VIEW: An intrusive abortion proposal
The Standard's lead paragraph sums it up nicely, wethinks:
We have a message for Utah Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman: Keep your legislative probe out of women's health care decisions.
Very smart folks at the Standard-Examiner, for sure.

We couldn't have phrased it better ourself[S].

That's it for now O Gentle Ones. News-wise, beggars cannot be choosers.

Spout off on any of these suggested topics; or talk about whatever floats your boats.


althepal said...

Don't forget, Rudi, Larry Miller was a Friend of Matt, too.

althepal said...

Here's a good one you missed, Rudi:

Ogden OKs placement for firefighters memorial:

"OGDEN -- The city council approved a resolution Tuesday night allowing the placement of a $1.1 million memorial at Big Dee Sports Park honoring fallen firefighters from across the country.

Councilman Doug Stephens said it will be an honor to have the memorial in Ogden."

I think the firefighters are missing the boat with this. The monument should be located in the city municipal building gardens, so Godfrey can "have the honor" of gazing at it every time he looks out his office window.

Just a thought.

Fireman Joe said...

The night of the 15th there is a free concert downtown, Dashboard Confessional is the headliner.

Fireman Joe said...

The fallen firefighter memorial reminded me of another recent Godfrey decision. This year's project of knocking on doors trying to identify rental properties in the city is a big enough priority(not to mention revenge for supporting political candidates)that all fire and ems training has been cancelled for the year.

dorothy littrell said...

Regardless of whether you are a Homer Cutrubus fan or not I am incensed by the actions of my government that is allowing/promoting the use of taxpayer funds to put one private owner out of business which has the effect of putting another private party back in the same business.

I hope Homer wins this one!

RudiZink said...

I'm with you, Dorothy. You're exactly right, as always.

The gummint's (Federal Bankruptcy Court's) apparent mis-treatment of Ogden's own "Homer" is detestable.

Go Homer, I say!

blackrulon said...

There is no need to worry about televising council sessions. The S-E was in favor of the idea. Any month now they will notice the lack of city council meetings on channel 17 and consider writing a tepid editorial endorsing the idea.

Curmudgeon said...

I just went looking at the Ogden Gov site and the Ogden Channel 17 site for the recent Council meeting. Could not find it, nor did I find Council Meetings on the channels daily schedule page.
Under Video on Demand I found the Aug 9 2009 Ogden Council meeting available, but nothing else.
If anyone else has found a link to the film for the most recent Council meeting anywhere on the City site or the Channel 17 site, please post. I can't find it.

blackrulon said...

After the mayors comments/tantrum when the city council session over turning his veto was televised he might have reconsidered the wisdom of letting more people see his reaction to democracy in action. When will we find out the decision about Jon Greiner and the alleged Hatch Act violation? Is a confrontation coming on funding to support the Mount Ogden Golf course and Lorin Farr swimming pool?

Rammy said...

Hay Curmudgeon! After Channel 17 station manager Bill Francis got fired by KSL, he found his niche on the Godfrey Channel! He can sit around all day watching 1940's cartoons, which are pretty much his speed.

So long as his wife continues to earn journalist wages, Dumb Bill can do pretty much what he wants.

Danny said...

• Cutrubus says Chrysler treated him unfairly

Somebody tell Homer Cutrubus that Chrysler and GM basically bent billions of dollars of senior, secured bondholders over the hood of a brand new Buick and did them prison style, while Black Barrack O the Blessed held their coats, and transferred what little those companies were worth to the unions to whom he is beholden.

Given which, if H. Cutrubus thinks the same corrupt court will be interested in his fully valid but non-politically-connected complaint, he will be equally mistaken, I would say sorely so. Very sorely.

AWM said...

Homer thinks GM treated him unfairly?...I bought a Vega when I was 19..GM raped me

Just another humble servant said...

Why the hell do you think they are putting the memorial at the Big D park? It was originally going to go in the Municipal Garden, but our immensely immature Mayor would have nothing of that.

Curmudgeon said...

Just Another Humble Servant:

Going to have to reserve judgment on the move from Municipal Garden to Big D Sports park until I get a handle on the reason. This is to be a national scope memorial, not just for Utah fire fighters, I gather. That will involve some considerable space, I imagine, room for some parking, etc. There isn't much at the Municipal Garden. There is a lot more available space at Big D. It's possible that may have played a role in the decision. Or maybe not. Need more information.

Biker Babe said...

Here's a KSL story on the same subject - mentions Cutrubus had been selling cars for Chrysler in Ogden for 50 years! He had a good thing going - even if it was for GM! I hope LHM Gp isn't getting any money from our fair city to locate here. A pox on their business venture ...



Curmudgeon said...

The recent Ogden City Council meeting tape is up on line via Channel 17. Link here.

I couldn't find the link myself on the city site so I asked the Council's communications person, Ms. Heaton, and she located it for me. There are two council meeting tapes up at the site and it seems that's where future Council meeting tapes will be posted. I'm not sure if, or when, they'll be aired by Channel 17.

concerned about budgets said...

I found this information on the State web site
here.Sales taxes collected from State of Utah and paid to Ogden City by month and year. I found it informing, and find myself wondering if I really did see Mark, Matt, and Pureheart on Washington blvd picking up pennies and aluminum cans the other day.

1-08 29027 Ogden 1,051,942.14

1-09 29027 Ogden 982,281.21

2-08 29027 Ogden 1,501,877.19

2-09 29027 Ogden 1,293,140.10

3-08 29027 Ogden 1,031,651.54

3-09 29027 Ogden 967,528.88

4-08 29027 Ogden 1,019,684.72

4-09 29027 Ogden 895,551.55

5-08 29027 Ogden 1,349,661.66

5-09 29027 Ogden 1,127,915.42

6-08 29027 Ogden 974,878.87

6-09 29027 Ogden 796,343.99

7-08 29027 Ogden 1,250,021.58

7-09 29027 Ogden 942,703.71

8-08 29027 Ogden 1,305,998.13

8-09 29027 Ogden 1,130,229.74

9-08 29027 Ogden 1,092,435.48

9-09 29027 Ogden 983,517.64

10-08 29027 Ogden 1,103,252.84

10-09 29027 Ogden 1,004,401.55

11-08 29027 Ogden 1,264,944.08

11-09 29027 Ogden 1,077,385.58

12-08 29027 Ogden 992,562.10

12-09 29027 Ogden 955,686.42

Summary approx. $ 1,744,000.00 short from 2008 calendar year

disgusted said...

concerned about budgets

The hard numbers that you found from the State sure don't support what Godfrey told the City Council or the residents when it was budget time. Since our city budget starts in June he would have already had at least 5 months of this info from the State when he did the budget and yet he was telling everyone that Ogden wasn't being affected like the rest of the State. Numbers from the State don't lie.

I suspect his other projections for revenues to be received this year by the city are off as well.

This will mean that we have another year in which the city will run a deficit. How long are we going to put up with this?

Amazing when he then finds money to buy property for the river project outside of the city budget. He buys it thru the RDA which has no money and borrows all its money fron the city. Stay tune.

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