Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hottest Elected Female in Utah Contest

The Elected Hotties Blog provides another opportunity to vote for Amy Wicks

Can we see by a show of hands how many Amy Wicks fans there are in Weber County? Oops. There were so many hands in the cyber-air that we simply lost count.

Just as all of us on Weber County Forum were toning down the celebrations about Ogden City Councilwoman Amy Wicks' top finish in last week's' Elected Hotties Hottest Utah City Councilwoman Contest...
We now find out there's another Elected Hotties Contest brewing on the heels of the last; a top level run-off sort of thing:

Who's the hottest elected female in Utah, the Elected Hotties blog asks?

Time to return to the Elected Hotties site to vote for Amy again.

Consider it practice for Amy's inevitable Mayoral Run in 2011.


Jason the dipsomaniac said...

Again, Tom Moo ....eeerrraah, Cavendish, thinks this is highway robbery. Brandon "Wins in a Walk" Stephenson is the hottest elected commodity since high-adventure August ice-climbing on frozen "iconic" dildos. Bukkake! says Tom. Bullshit, indeed.


Oh wow man. said...

If Amy is such a hottie why is it that she is not married?

how do you know said...

Oh wow

How do you know she's not married or attached???

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