Monday, July 28, 2008

More on the D.B. Cooper Mystery

Ace Reporter Schwebke unleashes an internet news feeding frenzy

We imagine Scott Schwebke little imagined what effect his July 27 article would elicit, on the subject of world-famous hijacker/extortionist/possible WSU military law professor DB Cooper.

Here's a Googlesque sampling of the stories so far.

And check out this video from one of our all-time favorite sites... Coast to Coast Radio (we admit it's never been quite the same since the departure of Art Bell):

Compare the photos. Uncanny resemblance with this "Wolfgang Gossett guy" in the middle, innit?

And we could be wrong, but do believe it's possible that the Standard-Examiner is wasting its highly valuable Ace Reporter Schwebke resource in his current beat, which is basically devoted to the journalisticly demeaning task of mindlessly regurgitating the press statements of Boss Godfrey, Dave Harmer, John Patterson and the various other empty and overpaid suits who inhabit the Ogden Municipal Building ninth floor.

Nice Job, Schwebke on this one, BTW.

And what say our gentle readers about this?


Tec Jonson said...

Pay attention people...DB Cooper stry is fun and all but we may be impeaching our dictator...uh president. Rudi, I know you hate to discuss things as relevant as the war and the tyrant in the white house but I am tired of the distractions of popular culture while our nation murders civilians and plots to invade yet another sovereign country. Asleep at the Wheel???? that's America and Americans.

RudiZink said...


There are literally thousands of blogs which regularly and competently discuss national issues, such as the war, gdubya etc.

We're a local community blog, mainly focusing on local issues. That's our niche.

Tec Jonson said...

That is exactly why we have become so inconsequential as citizens. It is simply to uncomfortable to discuss the atrocities that our government perpetrate in OUR name. Discussing this stuff between neighbors is where it must start. I will continue to blurt out my distaste for our nations actions as WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.

I have a feeling there are more than a few here including the vociferously republican Rudi who DID vote for Bush and have not a leg to stand on in defense of that vote. You fools....

Yes, I am on the attack, just as your choice of president has attacked our freedoms and our fellow world citizens. This is not small stuff and we must take on our obligation as free Americans to resore our liberty and to resore our standing in the world. It ain't gonna happen in some other blog. It starts right here. In yo face, Rudi. And peace, ya'll.

RudiZink said...

Hopefully the very cranky gentle reader Tec will be reassured by this information:

Blogmeister Rudy has never in his life voted for anybody named George Bush.

Not Geedubya.

Not GHW Bush.

Moreover your blogmeister harbors the belief that the current president is probably the worst in the 232 year history of the Republic.

Feel better now?

Tec Jonson said...

Thanks, Rudi, I'll rest a little easier knowing you were clearly not one of the numbskulls who followed lockstep with their party and vote in the real "Butcher of Baghdad" and "Lyncher of Liberty"

Feelin' better...

Any other WCF readers want to come clean on their vote? Defend yourselves or forever be constipated and may your liberties be flushed down the toilet bowl. I know there are a few readers who did vote for this new Hitler. Your only penance is to come clean and apologize for your misdeeds.

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote: Moreover your blogmeister harbors the belief that the current president is probably the worst in the 232 year history of the Republic.

I think you're being unfair to President Grant, who certainly deserves to be at least in the running for the title. Grant was, of course, another Republican.

Congratulations. You guys have the top two spots.

googleboy said...

Googled: Worst US Presidents List

Jason W. said...

Some peg Harding as the worst, but, in his defense, he spent more time at the Chevy Chase Club playing golf and flaunting Prohibition with goodly on-course and post-trip tippling than dealing with "these Europe things." He reportedly started the betting with a hefty nassau on one tee and, by the time the first nine was completed, had negotiated out enough side bets, one-swing wagers and junk action as to embarras Jamie Farr's A-wrab. in Cannonball Run. Oh, and a little social gossip: Lying Little Matty Gondola Godfrey spent his teeny-weeny, gondola-addled time at the Pioneer Days rodeo with his cowboy hat on backward.


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