Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spotlight on This Morning's Special Standard-Examiner 2009 Election Feature

Nine new Standard-Examiner items begging for your attention... do your duty, folks

The Standard-Examiner is evidently trying to get its act together in advance of the November 3 election, with a special WeberPlus Section feature which appeared in this morning's edition, under the title, "Determining Ogden's leaders." Much of the material is a rehash of earlier-reported matter, but in the interest of helping keep our readers informed of all the 2009 municipal election stories on the web, we'll highlight the four writeups which appeared in this morning's SE hard-copy edition:
Ogden City Council At-Large Seat A
Ogden City Council At-Large Seat B
Ogden City Council Ward 1
Ogden City Council Ward 3
We encourage our readers to follow these links over to the SE site of course, to lodge your ever-savvy comments.

And here's something of additional interest. The Standard appears to be midway through the process of assembling expanded candidate statements which go beyond the depth of the candidate questionnaire responses which the SE published way back on September 10. We're just speculating on this, but perhaps these pages are the fruit of the still SE editors' ongoing council candidate interview process.

So far the SE has published these expanded statement pages for Patrick Dean, Doug Stephens, Bart Blair, Mark Haines and Susan Van Hooser. We'll be sure to let you know when they've published the rest. We'll be adding these article to our WCF candidate roster pages too, of course

We take great pride in providing all the relevant 2009 election information here on Weber County Forum. Hopefully however we're not driving you all into information overload mode.

And don't forget, these last five pages have comments sections too.

Do your duty, O Gentle Ones.


milt said...

I object to the use of the term "leaders" in describing elected public officials.

The proper term is "public servants".

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me you like to have a salesman all up in your face. Admit it; you don't.

One of the last people I would follow, if indeed a Real Leader was called for, would be a real-estate agent.
Have you ever had an insurance salesman, a vacuum cleaner salesman, or a seller of trinkets, corner you and use their tried and true manipulative salesmanship to attempt to influence your choices in a way that you think is better for you, but that mostly enriches the who-the-hell-even-needs-this-guy salesman?

I despise salespeople who work that way.
And I despise this Phipps liar; salesmen lie for a living, if they are going to succeed. Phipps looks like he is doing pretty good.

Jennifer Neil said...

I tried once each to get into the vacuum cleaner/insurance selling biz; just couldn't do it ... I guess that would be a good character trait ...


stanardex said...

Standardex is tweeting live from Greiner hearing at

Bill C. said...

Why Phipps? Word is Provident partners, Fisher, Spain and ilk, managed to buy up 110 properties during their buying spree. Many have huge financial needs before they can be flipped or leased.
The local realtors are talking about a rift in the investors of PPL, due to losses and many desire to get out from under the burden of their grand scheme. This is why lying little matty spent the money on their properties on Washington Blvd. and why Fisher has mounted his renewed campain to change the ordinance for hight restrictions on 25th st.
Phipps is being paid to try and find tennants for PPL which is the basis for his claims of recruiting business to Ogden. Being on the Council would also give him a hand in funnelling money to PPL and changing zoning and such.
This guy has zero loyalty to anyone in Ogden other than Fisher and lying little matty and when his election bid is over will be leaving asap.

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