Thursday, July 31, 2008

In the Midst of the US recession, Oil Sheikhs Fly Their Lamborghinis to Britain... for an Oil Change

We'll call this a "glass half full message," for the ailing world and US economies

In the USA, a nation that's simultaneously suffering the ill economic effects of...
A doubling of U.S. foreclosures, coupled with a precipitous housing price decline;
A 16% Price inflation in food prices from 2007-2008;
A shuddering increase in domestic gasoline prices;
Desperate women abandoning office work to earn big bucks as pole dancers....
We'll just say this:

In the midst of this continuing story of the economic downfall of America, we get this glorious report from "The Sun," one of the United Kingdom's great scandal sheets:

Sheikh flies Lamborghini 6,500 miles to Britain for oil change

This story is really great! Here are a few excepts:

• The £190,000 supercar was put on a scheduled flight from Qatar to Heathrow – then flown BACK after the oil check.
• Money was no object as the flight would have cost the owner – thought to be a Sheikh – around £20,000.
• The move sparked fury from green campaigners.
• An airport worker said: “This car doesn’t have a carbon footprint – more of a crater.”
• The overall cost of sending the Lamborghini to London for the oil change would have cost more than £23,000.
• His black-and-gold supercar costs £3,552 to service at an approved dealer – on top of the £20,000 to freight from Qatar to Britain.
• A cargo handler at Heathrow blasted the car’s environmental damage. He said: “It would have been far more efficient to fly mechanics out there.”
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Wade said...

Well done Rudizink, well Done!!!!!

Side note: Ralph Nader spoke at Utah State. I heard that it was well worth the effort to attend. I did not, I was at the Yonder Mt. concert downtown, but I applaud all of you that did.

SBVOR said...

The data say:
No recession.

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