Monday, July 14, 2008

Calendar-maker Earns His Fifteen Minutes

Las Vegas man pays the ultimate ecclesiastical price for stepping "outside the image"

Well, under the circumstances of the situation, we suppose it was inevitable that this would happen:

Excommunicated: LDS Church boots creator of 'Men on a Mission' calendar

And we know the "The Lord moves in mysterious ways"... but nevertheless can't help but wonder if the penalty of being eternally banned from heaven might not be a mite harsh for publishing and schlepping a few cheesy beefcake calendars. This seems particularly incongruous, we think, when scoundrels like this still apparently enjoy full church fellowship.

Who knows? Its all a mystery, as we said.

On the bright side, we learn from the story that Mr. Hardy has already managed to bank a cool $150 thousand consolation prize... and gotten his fifteen minutes of fame. A fair trade off? We don't know.

So what say our gentle readers about all this?


althepal said...

Maybe the guy forgot to pay his tithing.

Curmudgeon said...

None of my business. Who the LDS Church chooses to excommunicate is entirely its own business and that of its adherants. Not being LDS it's none of mine.

momba said...

I did think the calendar maker's comment to his inquisitors about Marriott hotels providing access to pornography was instructional.

I guess I'm not enough of a philosopher to understand where the line is drawn. Is it an issue of scale? Does size really matter?

RudiZink said...

Per the highly-lovable Curmudgeon, who regularly breaches the American folk ethic that "polite folke never discuss the twin topics of politics or religion" at least as to the "religion part":

"None of my business. Who the LDS Church chooses to excommunicate is entirely its own business and that of its adherants. Not being LDS it's none of mine."

Speak up, Laddie! As an outsider, one not under the thumb of what provincial locals call "THE CHURCH," surely you must have at least a few onservations on this story.

Dang, Curmudgeon; it's downright scary to see that hard-core "yellow Dog DemocRAT" from Louisiana (via Brooklyn) publicly "clam up."


My guess is "YES."

This is what happens when people live under the thumb of a "theocratic state."

Ask the folke in Afghanistan.

Where is the beef.... I mean Integrity said...

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Cuirmudgeon said...


Where LDS Church actions impact public policy --- e.g. our wacky liquor laws --- you've heard me pipe up often. And will again.

But who is a member in good standing of a religious group is the business of the adherents of that particular faith only. You won't hear me on whether the Catholic Church should ordain women, or whether the Anglican Church should ordain gays either. Not being Catholic or Anglican, those matters are absolutely none of my business. They are purely matters of concern to the faithful, of which I am not one.

Besides, the unethical, immoral and criminal antics of Republicans in and out of Utah provide more than enough fodder to keep me busy commenting. Way more than enough...

RudiZink said...

Oh c'mon, "Ciurmudeon"! Step out and critise the local Taliban, when they step down hard on the hormine charged youth, who want to flaunt the physical properties that the have... so far in their lives.

C'mon, Curm... you were a youngster some time in you're early life, I would suppose.

The LDS Church's response to this silly matter ought to be troubling to all religious denominations in Utah.


If you plan to live in Utah for at least a while longer, Curmudgeon, it's probably time to "connect" on the local curiousness of this locally corporo-fasicst and highly repressive religion.

Just a helpful hint from yer old pal, Rudi.

Jason W. said...

Why didn't that obviously alternative-lifestyled calendar pitchman utilize our very own and very fit midget, Elder Lying Little Matty Gondola Godfrey, as his November model? He's a GONDOLA poster boy, winning by close to 500votes at the end of that month, ballots cast by unthinking and mindless sheep, most of whom are affiliated with the group that cast aside the fey periodical marketer.

I'm sure Tom Moo ... errr, Jay Asquith Cavendish would have forwarded Lying Little Matty Gondola Godfrey's nomination materials through that very peculiar communication cabal that stretches from here to Vegas. The Forehead could pose shirtless inside Wayne Peterson's THE GONDOLA car that used to swing in THE SKI near the Jackass Center, he of the Divining Rid Forehead but being a dwarf dork from Harrisville and adorned only with a DESCENTE jacket--

Ohhh, Christ, I just made myself yack.


danny said...

The observation about Val Southwick being in good standing while this guy gets x-ed is apt.

Even if he is queer, which he looks to be, how can shooting some pics of shirtless lads be an x-able offense, but scamming millions is not?

Not much more needs to be said, except that as a Mormon in good standing, I can't see the sense in it.

I can only hope there is more to the story . . .

Wade said...

I agree with Curmudgeon. I'm surprised this even makes news.
Wasted paper when there are events that are shaping the lives of every person that lives in this country.

This is less important than American Idol. and I wonder if this had priority in the news room over the Brad and Angelina baby deal? :(

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