Thursday, October 15, 2009

Breaking: Descente Tells "the Geigers" to Take a Hike

For the very first time since 2005, "the Geigers" could not be reached for comment

This is definitely encouraging news for Emerald City...
Father and son team resign from positions with Descente North America
Seems the Samurai businessmen in Osaka are not quite so nutty as we'd earlier thought them to be.

We earnestly hope the Geigers won't let the screen door painfully slap them in the backside as they exit the Emerald City political scene stage left.

So long, gondola boys... and good riddance.

Little Bobby's former Descente company car


Jennifer Neil said...

I wonder if they need someone with a degree in economics to fill the position vacated by Mrs. Geiger with the city ...

I just happen to have one of those.


south bench said...

I saw a Geiger/Descente-painted vehicle outside the 25th street pawn shop this morning....

Ray Vaughn said...

It seems that the management of the company thought that they were spending too much time writing letters to the editor and repairing damaged campaign signs

OgdenLover said...

Let's hope the Geigers don't move "laterally" into positions on Godfrey's A Team.

Danny said...

It seems like many who know them have said the Geigers are losers and nothings.

Perhaps the Japanese finally got to know them.

Instant Karma said...

Instant karma always GETS ya

It won't be long now before godfrey gets his too.

ozboy said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like Bobby Geiger. So go ahead and hate me if you want! That doesn't mean I like what he did and how he did it, but I admired his zeal and determination to make over Ogden for the better - as he saw it in his own mind. Of course he never head butted me or I might have had a different opinion.

I think either Geiger would have been liked by us naysayers a little more had they not been so closely associated with the dark prince. I think they meant well and truly thought what they advocated was the best thing for their home town - just like most of us here do. I totally disagreed with their approach and vision, but I did share with them the zeal to do what is best for Ogden.

My guess is that they will soon be paid handsomely by the tax payers of Ogden and will hold big jobs in the Ogden City gummint, maybe as co-heads of the new Gondola Development office. Or maybe they will land on their feet over at Solomon. Curt has many years in the ski industry and I'm sure he knows a lot about selling ski apparel, and Bobby is well educated and graduated from Annapolis. That ain't exactly Clearfield Tech ya know.

In any event I refuse to gloat over this turn of events and I do hope they land on their feet and do well.

Danny said...

Oz, I admire you, but you are so, so wrong.

Bobby is energetic and cute, so call him that if you want to compliment him.

But those two - Curt and Bobby - are throat cutters, liars, backstabbers and are people who abuse women.

Saying they are dedicated to their cause is irrelevant. They were dedicated not to Ogden, but to Godfrey. Only when you see mommy's pay stubs courtesy of the taxpayers of Ogden (via Godfrey) do you understand their true motive.

All in all, they are scumbags. It's high time the world accepted that, and it appears more and more are starting to. Given the damage they have done to people, gloating is justified.

Mayor Matthew Godfrey said...

I am sitting here in my office, working late as I so often do, and I really must take a moment to comment on the unfortunate firing of my friends, Curt Geiger and his son, Bob. And I can disclose that they were fired. Why the people in Osaka would keep everyone in Ogden on the payroll but let go the CEO and COO, shows just how messed up our world economy has become. The lunatics are truly in charge of the asylum known as Descente Sports.

So before you all get into your gloating, let’s keep in mind some of the things these two have done for this community.

1. Curt worked tirelessly to bring sporting companies to Ogden. His efforts have lead to numerous such companies moving here, with a combined staff and payroll that numbers in the high teens.
2. When I made my self-promotional video for Channel 17, it was Curt who said of me in that video “This is a mayor who knows how business gets done.”
3. In that same video was a clip of Curt speaking to a group of people as though he was instructing them on business. It was very professional looking.
4. When Caitlin Gochnour and others pointed out that my planning staff had falsified information regarding the Windsor Hotel, it was Curt who rose like a mighty lion to defend me and to courageously attack the council.

The list goes on and I have work to do tonight, so I will stop here. But do know that – excuse me – but the bowl haircuts in Osaka have done an injustice to this city and their company this day. And the last thing I need right now is to find city budget for another two of my friends. Remember, gloating is for … I forget …. but it’s not very nice.

Britney Spears said...

Honestly, I think we should just trust the Geigers in every decision they make and should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens.

