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Boss Godfrey KCPX Radio Interview

The latest public propaganda regarding Boss Godfrey's high adventure vision

One of our readers sent us a link to this KCPW radio article, containing a link to an on air interview with Ogden City Mayor Matthew Godfrey, which was live broadcasted on Friday morning. We've edited it down to Godfrey's live segment... and for those readers who'd like to listen to the latest public propaganda regarding the Boss Godfrey high adventure vision, it's available at the link below. It's a fairly large mp3 file, so it will take a few seconds to load:

Boss Godfrey 7/11/08 KCPW Interview

We're posting this "on the fly," and will thus refrain from offering our own crabby editorial comments. We will however incorporate a few text snippets submitted by our alert reader in the email accompanying the KCPW article link:
Who is funding the free downtown bicycle program (it has not even been mentioned to the Council yet)? What about a replacement program for when they disappear?

"...Recreation is a foreign idea to the mostly blue collar population of Ogden and they look at you like you have three eyes when you talk about mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing..."

Maybe they just look at the Mayor this way. I see plenty of blue-collar Ogdenites while enjoying the trails and rivers. They don't look at me like I'm nuts for being on a mountain bike or in a kayak. Hiking above town to escape the heat of the city is one of the best free family activities in town.

Indoor Velodrome- funding??? Taxpayers? When are we going to let private business take some risks?

At least the words "high adventure recreation" were not inserted into every sentence. What the hell is that anyway? Google it... every hit somehow links back to Ogden's Mayor or something originating within the city. I'd like to hear him "define" it some time.
We don't know about the rest of you... but speaking for ourself... we can never get enough of Boss Godfrey's droning on... with that totally annoying nasal munchkin voice.

Consider this the kickstart to a Saturday open thread.

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Curmudgeon said...

In the story on the archery competition coming to Ogden the SE put up on line yesterday, the Mayor said the competition coming here would "help put Ogden on the map." We were also, let us remember, told that the Salomon Center attractions would "put Ogden on the map," and the proposed flatland gondola would "put Ogden on the map" and the [now suspended] Five Star Hotel and Indoor Water Park would "put Ogden on the map" and the River Project would "put Ogden on the map" and the ice tower will "put Ogden on the map."

Must be a pretty damn slippery map if, despite all the Mayor's attempts to put Ogden on it, the city always needs one or two more attempts more to achieve the goal.

Landing the Archery WC competitions is a good thing for Ogden. I am very happy they are coming. But someone needs to tell Hizzonah that the endless babbitry braying that whatever he's selling at the moment will "put Ogden on the map" is wearing more than a little thin.

And here some of us thought that Historic 25th Street had already "put Ogden on the map" and that WSU had already "put Ogden on the map" and that an Olympic venue being located here had "put Ogden on the map" and that Ogden as the gateway to Snow Basin had "put Ogden on the map." Silly us.

gaddie said...

boy. i'm glad that he just isn't writing me up anymore for the 10 inch weeds that i'm growing doing on 20th and washington.

OgdenLover said...

Free bikes purchased by the city from FOM Bingham Cyclery perhaps?

As for his interview, can you spell BS, lies and smoke and mirrors? Godfrey is seriously deluded. I still say he has narcissistic personality disorder.

googleboy said...

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Jason W. said...

Lying Little Matty Gondola Godfrey's interview was stupefying.

His commentary is littered with non sequitors and malapropisms, such as high-adventure outdoor recreation in reference to faux indoor simulators, and fibs; he, along with his complicit enablers, The Gondola-Examiner, falsely claim that he staked our economic future on this recreation horseshit when he first took office, although The Tiny Man with a Gigantic Forehead initially tried to rebrand OTown as little silicon valley, remember, Gondola-Examiner editors who write that he "has been aggresively pursuing this vision ever since." Although he and his moronic father-in-law, Addled Ed Allen -- Good Old (?) Curmudgeon's favorite legislative candidate and public supporter of the worst fraudster in Utah history -- were plotting with Wayne Peterson and his Famed Squirrel Patrol even back then to steal our public lands at pennies on the dollar to build a circus ride to nowhere.

