Friday, October 09, 2009

Former Ogden Manager Seeks to Drop Lawsuit Because Boss Godfrey (and Gary Williams) Drove Him to the Poorhouse

Boss Godfrey beats down another righteous litigant from his ill-deserved, taxpayer funded bully pulpit

By Ogden Lover

Sad story on page 1 of yesterday's Standard-Examiner. Dean Martinez is dropping his lawsuit against the city because he's already spent $20K and is broke:
Former Ogden manager seeks to drop lawsuit because of lack of funds
I know personally that part of the reason he is out of money is that when he applied for jobs outside of Ogden, Godfrey deep-sixed any chance he had of landing a job. Godfrey has done this to others as well.


Frank said...

Scott Brown cruises porn sites on city computers, Martinez blows the whistle. Martinez gets hosed for his efforts and Brown is cruising on his yacht with his pockets bulging with ill gotten cash which was looted from Ogden tax payers. Who said crime doesn't pay or that there is really any justice when it comes to a one party government?

I want the truth to be known said...

This is the same that happened to another employee that I know. He blew the whistle on some co-worker and then He get fired. So much for the whistle blowers act. I looks like boss Godfrey is above all laws and the same with his croneys. I have to say that we do have a sheriff in town that is to say that we do have a new D.A. in Dee Smith. I think that it is time to contact him about all this crap. Does anyone else agree?

ozboy said...

This is a typical example of how the Godfreyites work. They will not honestly address the message brought up by their critics, but instead they attack the messenger. Throwing Martinez and others who shine a light on their perfidy under the buss is SOP for the mayor and in fact all morally bankrupt tyrants of his stripe.

I loved the completely disingenuous quote from the mayor on how good of friends he and Martinez have been for years and how he wishes him luck! In England they call such bull shit "Cheeky", I think the Hebrews know it as "Chutzpa". Here in Utah we just know em as lyin bastards.

Ray Vaughn said...

Wow! How would the mayor have treated Mr. Martines if they were not "good friends"?

Ogden insider said...

Scott Brown had porn on his city owned computer, sexually harassed female subordinates, verbally attacked councilmembers at a meeting, and did not represent Ogden City in an honorable or professional manner. He leaves employment with the city and everyone breathes a sign of relief (especially the women) and then our mayor with "more integrity than anyone in the room" brings this gem back under contract with full health insurance benefits.

Between Slimy Brown and Pureheart Patterson with his West Valley mall parking lot incident with the frizzy headed blonde who was his secretary but is now his new wife...Godfrey sure knows how to surround himself with honorable men at taxpayer expense.

Dan S. said...

Good thing the Sierra Club has pro-bono and low-bono attorneys. But I hate to think what the city's spending (on fees to outside attorneys) to defend itself against our lawsuit.

Ray Vaughn said...

Dan S. The city does not feel the pain or cost of defending lawsuits as they are not paying with their own money. The taxpayers are funding all of these lawsuits and not the true guilty parties.

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