Mr. Precision said...

35.384958% of people in the city think the Geigers got a raw deal.

captain jorts said...

matthew ur buddys seem to be in the same group as your friend in prison ur a horrid little man thats need to go away far far away ur messing with our city like dick cheney blow me matthew

Bill C. said...

I noticed the new spokesperson at the rag marketers is named Waterfall. Could this be a close relation to our new head of business development? Patterson's wife landed at Amersports, is this some sort of perk that high level City guys spouses get cushy jobs in the mayors supporters sector?

Biker Babe said...

was it the jobs numbering in the high teens? ... or was it the payrolls numbering in the high teens? Not quite clear on that one, mr. mayor


Bill C. said...

No need to worry, kami geigers fore thought and position in City government allowed her to give her son a $5000 dollars grant from your tax dollars to open up the high adventure indoor skateboard joint, the jib jib. The geigers will join their new family busines and begin designing and marketing skateboard apparel asap.
On sunny weekdays feel free to go down and smoke a fat one with them on Grant ave. They have some of the Walmat $3.99 plastic chairs, but be sure to turn your hat sideways and slip your pants down under your ass,if not you won't fit in and that may hurt their business.

It figures said...

I think that Ozboy is the only "real" person who posts on this blog. For anyone who takes joy in something like this is simply showing his or her lack of character.

What goes around, comes around, and like the Geigers or not, the only thing I read from these absurdities you call posts is punk-assed, school yard garbage.

I wish the Geigers well if this is a fact. And as for Kami, your berating words are nothing but jealousy. It's no wonder that most of you people just sit around and write anonymous crap of this blog. That seems to be all you can do....just bitch to one another and insult people.

Some day, something like this might happen to you. Then what?

matt campbell said...

my name is matt campbell geigers are not for o town i dont hide from anybody godfrey has done zero for our town and it figures ur a sheep you follow the ways of god or in ur cause matthew godfrey go build ur gondola in ur ass

Laughing Larry said...



Danny said...

To "It Figures"

When a mean schoolyard bully gets his comeuppance, you figure the other kids can't gloat a little?

You're quite holier than thou, aren't you?

Bill C. said...

It figures, perhaps you're one of the newly arrived and are not aware of what a divisive dirty role the geigers have played since their most recent arrival.
Headbutting and spitting in peoples faces, regardless of gender. Trying to get folks that disagree with them fired from their place of employment. Propogating the most outlandish falsehoods in an effort to strip Ogden of it's best assets and promoting the bankruptcy of the City. Do your homework, alot of people may feel like celebrating the fact that they got theirs. Me, I'm reassured in my belief in Karma, it's Karma I'm joyous for, and I've had to start over quite a few times in my day.
Look at it this way, if they were fired, they have only themselves to blame, no one here did it.
Another valuable lesson we can take from this is how fickle and unpredictable this outdoor recreation industry is and what folly it could be for a City to put all it's eggs in that basket and foresake it's true responsibilities, providing sevices to it's citizens.

matt campbell said...

the SKI IS BEAUTIFUL AND BLUE get out and vote these loser matty cronies need to go and give us some hope in o town ps blow me phipps get out of our town you are a bad man ps why arent you ever home???????? must not live on 25th street or do you live live in the millsteam hotel??????

Biker Babe said...

someone just drove by and noticed the Phipps family eating dinner in their home, with drapes open so all could see them there ...



Biblical said...

It figures...

The saying "you reap what you sow" comes to mind.

Don't fret, though, they're sharp, capable. Look for Curt to be renting putters at the glow-in-the dark mini golf while Bobby's making change for skeeball.

Town saviors each.

Ethics Eagle said...

I heard earlier today that Bob Geiger was going to be accepting the newly created position within the Mayor's office of ethics czar. This is a similar position to the ethics post he held at the Naval Academy. My congratulations to Bob in this new position. The pay is unreported but rumored to be $120,000 per year. We know that Bob will do well in this position as he truly is the most ethical person in the Lift Ogden organization.

Repent, the end is near!!! said...

I just hope that when the geigers leave town that we all might get our campaign signs back. I wonder if the signs that he destroyed were paid for because I don't think any of the money that the judge fined him for, got to the victims. I believe that it was destruction of private property that he was charged with. I hope that bobby would go and apologize to his victims for the wrong that he heaped upon them. Should he start working for the city maybe then Williams could pay back the victims. Just like the other lywers paid for his fine.

