Monday, July 07, 2008

Hottest City Council Woman in Utah Contest - Per The Experts in the Field

Council chair Amy Wicks continues to run on the inside track on the subject of the "hottest" city council members in Utah

Great article today from one of our very most favorite political blogs, Elected Hotties. We bring this article to our Weber County Forum readers' attention, because one of our Emerald City's own" is a contestant in this contest. From the EH 4/7/08 post:

After slaving away at their regular jobs all day, the brave men and women of Utah's city councils gather to debate projects, property taxes and zoning. Occasionally, they have a spat or two with the mayor. Sometimes, they go until the wee hours of the morning with these discussions.
But this group of women manages to keep looking hot through the heaviest of discussions in council chambers. Check 'em out.
Here's a link to the Elected Hotties city council article, where you'll properly conclude that our cerebral and athletic Council-chair Amy Wicks is obviously the best of choice among the nominated Utah council "hotties."

Of course the EH hotties nomination leaves a few things out. Not only is Amy "drop dead gorgeous," but her athleticism and intellect eclipse every fat-ass empty suit in the entire Boss Godfrey administration.

You can vote for Amy in the right sidebar of the article linked above.

We could go on and on, but we're now getting the psychic feeling that we need to elicit reader comments.

Don't let the cat get yer tongues, gentle readers.



Dean said...

I'm proud to say I voted for Amy.

Caesare said...

I think Amy has much more going for her than her looks. She is a superlative addition to the Ogden leadership. Thanks for all of your work Amy.

OgdenLover said...

Hey guys, I think Ogden's women are also proud to have Amy on the Council. She is someone we can all be proud of.

Jay Cavendish said...

This is discrimination. Howcome these candidates are all women? I personally believe Brandon Stephenson is the VERY HOTTEST of all!

democrat said...

Jay your gay

Anonymous said...

As a long-time fan of Elected Hotties, I have to point out to Jay that if you view all the blog posts, there are men as well as women, and I am sure there will be a hottest male city council members vote soon.

Wade said...

I do love how quickly someone shouts "discrimination". And then how anonymous said (there are men as well) which anyone who has actually viewed the sight would already know.
But I do appreciate a good yelling of foul even if one is completely wrong. It shows passion.
Keep fighting for stuff you know nothing about!!!


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