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Powder Mountain Update: Public Hearing Set for July 8

Time for public comment on the fruits of 4 months' Commission/Developer negotiations

Short notice we spotted this morning whilst prowling the Weber County government website:

Public Hearing Notices

Notice is hereby given that the Weber County Commission will hold a public hearing on July 8, 2008 at 6 p.m. in the Commission Chambers, 1st Floor, Weber Center, 2380 Washington Blvd., Ogden, Utah, to consider a Powder Mountain Development Agreement and rezone proposal (Zoning Petition # 18-2006) requesting to amend the Zoning Map of Weber County at the Powder Mountain Resort.
Copies of the proposed zoning map amendment may be reviewed prior to the hearing in the Weber County Planning Commission Office, Suite 240, in the Weber Center.

By Board of Commissioners of Weber County
Commissioner Zogmaister, Chair
Alan D. McEwan, CPA
Weber County Clerk/Auditor
The ever-sharp-eyed Ogden Valley Forum has already reported on this latest story development earlier this morning, linking also a short sidebar blurb from The Standard-Examiner's June 25 edition, containing this interesting language:

OGDEN -- A public hearing will be held Tuesday, July 8, regarding the Poweder Mountain development agreement. Citizens will be given time to make comments regarding the proposal which will require rezoning.
The Weber County Commission and representatives from Powder Mountain will be present.
"This is a step that needs to be taken," said Commissioner Dearden. "It will bring us closer to a conclusion."
It's thus evident that the ongoing negotiations between the Developer and the Commission have come to a conclusion, and that this July 8 hearing may present the lumpencitizens of Weber County their one and only opportunity to chime in on the terms of whatever tentative agreement Commission negotiators may have reached (entirely behind closed doors) with the developer.

We expressed in an earlier WCF article our hope that our County Commission negotiators were in a strong enough position in this matter that they wouldn't be forced to "give away the store." Next Tuesday's public hearing will no doubt provide the opportunity to find out whether they did.

Before closing, we'll incorporate the text of a reader comment appearing in the comments section of the above-linked Ogden Valley Forum article:
Knight Rider said...
It appears that this meeting will deal with the conditions for approval for the original rezone request that were established by the Ogden Valley Planning Commission late last year. The Valley residents should be aware that the Powder Mountain Road, along with the density numbers that will impact buildings and traffic still are some of the main issues. Water usage for two 18 hole golf courses at our elevation and dry climate is also an serious Issue. If Powder Mountain is not ready to compromise on these issues, we have made no progress and we will be faced with our Valley lifestyle being overwhelmed by this development.
We believe OVF reader Knight Rider frames the issues quite accurately.

We would strongly suggest that those gentle WCF readers who are concerned about this issue put the July 8 date on their calenders, and plan to attend the public hearing.

Don't forget to bring along your torches, pitchforks and steely-eyed stares.


Oldtimer said...

I suppose it would be asking a little too much, if the Weber County Commission negotiators might release their proposed "development agreement," PRIOR to the Novenber 8 meeting.

Nah. That can't happen. If they reveal it in advance, that'll just piss off Ogden Valley citizens even more, and allow the intelligent people of Weber County to pick it apart.

Get ready for the Weber County Commision "Slam-Dunk," by which all three of these GOP corporate whores kneel down to the Powder Mountain Developer, and approve the rape of Ogden Valley.

Commissioner Dearden will explain it all with the wimpy explanation: "It's the best that we could do, under the circumstances.".

That's my prediction; and I'm sticking to it.

Larry Zini said...

There will be a Weber County Commission meeting on Tuesday, July 8th at 6PM in the Commission Chambers in Ogden.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a purported compromise between the Weber County Commission and the Powder Mountain Ownership.

Rumors are (we have had no specific information from the Commissioners) that Powder Mountain may drop the town incorporation petition for some concessions from the Weber County Commission on their original rezone petition. This could be a watershed decision since it could negatively impact the density and traffic numbers, safety on the Powder Mountain Road, and water usage (two 18 hole golf courses). We have no idea how any compromise will impact the other conditions proposed by the Ogden Valley Planning Commission for the rezone.

This is a hot button issue for Ogden Valley residents as well as Weber County residents.

Larry Zini - Chairman
Valley Citizens for Responsible Development (VCRD)

The lovely Jennifer said...

HEY - those of us who live in Weber County - WCF bloggers, pay attention - are all affected by what happens in the valley.

I am a concerned Ogden resident. I feel I have as much stake in the development and progress of things happening in the Valley as the people who live there. See, I live downstream. As they say - "Stuff rolls downhill."

Our water quality and quantity will certainly be affected by what is going on in the Valley - expecially if Powder Mountain incorporates. Where will the water go that I now currently use on my property? And if there is any left for me, will it be clean enough for my gardens and taps?

We in Ogden are also members of Weber County, and what happens in the Valley would most certainly affect us all.

The EVER Lovely Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Torches and pitchforks don't usually help in a public meeting last I checked.

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