Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Sky Football: WSU Game Day Open Thread

WSU Wildcats square off with Eastern Washington at 1:30 p.m.

Well lo and behold, it's another WSU game day, as our Weber State Wildcats square off on the road in Cheney, Washington against last season's conference nemesis EWU. Just to get the pre-game juices flowing for WSU football fans, we'll feature today's Jason Asay writeup, which frames today's gridiron matchup as an opportunity for sweet revenge:
Revenge could be sweet, if Wildcats can step up
Todays game will be broadcast live on cable through the Altitude TV Network, so we're infortunately unable to provide a Big Sky TV video link this morning. As per usual however, readers who are stuck in an office or work cubicle this afternoon can catch the audio broadcast on the ever-reliable KLO Radio, of course.

We'll leave this thread open for anyone who'd like to comment, kibbitz or rant... before, during or after this game. Last one out, please turn out the lights.

We'll be back later with the final score, of course.

Update 10/10/09 4;52 p.m.: Final Score: WSU 31; EWU 13, in a very convincing victory.


ozboy said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

On their way to getting their faces trampled by the NY Yankees, our Los Angeles Dodgers play game three of a five game series against the Cardinals today in Saint Louis, Missori. The Dodgers are up two games to zero as the series moves east from Chavez Ravine to Busch Stadium.
4:00 pm MT, broadcast on TV at TBS and Streaming Online at

Go Dodgers!

Anonymous said...

Let's go Weber and make up for last weeks ultimate LETDOWN!!

Anonymous said...

Ozboy couldn't catch a football if they were covered in your own honey

HaHa said...

LOL! With a muffed punt attenpt, EWU gets their ears pinned back with a safety.


GI Joe said...

I heard tell that Oz caught and threw a few grenades, and dodged his fair share of bullets in his time, does that count?

Footballs covered in his own honey? What the hell does that mean?

This is lookin' good said...

Higgins to Philips in the end zone with a TD Pass!

WSU 22, EWU 7.

10th floor Promontory said...

WSU = Big Sky Champs

Curmudgeon said...


The Dodgers, Sir, are in Brooklyn, where god intended them to be. They are lost in the subways from which they shall someday emerge and return to their people, for verily, I say unto you of Ebbitts Field truly it is written, "if we rebuild it, they will come."

The team you refer to in your post is the Los Angeles National League Baseball Orgnization, falsely called "the Dodgers" only by the depraved, the deluded and the badly brought-up.

Anonymous said...

"...falsely called "the Dodgers" only by the depraved, the deluded and the badly brought-up..."

And they win the series, besting the Cardinals 5 to 1; headed to the NL Championship series.

Depraved, perhaps...

ozboy said...

GI Joe

Ya got the wrong guy when it comes to "catching hand grenades"! One of the first things you learn in basic infantry training is "DO NOT TRY TO CATCH HAND GRENADES". We did learned how to throw them however.

Didn't do much "dodging bullets" either. Learned real early that when it came to bullets keeping one's head down paid off a lot better than trying to dodge them.

When I was in the now infamous Bood War, I did participate in the battles of Hopkinsville and Clarksville where I dodged a few fists and the occasional knife.

The biggest life threatening danger I faced was the late Sunday night drive back to Ft. Campbell from a weekend of drinkin and carousin in Nashville. My brief sojourn in the far Pacific and Asia was pretty tame in comparison.

Anonymous said...

your so special

connie said...

It looks as though Ozboy has stirred up the green eyes jealousy monster in someone named anonymous. Once again there is no particulars or counter arguments to what he writes, just snide remarks without substance. Is this really the only thing the backers of the mayor can respond with?

I haven't been particularly following politics in Ogden until I started reading this web site but I can see I have been missing out on a lot of drama. I wish the mayor backers would dig a little deeper and start to answer these points being made against them with a little more substance. Surely they must have something to support their positions.

Darrel said...


I had the same thoughts myself. It would be refreshing and perhaps a lot more enlightening if the mayor's supporters would debate the issues and defend the mayor's positions and actions with a little more class and intelligence. Even tho the subject of this thread does not directly relate to political issues, it seems that Ozboy's political activism and anti Godfrey stance has spilled over and is driving these petty attacks on him. His comment above, which only set the record straight about him not being a war hero, could not have motivated the sniping by themselves. It instead appears, based on other articles on this site, that some one indeed is jealous of him and disagrees with his political stance.

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