Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strong Standard-Examiner Editorial: OUR VIEW: Ethical Fantasies

Tell GOP legislative "leadership" that Utah lumpencitizens refuse to be hoodwinked
Watching Republicans in the Utah Legislature try to enact ethics reform is a little like trying to get the family dog to stop chewing the cable wires in the backyard. They just don't understand what we're trying to tell them. [...]
Valentine's ethics rule is a fantasy, and lawmakers in the Legislature should be ashamed to support it. Hopefully, proposals such as SJR3 are last-gasp enabling tactics by a legislative leadership sorely in need of ethics reform.

Standard-Examiner Editorial
OUR VIEW: Ethical fantasies
January 30, 2010

Top flight editorial in this morning's Standard-Examiner, (falling in foursquare with the WCF article which we published earlier this week):
OUR VIEW: Ethical fantasies
We'll focus on what we see to be the key paragraph, at the top of this morning's most-excellent editorial:
Watching these pathetic efforts to try to police themselves, we sincerely hope the citizen ethics proposals get enough signatures to get on the ballot this fall.
We couldn't be more in agreement.

Sign the petitions, folks:
Pending Utah Citizens' Initiative Petitions
Tell Utah GOP legislative "leadership" (so-called) that Utah lumpencitizens refuse to be hoodwinked.

Query to WCF Readers: Have you signed the petitions yet?

Followup query: If not; why not?


Squirt said...

There is no question that these troglodytes in the legislature are only out to protect their mother lode of gifts and perks. These clowns have no intention of doing what is in the best interest of the people of Utah.

I am going to vote democratic just to help try and force change.

Obama is sinking fast because he abused the majority that the democrats have in Washington and so it will be in Utah, unless the republicans wake up and change their approach.

googler said...

Power to the Sheeple!

Danny said...

I concur with both the SE editorial and the comment above by Squirt.

Curmudgeon said...

Excellent editorial.

Now let's hope the SE turns its ethical radar on the Mayor and asks him for the "full accounting" of his China junket that the SE said it was sure the Mayor would give the taxpayers on his return. He hasn't, unless the SE considers the news that he made "connections" [none of whom he will name] and that one of those "connections" [who he will not name] showed some interest in importing consumer goods from China for sale in Ogden by who, the Mayor didn't say.

It's either time for the "full accounting" the SE said we could expect from the Mayor its editorial board insisted is fully committed to "transparency" in government, or it's time for an editorial as plainspoken as today's was, asking Hizzonah when a full accounting will be forthcoming, and why we haven't had it yet.

The taxpayers of Ogden --- shareholders in city government as the SE's top editors like to say --- deserve to be informed about the trip their money paid for, and the potential benefits to the city to be expected from it. The SE editors like to say it's the paper's responsibility to keep the "public shareholders" in government informed about what their employees are doing. With respect to the Mayor and his China trip, the SE so far has not done much by way of fulfilling that responsibility. And the clock is still ticking....

Curmudgeon said...

Oh, it just keeps getting better and better. SL Trib reporter Cathy McKitrick reports in today's Trib that Rep. Kraig Powell today introduced a bill [HB266] that would "limit what people could know about public employee pay." Specific pay for elected and appointed officials would still be a matter of public record, "but only salary ranges and job titles -- but no names -- could be released for all other government workers. "

Need I bother to add that Rep. Powell is of course a Republican?

Ms. McKitrick's story can be found here.

Ogden Dem said...

I am unsure why Godfrey felt that we need products from China sold in Ogden - good grief what isn't being made in China these days? One can hardly shop without finding about 90% of all products coming from China so what would be new that would have warranted that trip?

One who Knows said...

Here's your first clue, Oghden Dem. Godfrey went to China to line up investors, not to investigate Chinese products. Use the brain that God gave you ferchrissake. Don't believe anything you read in the Standard-Examiner. And NEVER take Mayor Godfrey at his word.

how long can you wait?\ said...

Hell Curm, dont hold your breath waiting for the SE to focus on the ethics of our little Mayor. He's been in for 10 friggin years, and they havent really gone after the little worm yet.

You might just pass out if you do hold your breath.

shopper said...

I simply don't buy anything shipped from china. Big waste of resources to ship plastic spatulas and children's swing sets all the way from the other side of the world.

Curmudgeon said...

How Long:

The SE in its own editorial said Godfrey owed the voters a full accounting of his trip, its purposes and its results, and that the SE expected him to deliver one.

He hasn't.

All I'm asking is that May Home Town Paper live up to what it said in its own editorial just two weeks ago. Having My Home Town Paper live up to its own standards --- not mine, but its own --- hardly seems like much to ask.

ozboy said...

The Standard swung one hell of a sweet heart deal with Godfrey when they unloaded their old plant on 23rd street onto the backs of the Ogden tax payers and thanks to those same put upon tax payers they moved their Sandusky asses into their brand new and very fancy digs at BDO. Godfrey saved them million in the middle of the deal. They owe him big time. It doesn't matter how sleazy he gets or how much he stiffs the tax payers, the standard made out like the bandits they are and they are not going to expose his lack of integrity and competence beyond an occasional little poke just so they can say they did it.

Bottom line is the management of the Standard doesn't have any more integrity than Godfrey, they are both sleazy to the max and neither one of them gives a squat about the citizens of Ogden.

Ray said...

I've been circulating both the ethics and redistricting petitions and with very little effort I have just about filled up 1 each. Interesting looking at those folks who put down their age the avg is probably in the mid- 60's. These are the folks who get out and vote. I think (and hope) the predominent party in this state is about to get a strong message from Utah citizens,

Biker Babe said...

ozboy: "to the max?" 80's flashback warning. Check out the vid from youtube starring G Carlin.

shopper: not to mention worrying about melamine and cadmium in those products from China ...



Ogden Dem said...

To One to Knows - wow, is there really a need to be so rude?

Just because you are a hater doesn't mean everyone else is like you. And no I am not brainless, I tend to believe people until they prove themselves otherwise.

One who Knows said...

I am NOT a "hater," Ogden Dem. Please don't lay that bullshit on me.

And political "directness" is NOT "rude."

Political speach isn't Mormon Sunday School, Ogden Dem.

Now that you've become involved in it, you'd better get used to "possibly impolite" political commentary, sister "Ogden Dem."

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