Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Third Set Of Emerald City Council Candidate Financial Disclosure Reports Are Now On File

Seven out of eight of them, anyhow

Let us point out this timely 2009 Ogden municipal election story in this morning's Standard-Examiner, reporting on the third set of council candidate financial disclosure statements which were due for filing in the city recorder's office by 5:00 p.m. yesterday. According to Mr. Schwebke's story, all council candidates confidently met yesterday's extended 5:00 p.m. deadline; but we're not so sure of that. According to one of the deputy clerks with whom we spoke this morning, only seven of the necessary eight financial reports were on file as of 9:05 this morning; and one conspicuously failed to make the deadline. We don't know who the recalcitrant candidate is. We didn't ask... although we have heard unconfirmed rumors.

Adding insult to injury, of the seven candidate statements who did actually meet the filing deadline, only four are as yet displayed on the city website.

Undaunted, we'll move on. And in that connection we'll do what we intended to do when we first snatched up our SE hard-copy edition from our front porch early this morning, and pored over Mr. Schwebke's story. For those who've been following our WCF Council Candidate Roster pages, btw, here are the latest updates:
2009 Ogden City Municipal Election Cumulative Financial Disclosure Reports
We've also added these latest reports to the individual candidate pages, which are nested within our Weber County Candidate Roster.

There you have it folks; short and sweet. We'll of course continue to update these pages as additional reports come online. Although we're not happy to release data that's still half-baked, we're tired of sitting on our thumbs this morning, waiting for Boss Godfrey's IP people to do their jobs.

That's it for now folks.

Don't let the cat get your tongues.


Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper (Ret.) said...

The total screwup Phipps failed to file his October 28, 2009 financial disclosure report? Everyone knows he's a major F****up, so what else is new?

Political Pro said...

Here's what I think about this. Poor Mr. Phipps, a basically decent Mormon Guy has seemingly withdrawn from the race, because he doesn't want to be under the thumb of Boss Godfrey, and the cretins from the real estate develepers and and other real estate developer numbskulls who are trying now to compromise his morals and ethics.

If the rumors are right, I applaud David Phipps for taking himself out of the "B" Seat race.

Nobody with Their Brain turned on Can miss This said...

I'm getting a psychic vison of poor little David Phipps strapped down in an oaken chair with ducttape, being beaten with a rubber hose by the evil Godfreyites, who will never ever steer an Ogden City real estate Deal to the Phipps family ever in the future.

Jennifer Neil said...

They are all in now, except for one ...

J Neil

wildcat said...

One does wonder about the state of Phipps' campaign when he admits that he raised $0 since the last finance filing. I did notice that Karen Thurber - who Phipps "mistakenly" claimed as one of his endorsees contributed $100 to Blair.

Colonel Jessup said...

Well, He knows that he would be going to jail if he allowed his campaign to continue. I want to thank all of people that exposed him for who he is and really brought this issue to the fore front.
Will the city take him off the ballot or will they find a cure for this Godfrey dominion.

Jennifer Neil said...

He did nothing wrong in declaring candidacy for the Municipal Election -- I filed a letter of complaint because of conflicting stories, rumors and such. I filed the letter to find out what the people in charge of the elections decided in the matter -- they (from the Lt. Governor's office on down) decided that Phipps' candidate declaration was valid.

I don't see anything after this that would constitute him eligible for jail time.

J Neil

Jennifer Neil said...

Comment bumped to front page

Ogden Dem said...

Jennifer Neil - I think you are being kind by stating, "He did nothing wrong in declaring candidacy for the Municipal Election"

I think there are many of us that disagree with that statement, but it's your opinion and of course you are entitled to it. You may think he did nothing wrong but many residents still believe he was never eligible to file.

Anonymous said...

One examines the time line now, with the benefit of hindsight: Phipps on-paper move, his contributers and their lite arm-twisting, his voting here or there, his nepotism-lease signing, his squatting at the family home, his doubtless-accurate church records, the day people saw him actually, lets face it, "start to live there"...

And well, in the end he did the honorable thing by listening to his conscience, and telling the developers who were increasingly pulling his strings, who were buying and paying for him, to go take a hike.

And, out of it all, he keeps his very soul. Good call, Mr. Phipps. We welcome to hear more of your ideas for Ogden, after you have lived here a year or so, K?
And, go take a hike up above Ogden to Malans Peak, just as the sun rises one morning. ;>

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