Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Afternoon News Roundup

Invitation to embark upon yet another Saturday open topic thread

Lacking any bonafide red-meat news this weekend, we thought it might be useful to set up an open topic thread. Before we turn the floor over to our gentle readers however, we'll lay out a few topical discussion ideas. Here are several items that either caught our eye in this morning's news, or which we bookmarked earlier in the week:

1) As the U.S. economy plunges deeper into recession, we find two Deseret News articles this morning, demonstrating that the Utah economy is by no means immune to the recessionary market forces which currently plague the national economy:

Utah records $100 million in red ink
Foreclosure rate in Utah jumps more than 113%

2) With respect to the ongoing political debate concerning the propriety of Utah public employee retirement "double dipping," the Utah Court of Appeals has issued a pro taxpayer ruling regarding Utah public employees who simultaneously hold down multiple state jobs:

State employees can't double dip on retirement

3) City Weekly's Salt Blog hammers bicyclists who fail to obey the rules of the road:

Stupid, stupid bicyclists

4) The KUTV website has a heartwarming story about how one ex-gangsta turned his life around, and became a proud and productive member of Ogden's Finest:

Former gang member is now an Ogden cop

Feel free to chime in on any of these selected topics; or start up a conversation all your own.

Consider this our Saturday open topic thread. Last one out, don't forget to turn out the lights and lock up.


Curmudgeon said...

Well, Mr. Doom, there is some good news this morning. SE reports Ogden's Pioneer Days Rodeo is playing to turnaway crowds. Story here.

And the recently opened Iggy's at The Junction was hopping last night. Short wait for tables at 5:45, seats available at the bar. By 6:30, bar seats gone and a longer wait for tables. Not bad business for a just-opened eatery.

Of course, the Ogden Farmers' Market this morning was, again, a quart low on actual farmers. Only two farm stalls selling produce at about 8:30, same as last week. Very limited offerings. The Managers need to do some serious brainstorming in the direction of attracting more farmers to the Ogden Farmers Market or the crowds will begin to diminish I suspect.

Fly on the wall said...

Greiner, Mathieu, and a few select Mayoral chosen loyalists are on the retirement paid full time postions with the city.

They simply retire, then after six months the Mayor reappoints them. What a sweet deal.

No wonder they lick the feet that holds their leashes.

googleboy said...

Retired and rehired

Wade said...

Some friends and I took the train down to SLC for a small Pub crawl/bike. We biked all over SLC obeying all laws. All the drivers in Salt Lake were very friendly and curtious on "sharing" the road and had 0 issues.

So we catch the 11:25 (last train) back to Ogden, which is way too early for a last call train but that is a different topic.

Upon arriving in Ogden and while still obeying all traffic laws, my buddy is nearly T-boned by a marked police car who had to almost lock his tires up to get stopped for a red light. Not 3 minutes later we heard "get the F%#$ out of the road" by a lifted environmentally friendly pickup truck.

And this happening in the town of High Adventure. If Adventure is trying to not become a grease spot on Ogdens streets, than yes this place is very high in Adventure.

Wade said...

Also wanted to comment on the Flow Rider competition on Thursday. I walked up there at lunch and the place was going off!

I was really impressed to see how good some of the riders have gotten.

Looked like it was good for all business.

danny said...

FNM and FRE (subject of earlier posts today) have been defacto, lending on behalf of the US government for years. Many bailouts over the past few years were transferred to these "GSEs". They have increased their assets by several trillion in Bush's second term alone.

The reason your no-account neighbor with the $400,000 mortgage and the SUVs could do it with a $50,000 salary is because his mortgage, through the GSEs, was perceived as being US Treasury debt. It was a great scam while it lasted. The real deficits for the Bush administration have been trillions per year. Notice how much of our economy has been trust companies, mortgage and other banking with nothing real being done.

Now the US Government is beginning the process of taking this debt directly onto its books. Once the rest of the world figures out that the US government is way past solvency, they'll impose tax increases and draconian cuts as a condition of lending more money. Welcome to the new Third World.

Note too that it was democrats with Bush that passed this calamity. Most of the Republicans voted against it.

Also note the Bush's prescription drug plan is now projected to cost more than Social Security over the coming decades! Bush's socialism is more costly that FDR's, and his war (Iraq) is now more expensive than LBJ's (Vietnam) in inflation adjusted dollars!

FDR and LBJ in one presidential term! A true calamity of historic proportions! It will soon be all over folks.

Bill C. said...

Danny, like we say in golf, it's not how, but how many.
This administration has damn near accomplished everything they set to do. Bush's daddy and his arms dealing entity, Carlyle Group have recorded record profits arming those that the son W, has labeled terrorists, as well as any other group that can come up with the cash. The Bush family oil cronies have made more in the last two years than everything they had banked prior. And dead aim Dick Cheney and his Haliburton bunch hold trillions of future tax dollars, that our government will be paying interest on for ever.
It appears that self-serving politicians are exactly what the fools of this country expect, and demand. Stupid me, what did I think it was all about?
Now a question for you. Please explain what the term,"I support our troups" actually means, and why we let our politicians get away with such meaningless generalities that say exactly nothing?
And Curm, have you no clue as to growing seasons? Due to the very late arrival of spring and late planting, there's nothing locally grown ready for sale yet. The few sellers at the farmer's market are probably reselling things they've bought at some food wholesale joint. Just like the fruit stands between here and Brigham City, great California grown strawberries,blueberries and blackberries at very reasonable prices.

Amateur Farmer Jane said...


I have tomatoes, turnips, lettuces, summer squash, strawberries, radishes, herbs , broccoli, cucumbers, rubarb , carrots and other tasty produce from my little East Central plot sown on Labor Day. We need more produce and less artsy fluff at our FARMERS MARKET- and it needs to run well into October

Bill C. said...

Farmer Jane, great, go for it.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment moved up to the front page

Farmer Jane said...

Sorry Bill

I have a small plot. Family and friends are able to eat all I grow.

Bill C. said...

Well Jane, you have the luxury of not having to use tractors, which can't be used in muddy fields as well as no risk of livelyhood if you plant too early and lose you investment because of frost. Don't worry, there will be crops available pretty soon.

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