Saturday, October 03, 2009

WSU gets Down And Dirty With MSU at 1:30 p.m.

Our WSU Wildcats take the next step forward toward another Big Sky Championship Title (we hope)

OK Weber State University football fans! It's once again time to publish our weekly WSU tout piece. This afternoon at 1:30 p.m., our home town college football team, the WSU Wildcats, square off in Ogden-situated Stewart Stadium, against perennial Big Sky Conference football power Montana State U (the Bobcats).

Game kickoff: 1:30 p.m.

Here are a few teaser newspaper pieces, just to get the juices flowing. We know you'll all take them for what they're worth. This afternoon's game is definitely drawing plenty of sports press attention. We even include an article from the MSU home town newspaper down below:

WSU wants fast offensive start at home -Standard-Examiner
Wildcats run into test - Salt lake Tribune

Here's a good one too, as we suggeted above, just for perspective from "the Montana State Bobcats" home town newspaper's perspecive:
Win over Weber would be big for Cats
Tickets are still available at the gate for this afternoon's game, and in this context, we encourage all WSU fans to attend today's games if they can, even though they may not have a season ticket. Remember that Ogden City is now the world's prime mecca for high-adventure recreation. And what's more high adventure than attending a great football venue to watch giant humans face off against each other every 30 seconds or so to pound each others' brains out?

Seriously though WCF readers, we do hope you'll all consider attending this afternoon's game. WSU (under the experience tutelage of "Coach Mac" has actually put together a quite credible football program, which actually puts our Hi-Rec city "on the map."

For those of course who can't make it to the stadium, but would like to keep up with the game, there are two other options, of course.

Watch the internet video on Big Sky TeeVee;

Or alternatively... listen to the audio on the KLO radio WSU Flagship.

We'll keep the lower comments section open for those who watch or listen to the game.

We'll publish the final game score here, of course. Iin the meantime, lets have intra-game reader comments here.

No excuses please: WSU gets its ass royally kicked by MSU, with a final score of 26-21.


wilcats fan said...

Whoa! I just went to eat my sandwich and now the bobcats are up 14-3.

No more sandwiches for me fer shure.

ozboy said...

Rudi, Rudi, Rudi

In one thread you make mention of low reader volume on weekends and in the next you tell us about a football game! YAWN.

I suppose one could make the argument that by posting news of this game you are doing a great service to insomniacs in your readership. In fact I think I will turn it on and take a nap right now.

Wildcats fan said...

WSU scores another TD on a 63 yard passing bonb.

WSU up 15-14, with 1:15 left in the first quarter.

Wildcats fan said...

Whoa. WSU revers the ball on the kickoff, runs through three downs and then blows a field short goal attempt.

Not good, as the first half now expires.

Dr. Demento said...

Go to your Doctor and have your hormones checked, Ozboy. That's my best advice.

I suspect there's something terribly gone wrong in what we medical experts (like me) refer to as the "gonad" department.

Wildcats fan said...

NSU scores a TD, but muffs the point after. MSU has no respect for the WSU defense at all, having started this last drive out on their own 32 yard line, with a succesful fourth down play early in the drive, from theor own 32.

Score: MSU 20; WSU 15.

ozboy said...

Awe Dr. Demento,

I thought you went off to the big debauch in the sky! Perhaps you are channeling me from the other side? I thought we were going to keep this "gonad" thing a secret between the two of us?

PS - have you run into Patty over there yet?

Wildcats fan said...

Wildcat touchdown; failed two point attempt. wildcats pull ahead 210-20

Wildcats fan said...

1/2 yard to goal with 28 seconds to go in the game. The Wildcats, for unknown reasons decide not to pound it in with an off tackle run, or a quarterback sneak, and instead chose to run a dipshit chickenshit option play. MSU defeats WSU by a score of 26-21.

WSU deserved to lose this one, definitely.

Any football team that lacks the confidence to pound in a touchdown from 1/2 half yard line, certainly deserves to lose the game.


Tough luck, WSU fans.

Anonymous said...

Very odd final call. I sure hope the Wildcats can rebound.

Doug Gibson, who was at the game.

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