Abraham Shreeve you neighbor said...

When Blake-I screwed up the 07 election-sowers called for a challenge of the voters back in 07, would ever think that this would be an issue in the 09 race. Thank you Blake for setting such a great example that we all can live by. It is this fine example that made this all possible. He is the one that made this all happen. If he didn't tell me about this case, we would have never known how to fight this in our democracy.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, well lets jes say a million thanks

drewmeister said...

I believe the term is "schadenfreude".

Ray Vaughn said...

There is additional good news in this matter. Since Curt and Bob Geiger are no longer employed they can return to community improvement. Late night campaign sign removal and storage and possible repair if there is sufficent time.

with "It Figures" said...

"Another valuable lesson we can take from this is how fickle and unpredictable this outdoor recreation industry is and what folly it could be for a City to put all it's eggs in that basket and foresake it's true responsibilities, providing sevices to it's citizens."

The above quote comes from Bill C, a now devout believer in Karma. If memory serves correct, didn't the banking, Wall Street and real estate industries just go through a horrible period of say, "readjustment?" Hmmm. Unpredictability seems to a tag that attaches itself to other venues besides "outdoor recreation." Or did Bill C. miss that during one of his many "start overs."

I have no problem with gleefully celebrating a politcal win or panning a political loss, but when it comes to one's livlihood possibley being destroyed, I have a hard time accepting people being thrilled about that.

Have some fun over the great sign caper of the last election or the fact that the flatland gondola seems to be nothing but a memory, but to celebrate somebody loosing their job (and by the way, Kami still works at the City, Jennifer,) is a sign of a true lack of character and compassion.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with (for personal reasons) a lot of the above mentioned opinions on the Bob and Curt Geiger, I can’t help but say this.

There is no doubt that Curt and Bob Geiger have dedicated much time and energy into developing the Descente and DNA brand. You certainly can't argue that they have shown true dedication to a cause that they believe in? Regardless of their personal or political agenda, losing a job in an economic downfall is unfortunate for anyone. Some compassion (at least!) should be shown out of respect for the children that may be affected by these circumstances. “Karma” or not, for the sake of the entire Geiger family, let’s hope that they find a new path soon.

Danny said...

To Really? Really.

Oh you gotta be kidding.

If they dedicated so much time and energy to Descente, why were they canned while so many others at that company were not?

And as far as throwing in their children, please. Trying to hide their actions behind the needs of their children is a low blow indeed.

But yeah, let them find a new path - starting with working hard and treating others with respect - both of which will be a different path for them.

Jennifer Neil said...

With It Figures:

The article said the Geiger's resigned to pursue other ventures .. doesn't necessarily mean they are suddenly out of a means of livelihood - and kudos to them if they can drum up other ventures -- there are those of us with degrees and experience that cannot find work enough. Compassion for Bobby (well, Really Really did mention children)? He got enough of that when he got off easy for sign stealing.

It's nice that Kami still works at the city -- might be a good thing, but now that the Geiger boys are off to other ventures and are no longer here to back up the godfrey, her job might be in real jeopardy. They were his friends, she got a cush job, now they're leaving ... what happens now, we will never know.


Anonymous said...

That's it. You forced me to pull out a quote. :)

"Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not" Samual Johnson

Sorry. I agree with you, but the need to "kick em while their down" isn't my style.

Because Bob/Curt is a jerk when it comes to political debates, etc... doesn't make him a "women abuser". And it certainly doesn't make his children's well-being irrelevant.

Regardless of the reasons behind their resignation from Descente, wishing negativety towards someone is really the time to be watching your back for "karma". This may be some devine intervention of "karma" placed on Bob and Curt, but it's not up to any of us to determine their punishment. And maybe the next time around, Curt and Bob may show someone else the same compassion.

Danny said...

To Really Really:

Since you engage with civility, let us continue.

Curt's rep as an abuser of women comes from women he has abused, even spat upon, not from his style in political debates. Give us a little credit, okay?

And as far as kicking when down, it is not inappropriate. Whether one is justified in doing that depends on whether the other party has surrendered. If they are going to rise and attack again, then only a fool would refrain from kicking when down.

