Friday, July 25, 2008

They Really Could Use the Help

Truth in advertising at its highest level

Under one of yesterday's Weber County Forum articles, we stumbled upon this highly amusing Jason W. comment, which we incorporate in pertinent part:

"...I note with glee a house classified in the Gondola-Examiner regarding a page designer position. The solicitation seeks someone with a solid knowledge of 'grammer.'"

In the fast paced course of internet events, this amusing little typographical (?) glitch has already been noted by a blog which keeps track of such things. Check out this morning's Regret the Error article:

They could really use the help

Well... we thought it was highly amusing.


Jason the blotter said...

I would also bitch about the "love for news" prepositional gaffe, but I'm hungover.


Ray Bellew said...

Grammar is not all. I figure you and others also noticed disspellings(cq) of PhotoShop and InDesign. Maybe they should ask for someone who such resources as the splash screens for the programs they use to publish their newspaper.

Curmudgeon said...

It was fun ribbing the SE on this one [again, nice catch, Jason]. But an organization the puts out as much print as a daily paper does every day is going to have stuff slip through now and than. Even the Best First Baseman In The History of Baseball, Gil Hodges [moment of silence] of the Brooklyn Dodgers [another moment of silence] dropped one now and then.

Wade said...

I can't assume to know the race of the bloggers above but this website fits in perfect here.

Stuff White People Like

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