Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Glenn Beck Poll!

Don't be shy, people. Let it all hang out, just as Glenn does

Thanks to today's Salt Lake Tribune, we have this fine Washington Post/Dana Milbank editorial commentary to digest:
Glenn Beck's stew of venom and fabrications
In the absence of any real and nutritious Emerald City red-meat news, we'll invite our readers to evaluate the oddball Glenn Beck phenomenon via Our New Poll!
• Take The Glenn Beck Poll!
(For our readers' convenience, we've also inserted our Glenn Beck Poll right there in the right sidebar!)

Don't be shy, people. Let it all hang out, just as poor ole Glenn does:

Glenn wants his mommie!

He says he "fears for his country." Now that we've seen him in action... appealing to the millions in his redneck base... the rest of America we should feel similar discomfort too, wethinks.


machoman said...

Sarah Palin for President!

Joe the Plumber for VP!

Danny said...

Glenn Beck does some good work, bringing things to the forefront.

But he suffers from a common malady - saturation.

The guy does four hours on-air a day (or something like that. I neither watch nor listen to him.) Try talking that much without going wacko.

For more thoughtful discussion of the nation's decline, see this place.

Zero Hedge

googleboy said...

Richard Posner on the Conservative Intellectual Collapse

My theme is the intellectual decline of conservatism, and it is notable that the policies of the new conservatism are powered largely by emotion and religion and have for the most part weak intellectual groundings. That the policies are weak in conception, have largely failed in execution, and are political flops is therefore unsurprising … By the fall of 2008, the face of the Republican Party had become Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber. Conservative intellectuals had no party.

Proud "Redneck" said...

We common (defined as not "intellectuals") are very proud that we are not among the Ivy League, over educated and under qualified baffoons who surround the academic and outrageously non experienced Obama.

We so called grass roots Tea Party "red necks" represent proudly that we reject and have disdain for "Czars"/intellectuals the administration has surrounded itself with. These "intellectual" dweebs have collectively less practical experience than any administration's advisors for more than a Century (100 yrs.). And that is a simple fact.

Demagogue us all you want. Call us whatever. The job of cleaning up American politics and politicians is up to us lowly common folk. You know those of us who these ass-wipe "intellectuals" disregard and call names to discredit and demean. Grounded in a lack of "intellectual groundings" indeed. This is the tripe and liberal bullshit that has and is ruining our great Country. These idealistic and utopian academic creeps without so much as a single job or mature adult responsibility other than to pretend to be superior; are the Pelosi's, Reids, Obamas, and all thirty six of his czars plus most all of his cabinet members, ARE the problem!

So stop with the superficial, ingenuine, condescending, arrogant, saint attitude. Or continue at peril to the backlash from "red neck rebellion".

These neurotically insecure "intellectuals" will soon be the dust of history, if not the shame of the beginning of this decade. We proud "rednecks" will not allow them to turn our Country into France.

Glenn Beck Scares Me!!! said...

As Above

Danny said...





All big government.

Where do I go? I want less government. Like about 90% less government.

Why is there no one who represents my viewpoint?

Machster said...


True Conservatives want much less government. Guess the trick is trying to convince the GOP candidates, thru Tea Party influences, to sign a pledge to reduce governmental influences and bureaucracies by x percent under legal bindings of impeachment should such "conservative" drink the waters of power from the Potomic and become infected with power and control.

Good luck with that!! But I have to believe doable given the current situation and climate in America. One of the positives from having the extremes of the secular left in charge for only what...11 months now...

Rasputin said...

Beck is no worse than many other talking heads on TV.

The up side is Fox News and Beck will report on many stories and ask serious questions about the Obama administration that the other media news organizations will not touch.

The other major media have so much invested in supporting Obama, they will never really be critical of his problems and failures. They just don't report or talk about them.

We have the same thing here in Utah, the culture controls so much power in this state, no real heavy, investigative journalism ever takes place in Utah.

Machster said...

Amen brother Rasputin. Right on!

Rebel With a Cause said...

Hooray hor you, Proud "Redneck" and Rasputin. You are not afraid to be politically incorrect and want to hear the truth. You will get it with Glen Beck, even if it does come in unusual non-"Ivy League" packaging.

ozboy said...

Nothin more "proud" than a stupid redneck! The above rant by said "red neck" is proof positive of this.

The part of this idiotic screed that I find the most humorous is:

"You know those of us who these ass-wipe "intellectuals" disregard and call names to discredit and demean"

Typical "redneck" stupidity - In one sentence complaining of the very thing he is doing in said sentence!

Truly amazing that people this ignorant are still walking around among us!

googlegirl said...

Glenn Beck's Year of Wild Conspiracies, Paranoid Delusions and Cynical Lies

Pissing Contest said...

Lets see.

Proud Redneck calls intellectuals within either political party:


Oz calls "Proud Redneck":

"stupid" (2)
"redneck" (3)

That is four (4) for "Proud Reneck" in the demeaning and name calling department against both political party "intellectuals".

And while putting down "Proud Redneck" (a personal attack), Oz ironically spews out seven (7) ad hominem attacks. Guess Oz wins that pissing contest? Or does he?

When you point your finger at someone there are about three pointing back at you Oz...

Rasputin said...

Ronald Reagan said:

"Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other."

He had it right, as we are finding out more and more every day.

amused by redneck said...

Gee Oz, at first I thought you were just slipping in the humor department when you wrote the reply to redneck. Surely I thought, redneck was just joking around pretending to be real dumb. I guess I was wrong on that count considering redneck's reply, under the assumed name of pissing contest. He really is that stupid and apparently has a lot of time on his hands to sit around and come up with this stuff.

also noticed that redneck/pissing contest didn't address your main point - his complaining about name calling by calling names.

barf said...


googlegirl said...

In defense of Glenn Beck

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