And let us be clear. The goal is not to see Curt and Bobby suffer. The goal is for them to STOP their inappropriate behavior.

You give Curt and Bobby the benefit of the doubt to an extreme degree. Why do you not give it to anyone else?

Finally, when people in a "CEO" or "COO" position "resign to pursue other ventures" it MEANS they were fired. Otherwise, there would be an immediate announcement of the situation to where they are going - to maintain their reputation. That's the corporate etiquette and double speak used today.

blake fowers said...

I wish they were still there. I was just putting a fed. program for them that it would be cash for Japanese company that is talking the American money to their home land. I had an order for 50,000 coats to give to the homeless this winter and now this will all go to walmart that is coming to Ogden. I hear they have opening there for a VP and a coo. good luck with your job app. with wall mart.

iheartogden said...

Ha,ha,ha in your face!! But wait. Who do we pick on now?

Ozboy said...

As to reports of people gloating over the firing of the Geigers - bad form in my opinion.

However, it is my recollection that a common tactic of the Geigers, and the mayor, has been to put pressure on their opponent's employers to fire them. I hear this happened a number of times.

So gloating about some one being fired pales when compared to someone being proactive in using their position and power within the community to get some one fired for disagreeing with their political position.

RudiZink said...

Screw you, Ozboy. Your Geiger pals tried to screw me personally many times by prying into issues involving my personal life. I have no sympathy at all for these cretins, inasmuch as they're finally getting back their own bad karma.

Try to get your get your act together, ozboy!

And please quit trying to defend these evil Godfreyite cretins!

Curmudgeon said...

I'm with Oz on this:

I refuse to gloat over this turn of events and I do hope they land on their feet and do well.

With the exception of elected officials tossed out by the voters for good reason [i.e. ones I thought should have been tossed out], I don't feel comfortable celebrating people losing their jobs, not even those whose politics I oppose.

RudiZink said...

Eat my shorts, Curmudgeon and Ozboy. If either of you had suffered the undeserved personal attacks that I, and many others have suffered in thus town from the Geigers, you'd be basking in joyful Schadenfreude too, just like us.

These two Aholes deserve every ounce of their well-deserved bad karma that they get.

Get off your highorses, boyz, and join the human race.

Viktor said...

I heard that Rudi is just taking this attitude publicly to diminish the market value of the Geigers, while at the same time he is bargaining with them over the salary he is to pay for their new positions as his personal assistant and houseboy. I think he plans on having Bobby also be responsible for taking out his garbage and picking up after his dog. Curt's additional duties will include toilet steward and beer fetcher.
Rudi ain't fooling me none, he is just trying to grind these two poor immigrants down in price,he knows they don't have many other choices.

Ray Vaughn said...

I came to the WCF later than many people who post here. I do however have many friends who work for Ogden city or work for a company that deals with the city. I have had many people tell me of the petty and vindictive treatment Godfrey gives to those who displease him or question his methods. He is not working with an ethical base but seems to believe that his methods to accomplish his desires are justified.

PPK said...

Although I am not doing any singing or dancing over this news, I would like to say that I can understand what Rudi has suffered. What others on here have claimed, that they were basically forced out of their jobs simply because of differing opinions. I wasn't a Gieger victim, but I have been a victim of that exact same scenario. And let me say, it can RUIN the lives of those who were victimized!! And that is mildly put. When people of power (of any sort) take it upon themselves to CHOOSE to rob others of their very own livelihood, EARNED livelihood, because of differing opinions, I'm not going to gloat, but I'm not in any way, whatsoever, hope they "land on their feet". I will NOT show an ounce of compassion for their situation, brought on by their own actions, as was pointed out by an earlier poster.
No one on here caused this.
It's an incredibly difficult and challenging thing to overcome having your life turned upside down because you lost your livelihood because someone of power or authority "didn't like you" or "your opinions". Period.
To recover feels like climbing out of a pit from hell!!!
I am not gloating. But I am hoping the Giegers find themselves battling the same hellish life of digging themselves out of a bottomless PIT, a very similar PIT they may have gleefully helped shove others in, who didn't even deserve to be there.
Then, maybe, with a bit of luck, they may come to understand humanity AND compassion. But I see NO HARM in them having to learn the same lessons they seem to have forced on innocent others.

