Monday, July 14, 2008

A Gentle Reader Asks: Shouldn't Five Utah Legislators be Recognised For Their Political Courage?

A great question originally posed by the Deseret News

One of our gentle readers lodged a comment in a lower article comments section today, upon which we've decided to put the WCF spotlight this afternoon. Here's what our sharp-eyed reader said:

"Hey Rudi, What would you say of this article?":

Deseret News: Applaud 5 Utah lawmakers for their courage

We have good news this afternoon for one gentle reader, whom we'll identify as Where's the Beef.

The mighty Glen Warchol has assembled that, and several other recent topical articles in his most-excellent Salt Lake Tribune blog article of today.

(Amazing what a blogger can contibute when he's actually paid for blogging, innit? Some of the rest of us in the Utah blogosphere eke enough out barely enough, from google ads and such, to pay for our ISP connection -- if that. )

Indeed there are many questions to be asked of the ethically-challenged BYU Law school graduates who run our Utah Legislature.

The bigger question, we believe, is whether docile Utah Republicans will show up to vote this pack of GOP crooks in yet again in November.


way to go said...

I for one would applaud what those five have done. I am really glad that one of our own here in Weber co. is one of them that will not sit idle by, why the corruption happens. Way to go Rep. Neil Hansen

We need more like Hansen, blue collar w/o formal education said...

The BYU connection of lawyers and Realtors are indeed ethically challenged and currently running the show in SLC at the legislature.

Will the civically retarded and seminary graduates indeed reelect Curtis, Bramble, Neiderhuaser, Killpack, Valentine, Stephenson, Urquart, Lockhart, Froerer and the "brethern" of the priesthood again and again?

Only the lowest voter turnout in the United States will tell.

So how is it that Kyler, Kohler and Ostermiller under the tutelege of Al Mansell manage to write legislation friendly to their interests and kill all proposals (most even before they become a draft bill) favorable to us voters?

They have crafted the perfect Utah scheme. One where City/Town, County, and State legislators plus all the "other taxing entities" (as many as 16) all gain along with the Realitor/Developers (more than 10,000 of them in Utah). While the only losers are John Q. and/or Sally Q. Public taxpayers.

And the "losers" who continue to refuse to see it absolutely deserve what they elect at the City/Town, County, State and at the local "other taxing entity" levels.

Go ahead prove me wrong. Say it ain't so and back it up with facts. I've done the research. Prove me wrong....

Godfrey belongs to the club said...

Now I see where Godfrey recieved his training on leadership. If anyone disagrees with him, or his vision, he will do what is necessary to take them down and discredit them.

We need more like Hansen said...

So how is Godfrey not one of the elected City officials heavily influenced by Utah Realtor and Developer money?

So how is this "godfrey belongs to the club said" post any factual counter argument or proof that "we need more like Hansen" post is in any way incorrect?

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