Saturday, October 24, 2009

WSU Wildcats Game Day Thread

Lots of pivotal Northern Utah football games to watch today

Order your Delivered Pizza right now. Today's Northern Utah college gridiron action should be most interesting.

OK first here's this one, where The Zoobies face off against the TCU Mountain West Conference "so far best" powerhouse.

Then we have this one, where the Utah Utes go back to last year's moth-eaten gameplan, and try to deal with the Air Force Academy's "goofy" option offense.

But last but not least, here's the Northern Utah real college game of the day, at least in our estimation.
Wildcats wary of improving N. Colorado.
As per usual, we'll once again set up a dedicated thread, where whereby we WCU Wildcats fans can comment during today's game, which will be broadcast on the Alt net TEEVEE network around 130 p.m., also with a live audio broadcast from KLO radio.

Have at it, Wildcats fans!

Update 10/24/09 7:00 p.m.: Final: WSU 28 NC 20. Here's the first available wire service (AP) story:
Weber State holds off Northern Colorado 28-20


love my wildcats said...

WSU up 21-7 at the half

Anonymous said...

The Utah Wildcats are a formidable opponent this year!

Go Utah Wildcats!

Curmudgeon said...

Utah State wins by 2 pts. over La Tech. They just barely hung on in the 4th quarter after La Tech made up 14 of a 16 pt. deficit.

Curmudgeon said...

Final: WSU 28 NC 20

Curmudgeon said...

Driving home from a Halloween party, tuned into the BYU post game call-in shows to listen to the whining. [It was endless.] Not as interesting as the "Interveiw the Drunks" show I used to listen to driving home after LSU games [always broadcast from bars or some sort or another]. Those occasionally got... well, let's just say pungent... as the evening wore on. But interesting tonight to listen to the Know-It-All-Fans [every team has them] explain what was wrong with BYU with complete certainty. Though each one who called was absolutely certain the problem was something different.

Ah, college football red hots: nothin' quite like 'em.

big game next week said...

for all the marbles in Missoula on Halloween

go wildcats!

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon the football fan!
Yikes, is nothing sacred? Another intellectual hero exposed as possessing human frailties!

So Mr. C, say Loosianer State was playing Webber Stake college, who would you root for? How about if them LSU boys were playing God's very own - BYU, would you root for the satanists from the south, or Christs chosen from Yewtah county?

Curmudgeon said...

Who would I root for in an LSU-WSU game?
WSU, without question.
While I enjoy a good game of college football between more or less equally talented teams where I have some rooting interest, the damage Big Time College Football has done to the nation's major state universities is significant. [M. Spurber's book Beer and Circuses is very good on the subject. I recommend it often.]

Happily, WSU is not a division ! football school. And I've seen some very good games between what used to be Division III schools [all scholarships banned], which means the teams were composed of young men who played the game for love of it, period, without compensation, special strength coaches, facilities that would make an NFL team envious, etc.

Nothing wrong with college competitive athletics per se. It's when it becomes multi-million dollar business on a campus [like Florida or Bama or Ohio State] that it becomes a problem.

[PS Oz, I didn't graduate from LSU. I just worked there. God's team --- currently unfortunately undergoing a building year --- is of course Wisconsin. All decent, intelligent and well-raised people know that.]

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