Monday, July 14, 2008

Powder Mountain Update: The Developer's First Proposed Developer-agreement Draft Is At Last Revealed!

The Powder Mountain initial written developer proposal lands in the Weber County Commission's lap

We got an email from Justin Morris, of the Weber County planning staff a few minutes ago, regarding the "Powder Mountain Development situation".

Here's the prefacatory information provided by Mr. Morris: "The proposed development agreement in linked under Pending Projects at the County Planning Website."

And here's the link to that site:

Proposed Powder Mountain Development Agreement page

Embedded within the page is the following pdf document, which appears to be to be the first publicly-available draft of the Developers's (Western America Holdings, LLC and Eden Heights II, LLC) written proposal.

In releasing this proposed developer-proposed agreement, the Weber County Commission also issues this caveat:
In accordance with our commitment at the close of the public hearing we are making the proposal of Powder Mountain available for public review. Please note that the County Commission has not agreed to the terms and provisions of this agreement. Each Commissioner finds certain terms of the agreement unacceptable and will not approve the agreement as presently constituted. The Commission is appreciative of Powder Mountain’s willingness to discuss a development agreement in lieu of incorporation but Powder Mountain and the County remain far apart on certain major terms of the agreement.
We haven't had time to review the document ourselves. We thus throw it out for the comments of our gentle readers as a matter of first impression, just as it is for the Weber County Commission.

Our special compliments to Weber County Commissioner Dearden, who promised us he'd send the draft agreement to us for public inspection, as soon as it would be available. And here it is... one day earlier than the Developers promised.

The time has come to start digging into this document, gentle readers. The Weber County Commission obviously seeks the lumpencitizens' input.

Let's NOT let them down.


nomo powmow said...

To HELL with the Powdervillians and all of their arrogance! How could the commissioners even consider any variation of this rubbish, which leaves the emergency access road in the hands of Weber County. A year round access road would only be required if their density exceeds the 3,950 units they are now proposing. Do we remember paying for Earl Holding's road?

Bring on the incorporation and tie it up in the courts. Let the "flippers" sit on their ass-ets.

wow said...

I know this is not on topic, but I saw Curt Geiger at the Frank Caliendo show last Saturday.

He turned his head my way and damn near hit me with his huge bulbous potato nose. I never realized that it was so big.

Curmudgeon said...

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dan s. said...

Just downloaded the development agreement and maps. Wow. Plenty to object to, but it'll take some time to sort it all out.

Squirt said...

I noticed the WC Commissioners disclaimer about not accepting some of the points in the request. I never hear them outraged that these greedy people at Powder Mountain keep increasing the compromise price for no incorporation. This is not a negotiation, it is mutual love in between PM and the WC Commission.

Knight Rider said...

Just a point for the Weber County Forum regulars. This will impact all of Weber County, not just Ogden Valley. This is the area where many of you recreate and I hope you don't want 8 to 10 times the traffic and pollution in the area either. Picture Ogden Canyon with that kind of traffic increase. Just imagine the construction traffic alone to build this so called "World Class Resort" World class parking lot would be a more apt description.

Anonymous said...

Just made a quick read of the proposal. They have an awsome entitlement team and real estate attorney. I'm afraid Weber County's attorney and planning staff will not be sophisticated enough to even know what they're dealing with. The document is extremely one sided with most of the so called mitigation clearly unenforceable. Citizens of Ogden Valley and Weber County I'm afraid your government is outclassed in matters of this nature. The best result would be an outright rejection of the development agreement unless the agreement conforms with the previously provided OVPC comments. Let the developer pursue incorporation and take them to court!

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