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Wednesday Morning Emerald City News Roundup

Four interesting story selections per gentle reader Ray

By Ray

Several interesting items in the Standard this AM. The first, Trentelman's article, in which it would appear St. Anne's has prevailed and rebuffed the Godfrey attempt to make the most political hay out of the proposed relocation. Perhaps we need the St Anne's board members on the city council as they seem to be able to control the Mayor's machine.

In addition, a back page 4B blurb that states the Weber County Commissioners unanimously voted to appeal the the 2nd District Court order regarding appointment of the Powder Mountain Town government.

I may quibbling but:

Is it me or do others notice in the Standard-Ex that Rob Bishop is always "blasting" something when it comes to President Obama? Such as the story with today's inset on the front page, "Bishop blasts Obama's "poor decisions... with our space program" It may be the proper word but seems as though they could come up with a different one from a thesaurus? However, I can conjure up an image of Bishop with that always pained expression on his face with him "blasting" Obama.

And lastly, in the Newsbeat Column the headline reads "WSU to feature former HUD worker" in describing former US HUD director, Henry Cisneros regarding his upcoming visit to WSU. I guess he did work at HUD but by the headline it could be a janitor appearing. If former President Bush was appearing would it say "WSU to feature former White House worker" I doubt it...


Curmudgeon said...


Bishop, who likes to pretend he is a fiscal conservative whenever an election looms, is a pork-meister of some substance. He is a classic western Republican who thunders on the campaign trail about "getting the federal government off our backs" and then sticks his paw out to bring as much federal cash home as he can, and who whines incessantly when he doesn't get all he would like.

The ATK matter is a good example. Dropping the shuttle as the main platform for space exploration was a decision made long ago, at NASA under the Bush administration, and perhaps the beginnings of the decision lie even earlier. It's an aging technology approaching the end of its design life.

That's the nature of work in the aerospace industry. If the company you work for wins a key contract supplying a particular weapons platform or aerospace technology, it's high cotton, new hiring, lots of money coming in. When that technology reaches the end of its useful life, if your company does not win the contract for the next generation technology, it means layoffs, lower profits and a sharp curtailment of federal money arriving at the gate. Ask anyone who works at Boeing or McDonnel-Douglas how it works. Bishop knows this full well.

For Bishop to suggest that ending the space shuttle program is an example of the Obama administration's lack of concern for national defense, as his statement in the SE implies, is ludicrous. His comments about the Ares project are also hypocritical. Mr. Bishop whines endlessly whenever he sees a microphone within shouting distance about "wasteful government spending." Ares is way behind schedule, way over budget. But fiscal conservative Bishop ignores all that to thunder about Obama not caring about national defense because the Ares project may not be continued if it's determined that it is no longer cost effective.

When Bishop raises the fiscal conservative flag, tattered though his is, and starts talking about wasteful government spending, people need to remember that what he's opposed to is wasteful government spending in some other congressman's district. He thinks every dime spent in his district is a wise and prudent investment of the people's money, and he will hold a press conference or issue a press release to pat himself on the back for bringing federal bucks home to northern Utah. Then he'll go back to giving speechs about wasteful federal government spending.

It's like the Utah farm lobby attending rallies like the recent one in SLC demanding the federal government get out of Utahn's lives. Except of course for billions of dollars in farm subsidies and subsidies for water projects to deliver water to western farmers at 10 cents on the dollar of what it costs to deliver it. Somehow, when those programs come up in Congress, the farmers' lobby is there in Gucci Gulch schommozing and contributing to congressmen along with all the rest, trying to preserve and extend that kind of "federal government interference in our lives."

Biker Babe said...

Is "schommozing" the same as "schmoozing"?

just sayin



Bill C. said...

Well stated Curm, but this also could be radioactive Bishops diversion of attention from his best buddies attempted import of waste. This is the type that gets hotter.
Why in hell do we allow this into our state? Why should it be moved from it's source?
It seems only proper to have the folks that think they're benefitting from it's use deal with all it's ramifications. A policy such as this may be what it takes to come up with either a solution for the waste, or a determination that it's use is not beneficial in the long run.

Citizen said...


Is Curm criticising somebody for being partisan?

You gotta be kidding.

Pot to kettle: "Your black."

Curmudgeon said...


Nope. Criticizing someone for being hypocritical. For arguing against ear marks and wasteful government spending, and for "keeping the federal government out of our lives," and then turning around and submitting pork earmarks, and defending any aerospace project in Utah, it's efficiency be damned, and bragging about bringing federal programs to Utah [while demanding the federal government get out of our lives].

Happy to denounce that kind of self serving hipocracy no matter which party hack is speaking it. And have.

What a suprise said...

The only thing that bishop likes to do is bad mouth how every thing is in Washington. And now that his district is losing 550 jobs that he is suppose to be saving, I guess that he has no power in Washington and it is time to bring the guy home and put someone there that will help us out and not his own ego.

wildcat said...

My apologies if someone addressed this in a previous thread, but I wasn't able to find anything on it looking back at the past few. But in Tuesday's SE, in the letters to the editor section, there was a letter from a Mack Foss about Godfrey participating in the Xterra triathlon. What I found interesting is that this was one of the letters where the Standard printed an "unedited online reader comment to this letter." The "unedited online reader comment" was from flatlander100. And if you go to the SE website you will see that what was put in the print edition was definitely edited. After first writing about how much he loves Ogden Flatlander100 then wrote: "And some of us are working to keep it that way, and to make it even a better place to live.
Which does not involve selling off the undeveloped benchlands and trails for a 300 condo development in order to build a swanky mulit-million dollar new club house for Mt. Ogden Golf Course, as someone who shall remain nameless but whose initials are Mayor Matthew Godfrey is advocating." But the SE did not include the above quote in the print edition. So much for an "unedited online reader comment."

Anonymous said...

On a topic from yesterday, we are of the mind that the city would well consider allowing one Reno-Style gentleman's club willing to comply with stringently enforced ordinances designed to cater to upscale rail travelers.

You know, titty bar.

Such an neon-lit attraction, managed properly, is an addition to the historic clime of Ogden, and like alcohol tobacco and firearms and cruising, they should have a slice of recognition in this heritage, operated in a sane way, legal and taxed accordingly plus 1.

It is as Authentic Historic Ogden as it gets

ozboy said...


For several years now I have advocate building whore houses in downtown Ogden as a sure fire way to turn the city's fortunes around. Instead the mayor built a modern whore house called the junktion wherein the tax payers got screwed, but not in the fun way.

Curmudgeon said...


And for years I've been saying that refitting one of Ogden's history buildings on 25th Street as a Brothel-themed B and B might [fitted out with historic period furniture, and lots of red velvet] be a workable idea. Such have succeeded in other formerly gritty western towns....

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