Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scam Alert: Emerald City Voters Beware

Watch out for carpetbaggers and real estate interest candidates, who will represent the mayor and his cronies, not the citizens of Ogden

By Ozboy

There is a concerted effort this election for the mayor and his circle of cronies to win this council election with their hand picked candidates - Phipps, Hains, Garner and Dean. If they succeed, the mayor will then have another "rubber stamp" council like the one several years ago that allowed him to pursue his obscene and costly fantasies like the Junktion and River projects. These projects have created nearly a $100 million dollar debt for the tax payers of Ogden. It will take decades for the citizens of Ogden to dig out from under this debt. To date, all of these projects are complete losers. The Junktion alone is costing the tax payers over $700,000 per year in bond payments. The mayor and his former rubber stamp council made many and repeated promises that this would never happen. Meanwhile the things that a decent city government should be doing is not being done. The city infrastructure continues to deteriorate while the mayor and his staff blissfully continue their foolish games pretending they are great business tycoons - again all on the tax payers dime.

It is interesting that the Standard Examiner published four articles on the mayor's sham debates of a couple of weeks ago, two on the front page. The main focus of those articles were the three candidates that smelled a rat with the mayor and this shallow scam of a "debate" and did not participate. A week later the ladies of the Weber County Women's Legislative Council organization conducted a fair and above board Meet the Candidates Night. All candidates attended and the citizens were well served and informed as a result, thus putting the lie to the Standard's and the Mayor's false propaganda that the three non Godfrey candidates were playing games by not attending the first put on by the mayor. To date the Standard has conducted themselves in an extremely dishonorable manner and have not reported one word about the only legitimate debate held so far. It leads this reader to believe that the Standard Publisher is in cahoots with the mayor and his hand picked candidates and they are trying to sway this election by misleading reporting and/or stonewalling pertinent stories that would give the voters fair and balanced information on which to base their votes.

Two of the mayor's candidates - Phipps and Hains - are both in the real estate business and are receiving large contributions from out of town real estate interests that are aligned with the mayor and his cronies. Phipps in particular is receiving a large portion of his funds from mysterious out of state interests who are hiding behind acronyms in order to mask who they really are. This is a repeat of the infamous Envision Ogden/FNURE (rhymes with manure) scam that the mayor pulled last election. Large and secret amounts of money into a council race from secret donors. Why would these people find it necessary to be so secret and what is in it for them if Phipps, Hains, Garner and Dean win? Mt. Ogden Park comes to mind, it is a well known fact that the mayor and his cronies have their eyes on developing it - which if that comes to pass will go a long way toward destroying the magnificent open spaces on the east bench that all Ogden citizens enjoy.

Beware of carpetbaggers and real estate interest candidates, they will represent the mayor and his cronies, not the citizens of Ogden.


Need Checks & Balance said...

Phipps is an idiot! At the debate last Tuesday night, Phipps showed his true colors. He was the only candidate who thought the Mayor's $124 million plan for the golf course and the east bench's open space. He has already let us know that he let's the Mayor do his thinking for him. We definitely don't want Phipps sittting on the Council. He will make Brandon Stephenson look like an independent thinker.

Tom Owens aka Ozboy said...

Mr. Phipps has made a very large point in his presentations, both verbal and in print, that he has been working non stop and full time for over a year at bringing new businesses to Ogden.

My questions are:

1. How is it that a real estate agent working in a real estate office in Layton for this same year is really working full time to bring businesses to Ogden?

2. If he in fact has been working full time at recruiting businesses to Ogden, what has been the result and why hasn't he told us just what businesses he has brought here?

3. If he cannot name and verify any businesses he is responsible for bringing to Ogden, does that say something about his competence and effectiveness?

Mr. Phipps has further indicated that he has lived in Ogden over a year which is a statutory requirement to qualify for election to the council. He further solemnly swore to that fact in his application to run.

More Questions:

1. Why do several entries in his family blog indicate he did not move into Ogden until December?

2. Since that fact has become public, why has Mr. Phipps now restricted access to that blog?

3. What does Mr. Phipps' drivers license say his address is?

4. Where did Mr. Phipps vote in last November's election?

5. Why has Mr. Phipps not come out and provided proof of his legal residency in Ogden?

Mr. Phipps also makes as one of his main platforms his standing for transparency in government.

Even more Questions:

1. Why is Mr. Phipps' main contributors large real estate concerns from outside of Ogden?

2. Why is Mr. Phipps hiding the true identity of some of these large contributors?

3. Why does he list them as acronyms instead of who they really are?

4. What is in it for these large, anonymous and out of state contributors if Mr. Phipps were to win a council seat?

So many questions, so few answers.

Anonymous said...

This from ozboy the ultimate carpetbagger

AWM said...

It would appear that Mr Phipps is even more tansparent then the transparency he seeks of the local government (in a manner of speaking)

Marion said...


Ozboy makes it very clear who he is and where he lives. He has not tried to pull the wool over any one's eyes like Phipps is doing.

