Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rank Smell Eminates From Capitol Hill

Time for Weber County Attorney Decaria to break out the trusty Nasal Ranger Olfactometer?

Fine editorial in this morning's Standard-Examiner on the Walker Bribery Probe topic, under the headline, "A cloud over House leadership." The editorial starts out with this:
Rather than be hauled up on ethics charges within the Utah House of Representatives, Rep. Mark Walker opted for political seppuku -- suicide -- via resignation from his elective office.
His surrender stops the ethics investigation resulting from a complaint filed against the Sandy Republican by a bipartisan group of five House colleagues, including two from the Top of Utah.
But it will not -- or at least should not -- blunt the ongoing criminal investigation into allegations of bribery.
The editorial makes a strong pitch for Weber and Davis County attorneys Decaria and Rawlings to get on with their investigation, and to "be thorough and swift." We couldn't be more in agreement with the Std-Ex about this:
It will be important not only to confirm or reject allegations about Walker's behavior, but to resolve the questions now swirling about the possible involvement of House leadership. Voters in various House districts are currently wondering if they have cause to worry about backroom dealing by powerful incumbents who will be on their ballots this fall.
Perhaps Mark Decaria could speed up the process by borrowing Ogden City's Nasal Ranger Olfactometer, and taking it for a walk around Capitol Hill.


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