Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ogden Council Candidate Debate Set For Wednesday Night - UPDATED

Another heads-up on what may prove to be the most important public event during the 2009 municipal election season

The Standard-Examiner provides another reminder in this morning's edition of what could prove to be the most important and best attended public event during the 2009 municipal election season, tomorrow night's council candidate debate. We tipped our readers off with brief info about the the scheduling of this event back on October 2. Read Mr. Schwebke's Std-Ex morning story for further and more detailed information:

Face-off to be held in Ogden / City council candidates to explain views on issues Wednesday night

Once again, here are the time and location coordinates in a nutshell:

What: Ogden City Council Candidate Debate
Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College Union Building Business Building - Room 162, 200 N. Washington Blvd. [Google Map; Main Campus Diagram]
When: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 @ 7:00 p.m.

For those readers who support politically moderate candidates such as Van Hooser, Blair, Garcia and Stephens, and oppose the radical "develop Ogden City at all costs" Boss Godfrey Ticket, we can't over-emphasise the importance of attending this event. We have it on good authority that the Godfreyites are working behind the scenes to pack this event with real estate developer lackeys and Godfrey cronies. And as we've seen in the past, these folks can be quite noisy and disruptive. We believe it's the duty of us who'd like to launch a new council in 2010 -- a council with a philosophy of common sense and financial prudence -- to show up in force, and to help nurture a hospitable atmosphere for those honorable and honest candidates whom we support. If there is any single 2009 municipal election event that deserves your attendance during this election cycle, this has to be it. Hopefully everyone will juggle their calenders this go-round, and make plans to be there.

Interestingly, the last portion of this event, which seems to be set up in a quasi-debate format, will also offer a short opportunity for the lumpencitizens to ask questions of the candidates from the floor. In this connection we hope everyone will put on their thinking caps, and arrive at the event with at least one probing question.

With this, we'll open up the floor for discussion. Here we'll also offer one caviat: If you do have a probing blockbuster question... please don't post it here as a comment. The Godfreyites voraciously read this blog; and it makes no sense at all to provide advance notice of "pending questions" to what we'll politely call the "Godfrey Intelligentsia." (Ha-Ha).

Who will be the first to comment?

Update 10/14/09 9:31 a.m.: Please take note that tonight's debate, previously set for the ATC UnionBuilding, has now been moved to the Business Building - Room 162.


Anonymous said...

Be there of be square, gnarly bros and bro`ettes. This is going to be the ginchy`est grrovefest. So beat feet on down there, Cap't Primo, and put a stop to these rat finks.
Peace out, baby.

history tells all said...

Hey, Lets put up on this blog all the questions that should be asked of the godfreites. So when they turn for audience participation. we will be able to hit them with the kind of questions that need to be asked.

OgdenLover said...

Five minutes to answer a question seems really excessive. Three to rebut is more reasonable. That would come to each candidate answering one question and rebutting once. (8'x 8 candidates= 64 minutes)

Let's hope that's a typo so more questions can be asked in the alloted time.

OgdenLover said...

Rudi just suggested that we NOT do that so the Godfreyites won't know in advance what will be asked.

ozboy said...

I think that there is a small handful of pertinent questions to be asked of the Godfreyite slate - Phipps, Hains, Garner & Dean. I won't ask them here, but I am sure that the so called Godfrey brain trust know what they are as they have been asked here on WCF a number of times in a number of ways. It would still be interesting however to see what answers they have prepared in advance to the most pertinent one. Hopefully the audience won't burst out in laughter at some preposterous rationale they are sure to come up with.

Rose said...

I would bet that there is some serious debate prep going on over at Gondola HQ.

Weber vs Utah st. Nov 13 purple palace said...

Hey oxboy,you make me YAWN!!!!

You wanna be carpetbagger

Weber St. vs sac St. SAT Stewart stadium 1:00 said...

Oxboy, stick with Your own community your not from Ogden you wanna be carpetbagger

Ray Vaughn said...

Weber St vs, Unfortunaly what Ogden city does has a impact on all of Weber county. Just as the incorporation bid for Powder Mountain will cost all Weber County residents so do decisions in Ogden city impact a area beyond city limits. Voicing a opinion is not restricted by boundary lines.

Weber St vs Utah St Nov 13 Purple palace said...

Get a clue Ray! Your buddy oxboy lives in Davis Co

Biker Babe said...

Weber vs....

Why don't you stick to painting your chest and going to football games ... you're getting quite annoying, and you don't add ANY thing to the discussion

just sayin


Bill C. said...

Here are a couple questions that should perk the interest of the whole electorate.
Do you prefer ceam of potatonose soup or salad?
When dining at a pancake specialty establishment do you order a shortdeck?
Have you ever tried the french geiger soup at Roosters?
I look forward to an entertaining meeting tommorrow night.

Nyoka said...

At Roosters Godfreyites always order Butt Shard Salad and a plate of Greasy Jake Garn Gazpacho. You get the bill when you pay your taxes, and Chris Peterson leaves the fat tip.

Weber st. said...

BB for some reason I really doubt your a babe, and I'll tell you what's really annoying the term "just sayin" it just sounds stupid as hell.

Boobie Biker

Christian said...

Only the gladitors will show up to the debate, no spectators. Then the gladiators will come back the next day and brag on this blog that their candidates won and the other lousy candidates stank. But guess what, there are no spectators (rank and file voters) on this blog either--just gladiators.

That is why no matter what a candidate thinks of channel 17, it was a foolish and shortsighted decision for the three candidates to dodge that debate. It was free publicity that would get the candidate's faces in front of the voters. Now the only exposure the candidates can hope to get is through the lens of the press--which is much more of a roll of the dice than showing up for a debate on Channel 17.

ozboy said...

