Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Gondola-Examiner Issues Its First Two Emerald City Council Endorsements

What a shame that the lumpencitzens can't vote at regular intervals to fill the Standard-Examiner publisher's seat

Three days before the 2009 Ogden City Municipal Election, just as earlier threatened, the Gondola-Examiner finally comes out this morning with its first two Ogden City Council endorsements. It appears to us that the core pro-Godfrey management faction at the Godfrey House Propaganda Organ of old remains alive and well:
OUR VIEW: Dean for Ogden council
OUR VIEW: Garner for Ogden council
(Be sure to view the Standard's candidate interview videos, which are embedded in each of the respective pages.)

In making these endorsements, and rejecting two seasoned sitting council incumbents, the Standard appears to be engaging in its own political crapshoot, preferring the "devils they don't know," over the the "devils they do." These endorsements come as no surprise of course. Councilmen Jesse Garcia and Doug Stephens are two conscientious council members who've fairly consistently voted as members of the fiscally conservative council majority. These two have always been an anathema to publisher Lee Carter, and the carpetbagging Suits from Sanduskey, who'd prefer a council majority which would borrow and spend the taxpayers of Ogden into economic oblivion.

What a shame it is, we believe, that the lumpencitzens can't vote at regular intervals to fill the Standard-Examiner publisher's seat. Alas, that's not how the system works.

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Been Around a Long Time said...

I've lived in Ogden more than 50 years and read the SubStandard about that long and found that for that long I have disasgreed with the editorial board. I then congratulate myself that my basic conservative beliefs and core ethics are intact. This was especially true when Flora Ogan and Don Porter were the editorial page editors.

It really doesn't surprise me that the editors are trying to affect our Ogden City politics -- they're returning to the Flora Ogan era. Just remember that your opinion is as valid as theirs. Connect with YOUR value system, and vote the way YOU believe.

Cares About Ogden said...


I like the way you think! The lumpencitizens of Ogden would do well to follow your advice.

We don't need the OUTSIDE influence of the Suits of Sandusky or the SE editorial board. We are intelligent enough to figure out for ourselves who really has the city and its citizsens best interets at heart.

Curmudgeon said...

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Dan S. said...

Everyone should get on the Standard-Examiner web site and watch the council candidate interview videos.

Hains answers half the questions with "bring more businesses to Ogden" and the other half with "I haven't looked into that." Oh, and he's convinced that Ogden's biggest problem is communication between the mayor and the city council. (Has he ever even attended a council meeting?)

Van Hooser answers every question with specifics. She's unequivocal about preserving open space, keeping the Marshall White Center open, and supporting the streetcar proposal. She points out how historic preservation has been essential to the successes of downtown Ogden. She can name all the city committees where crucial decisions need to be made more transparently. They ask her a lot more follow-up questions and she fields them with ease.

Ironically, two years ago Van Hooser was on the other end of this comparison. Compared to Godfrey, she wasn't that good at giving specific answers to questions. But she's light-years ahead of Hains.

You can also tell that Van Hooser loves this community and actually wants the job. Hains conveys no enthusiasm. I'm starting to wonder whether he was conscripted to run against his will.

get a life Dan said...

come on forget about this crapola, it's game time at the University your employed by

Danny said...

Gee, it seems like somebody said Dean was the stealth Godfreyite candidate.

Who was that? Oh yeah.

It was me.

Ogden Dem said...

Earlier this week I sent an email to Mark Hains from his website asking about his issues, appears on the lite side to me - improving parks & trails, work for business people, tourism and unifying the council and administration. I asked where he stands on crime, gang violence, drug deals, .... in central ogden, things that I consider real issues. And I also asked him about the overused edited video of Van Hooser - to date, no reply.
Perhaps Godfrey hasn't told him what his positions are on these issues yet.
I am also confused on the mantra of 'bringing more business to Ogden' I thought we had an overpaid department to take care of that not the city council, can anyone enlighten me, am I wrong?

Curmudgeon said...

Hains' answer to every problem he's asked about is "bring more business to Ogden." But when you ask him how he intends to do that if he becomes a Council member, he has no answer. When you ask him what he'd do differently than the Council has done over the past two or four years, he has no answer. He just keeps repeated "bring more business to Ogden." Period.

It's sort of like a candidate coming out boldly and courageously in favor of reducing crime. All the candidates favor reducing crime, just as all the candidates want to bring more business to Ogden. The question is, how to reduce crime and how to bring more business to Ogden.

And when asked how he'd bring more business to Ogden, what he'd do differently, Mr. Hines has nothing to say.

Imagine that....

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