Ozboy is not, has not and most likely will not run for office in Ogden. (Too bad we sure could use some one of his integrity and intelligence here)

Ozboy is a home town boy who has owned a number of different properties in Ogden and has been a tax payer for many years here.

So just how is he a "carpetbagger"?

Webster said...

carpetbagger |ˈkärpitˌbagər|
noun derogatory
a political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have no local connections.

literalist said...

Ah, but Phipps is very well connected in Ogden. Why I hear that he frequently connects with the Mayor Himself.

Come On said...

A local homeboy who doesn't live in Ogden, or Weber County for that matter. I think he owns a slummy duplex downtown whoopi!!

Wildcat said...

I have to use an analogy from Dennis Miller although not a fan of Sara Palin he loves the fact that she irritates and infuriates the People he loathes. Phipps might be a young immature know it all, but I gotta Love the fact that he is irritating the just the right kind of people.

Weber St vs Utah St Nov 11@ purple palace said...

Ozboy HAS owned properties, are you saying he no longer does. Weber Co shows no property owned by Tom Owens

First game of season Nov 13 WSU vs USU @ purple palace said...


dAVIS said...


wildcat said...

for the record, the person who posted as Wildcat, is not the same person who posts as wildcat.

connie said...

Interesting how the Godfrey backers never come up with counter arguments against their detractors. Instead they resort to attacks and cheap shots against the messenger. As an observer of this I can only come to the conclusion they really don't have any counter arguments and that their detractors are right.

David D said...

I find it interesting that on candidate Phipps face book page he has a link to something called Save Mount Ogden Golf course. That is something we all can get behind for sure. Then when I looked at them I found that they are really for the mayor's plan to develop it! Their address is the same as the Pinnacle group that is the PR firm representing the mayor. They are advocating saving the park by developing it. This seems a bit disingenuous to me, especially using a name that would have people believe just the opposite. I am disappointed to say the least.

Marion said...

Ozboy has made some pretty strong statements about the mayor and Mr. Phipps in his article and has asked a dozen specific questions concerning Mr. Phipps.

So far those that seem to disagree with him have only countered with charges that he is a carpetbagger, which is not true, and that he owns a slummy duplex in downtown which I think is also not true. If memory serves me, he owns single residence property on the east side somewhere. (please correct if this is not the case)

No one has offered any substantial argument to counter his statements and questions about the mayor and Mr. Phipps.

Rose said...

Marion, how is he not a carpet bagger?

disgusted said...

for the last three days i have intentionally driven down 25th st past phipps home while running my errands. from all indications no one lives there.

disgusted said...


for one reason that he cares about ogden. for another reason because he contributes to various ogden organizations that address the poor in our community. for a third reason because he isnt a real estate flipper.

David D said...


A carpetbagger is - "a political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have no local connections" - as pointed out by "Webster" above.

As far as I know Ozboy is not a candidate, Phipps is and he meets the above definition.

In any event, what difference does it make if Ozboy is a carpetbagger or not? He is the messenger, not the message. It is the message that goes to the issue of honest and fair elections in Ogden, not the one who brings it to light.

The real issue is Mr. Phipps, his eligibility, his integrity and his suitability to sit on the Ogden Council.

Biker Babe said...


There is a child's toy rocking horse in the back yard, but the hoses and sprinklers are still out ...

just sayin


Biker Babe said...

The City Council needs people who know Ogden - think: have lived here for a while - and understand the issues - think: other than what godfrey tells them. I just don't think an enthusiastic and creative salesman from Salt Lake who works in Layton fits the bill

just sayin


rose said...

sorry, i meant that i did not t like the fact that out of all of the excellent potential candidates from th weber area, there wouod be a less than one year resident coming in and running. i did not mean anyone else is a carpetbagger, as i have no bones with anyone here. i just want info before the electioon that i can share with the coworkers. How come roosters is such a big booster, if he is so new?

Biker Babe said...

Rose, and he doesn't even drink BEER!

just sayin


Rose said...

I am a Mormon by birth, and I would never take money from a drug dealer/manufacturer, whether it was a legal drug or not.
i cannot trust a Mormon who gets his main campaign contributuion from a alcohol manufacturer. That just seems weird.

Rose said...

I meant recreational drugs, not medicine, of course.,

Darrel said...


"Seek and ye shall find"

I commend you for seeking the truth as it pertains to the Ogden city candidates. I hope that all responsible and moral citizens would do the same, but here in Utah there doesn't seem to be much tradition of that. There are a lot of people who vote blindly based on party affiliation (republican) or on propaganda that they do not investigate for themselves.

From reading the above posts, I am uncertain if you were inquiring if Mr Phipps was a carpetbagger, or whether Ozboy was. I think the evidence is indicating that Mr Phipps is in fact a carpetbagger and that Ozboy does not fit the definition, and even if Ozboy were it would not matter to the subject at hand which is Mr Phipps' fitness for public office in Ogden.

My advice is for you to study the important issues facing Ogden today, the candidates, their backgrounds, their platforms and most of all their integrity. We really do need people of honor to sit on the council and make the important decisions that will effect our lives in Ogden and our children's future in this city.

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