Ray & BB

I learned a long time ago that debating with morons is a true waste of time. Like the Godfreyites, any responses they make will be inane and off point. Responding to them just goads them on and excites their dim little brains to spew forth with more senseless blather.

I do appreciate your responses however.

Tom said...

"...it was a foolish and shortsighted decision for the three candidates to dodge that debate..."

Having integrity is never shortsighted, it is actually far-seeing and admirable. Being someones monkey on a chain for a small, small slice of free publicity will not change anyones mind. This election, like most local tussles, is about getting out the vote, not about who sucks up the hardest to a failed administrations teat.

Biker Babe said...


well thank you, and your welcome. At least you might have said to the moron that yes, I am a babe ...

but oh, well
just sayin


ps. he made me laugh with such a dumb retort ...

RudiZink said...

You're full of steaming crap, WSU v USU.

Ozboy is a homeboy. Once an Ogden homeboy always an Ogden homeboy home-boy sez me.

And don't forget the time Ozboy actually tried to buy a stake in Downtown Ogden City for a straight cash deal:

Mr. Owens offered 30 grand over the asking price in the notorious Boss Godfrey Bootjack stealth transaction, and Godfrey nevertheless shut down this Ogden homeboy, and instead sold the property to his "bestest' butt buddy Chris Peterson for a lesser price.

It ain't easy for even a well-heeled Ogden Homeboy to acquire a stake in Ogden, under the present pro-carpetbagger administration,

And what about this? Is the guy from Farmington a real heartless carpetbagger? If so, why would he do something like this:

Another Fantastic Display of Holiday Generosity

Get your shit together WSU/USU; and start gaining respect for the home-grown Ogden folks who are getting ready to fully save this town. Nobody in their right mind cares where REAL Ogden homeboys live. The important thing is that they're earnest in bringing conservative home town values back to Ogden.

Biker Babe said...


at least in this public setting, in an event sponsored by Weber State University, the public will be allowed to participate and get up close & personal -- so your remark that "the only exposure the candidates can hope to get is through the lens of the press--which is much more of a roll of the dice than showing up for a debate on Channel 17" really doesn't make much sense here.

And the three that did not participate in the ch17 debates did not simply dodge the free publicity (BTW, nothing is free - Fred E. Taxpayer paid for it) - two had very important prior engagements that could not be rescheduled, they were given very short notice (the evening before the event), they were invited by the mayor, they were given an ultimatum in re: what would happen if they didn't show. They did NOT simply dodge the show.

just sayin


AWM said...

I for one am I'm interested in hearing Phipps discuss his plan for mediating/reducing the gang issue..paraphrasing his website he stated as a father of 2/3 he knows how to handle the gang problem. Not sure how his years of college and real estate background provided the insight that will once and for all lance this festering carbuncle on the posterior of O-Town...I'm all ears

AWM said...

As to the comments of why anybody that does not live in Ogden should care about its politics. The stench of improper influence by the landed gentry over our elected official Godfrey goes well back to before the sale of Snow Basin to Earl Holding. For more insight into that event and how it transpired I recommend reading “Bargaining for Eden”. Peterson’s (son-in-law of Holding) close association with O-Towns major and the behind the scene maneuverings are of concern to not just Ogdonites but Davis and Morgan county residents as well. What happens or doesn’t happen in O-Town will be the potential blueprint for how Petersen might/will deal with the substantial real estate acreage he stands to inherit upon Mr. Holdings passing.
Most Davis and Morgan country sheeple don’t realize that Holding and another investor own almost all of the property on the backside of the Wasatch Front from Weber Canyon south to Thurston Peak, up to 100 feet from the summit on the east side…an area commonly known as the Peterson Wilderness. Several months back the Standard tried to get a comment from the owners as to what the plans for the future are for this sizable expanse of prime real estate. No answer was given and to date I have not been able to find any discussion on the topic. My gut however tells me that a watermelon farm is out of the picture. Will Peterson sell the land..will he develop it..if so, how?...Will he seek a gondola from the west that was denied to him in Ogden? Will his public relations company start to work on Davis and Morgan county officials behind the scenes much like they did and are doing in O-Town?..Stay tuned to these and many more potential happenings.

Ray Vaughn said...

Weber vs, Your comments and belief that only Ogden residents should be involved in Ogden politics brings a question to mind. What is your opinion of campaign donations from outside city limits? Should only Ogden voters be allowed to give financial support to candidatews?

Dan S. said...

News bulletin: I've just been informed by a reliable source that tomorrow's candidate forum has been moved from the Union Building to the Business Building, room 162. Still on the ATC campus.

Biker Babe said...

Why do they keep moving the meeting? Is it a plot to keep the public from attending?



ozboy said...

"Why do they keep moving the meeting? Is it a plot to keep the public from attending?"

Ah cummon Biker Babe, why so cynical? After all this election is being run by Ogden City and we all know the big little boss would never ever ever allow any funny stuff to go on in an election.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they had to move the Ogden City Council Debate to a larger venue, due to citizens expressing an interest in the elections.
It baffles to wonder why a longtime pillar of Weber County public life such as the SE would not promote this important to the democratic process !Melee at the CTA!

Stanley B said...


It is simple, they are bought and paid for by Godfey and his backers.

In the newspaper business of today it is the dollars coming in the door that drives the whole operation. In the Standard's case there is no longer any fire wall between the news department and the sales department.

The Godfrey backers spend a lot more money with the Standard than the Godfrey critics do. If it were the other way around the Standard would be going after Godfrey with every lie he told.

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