Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday Morning Emerald City News Roundup

Not much to speak about in the realm of Emerald City red-meat today; but we'll belatedly issue an important reminder, and highlight a couple of back-burner items

1) For those who may be unaware, we'll remind everyone that there's a special council session set for noon today:
Ogden City Council Special Meeting Agenda
We do hope at least a few of our readers will plan to attend, to witness the swearing-in of our 2010-11 council, and the election of council leadership. And if any of our readers do attend, we'd certainly welcome any any post-session reports.

In this connection, we invite our readers to prognosticate on which members of the new council will be elected to the Council Chair and Vice-Chair slots.

2) Encouraging story in Sunday's Standard-Examiner edition, the first installment in the Standard's announced article series, spotlighting the dual benefits of the ongoing gentrification of Ogden's Central City neighborhood. In the case of homeowner Shalae Larson, the city benefits not only through the rehabilitation of an Emerald City Victorian-style architectural gem, but also gains a smart and dedicated community activist:
Ogden couple turns blackened shell of old house into place to live
(For those readers who'd like to snoop inside Ms. Larsen's recently renovated digs, the Standard also supplies a nice slide show.)

3) We'll also note in passing that The Salt Lake Tribune followed up a couple of days ago on last Wednesday's Weber County Forum rant, with its own critique of Rep. Carl Wimmer's recent foray into anti-individual liberty/big government intervention:
Women's choice
The Trib agrees with your blogmeister's take, of course. As everyone knows, here at Weber County Forum we never lie, and are ALWAYS right.

That's it for this Monday morning, O Gentle Ones. Expand on either of the above topics... or start up a conversation all your own.

Update 1/4/10 11:43 a.m.: And one more thing. As a result of a little light googling. we're minded that on January 4, 1896, Utah was admitted to the union as the 45th state of the Union.

Happy Statehood Day, Utah!

Update 1/5/10 7:15 a.m.: Jessica Miller provides her writeup on yesterday's Special Council Session here:
New Ogden City Council members take the oath of office


Keisha said...

Amy and Susie for Chair and Vice-chair respectively... I hope!

hopefully not said...

Hopefully NOT!!

Ogden Res said...

It’s wonderful to see these old treasure houses being fixed up. There is much useful work to do in Ogden, in the area of construction work.

And yet, Godfrey’s crony contractors stagger around with their pants down around their ankles, desperate for a chance to rape the east bench or other undeveloped virgin land – and expect to be subsidized for doing so!

Would that we had more people like the Larsens, and fewer like those sleazoids that Godfrey only represents.

george said...

Caitlin for Chair! Also, I'm glad to see the Standard taking a pro-historic preservation stance. Wish they would've done so a year ago when the Windsor Hotel/25th Street debacle was going down. And, Wimmer's a pinhead!

Oh Yeah! said...

Stephenson for official council janitor. Garner for council spitoon polisher and Godfrey diaper changer.

Forum Reader said...

I just wanted to thank the operator(s) and contributors to this blog for all the wonderful news and information that is reported here.

I am a relatively new resident of Ogden, but I am very interested in the goings-on of Ogden. This blog has greatly educated me and I am now a regular reader.

Thank you for all you do!

WCF Sucks said...

What? No live blogging from today's Special council session?

Suffice it to say that I'm appalled.

Curmudgeon said...

Which has me wondering what ever happened to the city channel [aka The Godfrey Channel] televising on cable of the Council sessions, much discussed last year by the council, and said to have been on the way.

Did the Godfrey-Channel manager balk when it was no longer thought important for campaign reasons to seem to be interested? Or did the Council flinch?

watch your ass, mormons said...

"On January 4, 1896, Utah was admitted to the union as the 45th state of the Union"

I'll ask how much longer Utah will wish to live under the religious dictates of Mormom Dictatator Brigham Young, and politely ask whether the prophet's totalitarian instincts led to the current Utah-style American Taliban State.

Curmudgeon said...


??? Utah is part of the US? Why wasn't I told!


ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

Utah may very well be a member state of the United States, but the "Priesthood" ain't. Something you might want to keep in mind so that you don't go gettin the wrong impressions on where the real power lies hereabouts.

Elected official said...

For all you republicans out there, I was just informed that the legislature's leadership just got their instructions today on what and how to vote on certain issues. go ahead and call brad Dee and ask him how the meeting went. I'm so glad that we have a separation of church and state here in the great state of denial. I just don't know why any one would vote for the republicans when you know this is going on. can anyone splain this to me? I'll be waiting for the answer.

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