Saturday, July 19, 2008

Amy Wicks: Utah's #1 City Council Hottie

Ogden's Council Chairwoman finishes first amongst a field of five extremely well-qualified Utah city council hotties

Well, the most most recent Elected Hotties Blog contest is now concluded. All the votes are logged and tallied. So who's the "hottest" city councilwoman in Utah, according to the expert readers of that most-excellent blog?

Ogden City's own City Council Chair Amy Wicks -- that's who.

This from this morning's Elected Hotties announcement:

Our 20th Elected Hottie won a major battle of north vs. south over the past two weeks. An aggressive campaign to elect St. George Councilwoman Suzanne Allen got under way shortly after our poll was launched. But Amy had her share of local support, too.
So, what makes Amy so hot? Here we go:
According to her bio, she's been elected twice to the Ogden City Council and is the council's chairwoman. She works for the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome and was interviewed last week by STLtoday. When she's not debating the future of Ogden's water system, she loves (deep breath) snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and whitewater kayaking.
We of Ogden of course always knew that Amy is always a top vote-getter. She finished #1 of all council candidates in last year's municipal election, after all. This, despite having no significant campaign warchest. And her unique combo of brains, athleticism, charm and, yes, danged good looks always seems to propel her to the top, as the true "woman of the people" that she is, just as it did in this most recent instance. Everybody in Ogden loves Amy, save Boss Godfrey, Bob Geiger, a few scattered Gondolist relics -- and prominent Ogden City Godfreyite Jay Cavendish, of course.

Even considering her formidable Ogden City electoral achievements these past eight years, we believe this latest achievement is particularly "special," coming as it does, from a Utah political blog which never indulges in political acrimony, and instead focuses entirely on the fun side of Utah politics.


Write it down so you don't forget it, Boss Godfrey.

We invite you all to prowl the Elected Hotties site through the link we've provided above. Once you've done that, we believe you'll fully come to understand what we mean when we tout this most remarkable voter-generated achievement. Everyone in the competition is definitely most hot, wethinks.

Our beloved City Council Chairwoman won a tightly-contested race here, indeed.

Comments, anyone?


Jason W. said...

Elder Tom Moore, aka Cavendish, is not amused; fellow alternative-lifestyled Csmoker, Brandon Stephenson, is way hotter!!!!!! LOL! Brandon wins in a walk. That's for you, Bill G. Oh, Billy, tell me how Godfrey's ass tastes.

RudiZink said...

Jason! Lay down the gallon of gin, and step away from the keyboard!

Just a helpful hint from yer old pal Rudi.

Jason W. said...

You flatter me, good sir. I drink hard liquor maybe twice a year, and you of all people should know when I'm under its influence. But God bless your temperance lectures and your wilfull blindness toward legendary OTown boys who find themselves in the employ of Matty Godfrey. Yeeaaah, don't be so sensitive. So long, Geigers!


RudiZink said...

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???????? said...

It would be interesting to know if Amy is flattered by this "accomplishment" or somewhat turned off by the whole deal.

All the same Amy, way to go. You make city council meetings all the more tolerable!

God bless your heritage.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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