Friday, July 11, 2008

More Good Ink For Ogden: Emerald City to Host Archery's Elite

Boss Godfrey seizes the opportunity to pitch another "visionary" pet project

By Curmudgeon

More good ink for Ogden. Ogden city has landed the first-ever Archery World Cup competition. The Standard-Examiner reports it is expected to bring hundreds of competitors from up to 30 foreign nations to Ogden in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Full story here. The city will also host a Youth World Cup Archery competition in 2009.

This is all good news. It will bring visitors to Junction City, fill some hotel rooms, create business for eateries. Just flat good news, and active pursuit and cooperation by the Administration played an important part in landing the competition for Ogden, the Std-Ex reports.

But... late in the article, Hizzonah appears, saying that "a facility like a velodrome, which is a specialized arena that would feature indoor tennis, cycling and archery, would likely have to be built if the city intends to host the World Cup on a continual basis...."

You know, it would be nice if just occasionally, when Ogden scores a coup, (and getting the archery world cup competitions staged here is one), if the Mayor could announce the event, celebrate the coup, and take some deserved bows, without giving the impression that he has another agenda at work, without straight out of the gate trying to use one success to leverage another project he's going to present to the Council at some point.

When he makes his case for the multi-sports velodrome, it would be perfectly appropriate to refer to the Archery World Cup and the options for future competition the multi-sports facility would open up. But does the pitch for more have to come instantly, as part and parcel of the same story announcing that Ogden landed the competition for three years?


RudiZink said...

Godfrey is a natural-born carnival huckster, Curm. Launching into a sales schpiel is as reflexive for him as breathing.

Curmudgeon said...

His specialty seems to be "Three Venue Monte."

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