Friday, July 11, 2008

SL Trib: Utah is No. 10 in Foreclosures

Utah: Top ten finish in the "going broke" sweepstakes

By Curmudgeon

Since economic and quality of life top ten lists seem to be all the rage at the moment in these parts, I thought I'd point out the latest one, reported on line tonight by the Salt Lake Trib:

Welcome to Utah, one of the new foreclosure capitals of the United States. After years of economic prosperity, Utah now has the country's 10th highest home foreclosure rate. One in 600 households in the state is in some stage of losing a home because the homeowner is behind on loan payments, according to RealtyTrac, a service that tracks foreclosure filings nationally.
The full story, with considerably more detail, can be found here. Unless of course all those foreclosure notices are really imaginary and the people losing their homes are nothing but whiners....

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