Like I said, I'm not a Gieger victim. But a victim of a crime still understands the crime, and the assailant. And never underestimate the passion of survival of the innocent victims!! When we come back, it's with EVEN MORE OPINION, AND EVEN MORE CONVICTION FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND FAIR!!!

Thank you.

It's a Great Day said...

I just want to say they got what was coming to them. I knew the Geiger's and was a victim of their selfishness and greed. They made poor business decisions, stole ideas from good people, and lied to the faces that had faith in their original motivations before Ogden. Curt was incompetent in his position at Descente and Bob, with very little business experience, got a job from his dad. Hey, are the other Geiger boys still working for Descente (Brad and Ben)?

I don't want to see Osaka being blamed for this. The only thing they did wrong was wait too long to get rid of the Geiger's. Descente is a very successful company everywhere else in the world except for North America, why do you think that was??

All I have to say to Curt and Bob is your time finally came, I can't believe you got away with all the bad things you guys were doing for so long.

Ha! It's a great day!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys... I have a sincere disliking towards Bob and Curt Geiger... for completely valid personal reasons. But you can't really consider anyone losing their job when they have a family at home, as a good thing? I truly think that the more people mock/laugh/rejoice in their (deserved) misfortune, then it is less likely that Curt/Bob learn from their vindictive ways and possibly make a change? We are all in charge of our own actions. So.... be nice! It might rub off on them! :)

I can also speak from a place of real experience when I say: Like the Geigers or hate them,(I fall under the second category) you can't deny that they stick together as a family, and they stand their ground on their views. I can also say that "The Geiger's" are not just made up of two people (Bob/Curt). There are two other boys in that family that work hard and stay out of the crap. There is also a grip full of (innocent) grandchildren that will grow up in the Ogden area with your (innocent)children/grandchildren. Hopefully our children don't catch on to all this ridiculous bad-mouthing and can put the mean spirited political fight behind us in the next generation.

I am sorry for sounding like the blog martyr, I just feel bad when I read this. I don't want to live in a community where it's divided by your like or hatred of one family.

Curmudgeon said...


Well said.

Shotgun said...

I have recently returned to the Ogden area and have been annoyed at the comments about Curt Geiger and his family's efforts to improve the economic situation in Ogden.
I have Know Curt Geiger for 46 years and know he is assertive and aggressive in his efforts to reach his personal and business goals.
He has always been an energetic man who's ideas sometimes were ahead of there times. This will be seen in 10 years when all you people look back and see the vision, energy and effort this man has. It has proven itself time after time over the last 46 years.
Those of you who sit back and do nothing to improve the situation in the Ogden area only serve to bring others down when try to circumvent the issue by the use of subterfuge.
How about getting out from behind your computers and start " walking the walk" not just "talking the talk"

What have you done for the Ogden area lately?

knows curt said...

I've known Curt myself for over 38 years, and during that time there wasn't one minute that I didn't regard him as a totally self absorbed DICKHEAD.

So there.

Different strokes for different folks, eh?

SC said...

I grew up with the Geiger boys. Lots of great memories with them!

If fighting hard for something you feel will benefit you and your community is a bad thing.. then i guess you have them pegged. Because, honestly, that's what they have done in Ogden. If you aren't in agreement with them on policy, or idealogy, that is one thing. However, personal attacks show your lack of intellect. Agree to disagree and be civil, respectable Americans. Don't trash your neighbors, like them or hate them.

It's funny how people come out and say nasty things in forums. Usually those talking the most trash are the same who have the least subject matter knowledge and/or involvement with the topic being discussed.

So.. Stop trolling forums can casting stones behind your aliases and actively participate in what's going on in your community, whichever side of the fence you are on.

Good luck to Bob and Curt.. They will succeed, despite those who jealously stand by casting insults.

Anonymous said...

The geigers are sluts.

Deal with it, SC

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
geigergear said...

Descente's Performance After Leaving Ogden

The Japanese maker of sportswear, best known in the United States for its snowsports apparel, reported operating income fell 27.6% to ¥3.09 billion ($33.3mm), falling 16.5% short of its forecast for the year. Net income reached ¥1.85 billion ($19.9mm), down 15.9% from a year earlier and its forecast, according to numbers published by Reuters.

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