Moreover, none of the "visionary projects" he cites can be qualified as a success; it's pure speculation and conjecture on his part, indeed, as he notes: "difficult to quantify." What's not is the taxpayers being on the hook for the bond service for the Jackass Center and related developments at The Junction due to insufficient revenue and construction delays.

Lying Little Matty also managed to work in naysayers, THE GONDOLA (although he referenced one that actually exists), and Mecca only once. He's a huckster and can speak corporate gobbledy-gook, but nothing that emanates from his nasally inflected douchenozzle he calls a mouth is worth two Descente jackets.

And yet there he is, three times elected mayor of OTown, the midget jackass from Harrisville who is unquestionably suffering from NPD, as Ogdenlover points out:

People who are overly narcissistic commonly feel rejected, humiliated and threatened when criticised. To protect themselves from these dangers, they often react with disdain, rage, and/or defiance to any slight criticism, real or imagined [8]. To avoid such situations, some narcissistic people withdraw socially and may feign modesty or humility.

Though individuals with NPD are often ambitious and capable, the inability to tolerate setbacks, disagreements or criticism, along with lack of empathy, make it difficult for such individuals to work cooperatively with others or to maintain long-term professional achievements [9]. With narcissistic personality disorder, the person's perceived fantastic grandiosity, often coupled with a hypomanic mood, is typically not commensurate with his or her real accomplishments.


danny said...

How do our recreational assets become improved by having more people wandering over them?

Anonymous said...
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Bill C. said...

Curm, I found three different maps, Ogden, Ut. was on all three.
And since you have repeatedly refused to inform me just what High Adventure Outdoor Recreation means, I've taken the liberty to do some research on my own. I submit to you my report on my findings.
1. High , there are only 2 uses described in Websters' that could apply. above others in rank, superior. Drunk or under the influence of drugs.
2.Adventure , a daring, hazardous undertaking. An unusual, stirring, often romantic experience.
3. Outdoor , being or taking place outdoors.
4.Recreation , any play, amusement, etc. used to relax or refresh the body or mind.
One could interpret that to describe what lying little matty and wayne peterson were rumored to have done on their little European gondola quest. How's this, They got drunk and high, became romantic and went outside and had sex.( in a floating type gondola, the arial one don't fit the outdoor criteria)
High adventure outdoor recreation, bring back the street festival, the whole world would show up.

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote: And since you have repeatedly refused to inform me just what High Adventure Outdoor Recreation means, I've taken the liberty to do some research on my own. I submit to you my report on my findings.

Bill, it's a marketing phrase, part of an ad campaign. You're treating it as if it were a legal term needing to be precisely defined in court. It's a little bit of advertising puffery, that's all. It can no more be taken literally than the old Marlboro Man commercials showing a car pulling off a gridlocked LA freeway and morphing into The Marlboro Man... "Break away from the crowd"... could [or should] have been taken literally. [Note that the ad worked only because millions of people decided to break away from the crowed and express their individuality in exactly the same way: by buying Marlboros. We now mass market individuality.]

There's an element of truth to "High Adventure Ogden" ... but only an element. The men's downhill run at Snow Basin can reasonably be described as high adventure sport, I think. So can extreme skiing which is practiced in these parts. There are climbing venues in the mountains that can reasonably be described as involving "high adventure" as well. Sure, some of what Hizzonah has been touting is indoor recreation [the wind tunnel ride e.g.] and some of it, even outdoors, cannot reasonably be labeled high adventure. But all that's kind of beside the point. It's just a marketing phrase that, I think, no one expects to be taken literally in every instance. I've seen family half day rafting trips out of Durango on the Animas and on the Snake out Jackson called "high adventure!" And more Boy Scout "high adventure" base camps than I can shake a stick at, very few of which actually involve high adventure activities.

You're getting way too wrapped up in trying to parse a marketing phrase. What matters, seems to me, is whether each particular project Hizzonah is touting involves , on its own merits a prudent expenditure of public funds, with a reasonable probability of success. High, middle, low adventure or none at all. I don't expect "High Adventure" in Ogden's marketing to be taken any more literally than the car ad that says "what matters is, when you turn on your car, does it return the favor?" You shouldn't either.

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