Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deseret News: Ethics Debate Heating Up Online

UEG petitions await your signatures at two centrally-situated Ogden locations

Interesting and informative Deseret News article this morning, reporting on the latest developments regarding the Utahns for Ethical Government (UEG) citizen legislative ethics initiative petition drive, which we've been hawking here on Weber County Forum for the past few months. Bob Bernick Jr.'s lead paragraphs provide the gist:
Want to know more about the citizen legislative ethics initiative?Utahns for Ethical Government — the initiative sponsors — and legislators who oppose the measure are sparring through online conversations, allegations and responses.
You can read the 25-page petition online at
At that site you can also read a response from UEG over what it calls "misinformation" that has been "taken out of context" from the petition itself and from seven public hearings held around the state to get residents' input.
Meanwhile, at least two legislators — Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, and Rep. Lorie Fowlke, R-Orem, both attorneys — have written their own legal analysis of the initiative, pointing out what they say are numerous unconstitutional, illegal or otherwise problematic elements in the proposed new law.
This morning's story provides links to two initiative opposition memos, one of which links doesn't work. For the benefit of our gentle readers, here are functioning links to the Hillyard document, and the Fowlkes document respectively. We're sure that those of you with a taste for obtuse legal jargon and chain of of consciousness rambling will find these papers to be much to your liking.

For those of you however who like it short and to the point, we encourage you to read the UEG's 25 issue point and counterpoint brief, as it appears on the UEG webpage page linked above, and which we'll present to our WCF readers in easily-digestible pdf (and printer-ready) form. We believe this document handily covers all the major points.

What's obvious is that initiative opponents are attempting to obfuscate and confuse the issues. As you'll discover from a reading of the above-linked pdf document, it really ain't so complicated as the initiative opponents would lead you to believe.

And for those Emerald City/Weber County residents who've been anxiously waiting to put your signatures on an actual UEG petition, we're delighted to this find further pertinent information. According to information which we've gleaned from the UEG website, petitions await your signatures at the two following centrally-situated Ogden locations:
Joyce Wilson (Weber County)
979 27th
Ogden, UT

Ogden-Weber UniServ (Weber County)
939 25th St
Ogden, UT 84401
What are we waiting for, WCF readers?

Let's all put our ethically-challenged legislature's feet to the fire, and make plans to sign the petition this week.


Jim Hutchins said...

I have already signed the UEG petition, but I'd urge others to get on board the E-Train and push for legislative ethics as well.

I also have a copy of the Fair Boundaries petition ready for your signature. If you're interested, please contact me.

(I need to get a copy of the petition back from Curmudgeon, too. Email me and we'll set up a meet.)

ozboy said...

As it pertains to these politco's who are trying to cloud the issue, i.e. smother it with bull shit, all I can say is hogs are always zealous in guarding the trough.

I have both petitions if some one is interested in signing. Let me know and we can arrange to meet for your signature.

guys with badges said...

Why wait for the petitions to pass, lets just throw out all the bums except for Chief Greiner. He has the most ethics in the room. Oh I forgot Godfrey has the highest Integrity of anyone in the room and so we don't need no stinking petitions.

Just Gossip said...

Don't tell anyone but I heard at Church today that Wal-Mart is backing out of Ogden.

blake fowers said...

You mean that that wall mart was here so they could back out and so we tore down all the homes and now e have some more empty lots. thanks o wonderful mayor. I am going to get in my balloon and fly away home, us flying monkeys deserve better.

Curmudgeon said...

Let us remember, please, that unsubstantiated rumor is just that, unsubstantiated rumor, and as such is a long long way from established fact. Leaping to conclusions on the basis of unsubstantiated rumors is never wise.

Anonymous said...

We wish all Walmarts would pull out every time, before we have any more of their ugly commerce clogging up the streets where healthy local stores keep it local.

But we do not advise pulling out as the only method of denying the propagation of Walmarts.
We would just stay away from people who want them to pop up like rabbits everywhere, as though Walmart was the only possible choice for general merchandise retail.

We have enough Walmarts to ethically justify sending this administration to the Free Clinic, and getting this Walmart removed.

Machman said...

Hell must have frozen over...I agree with Stephen Cook on this last post.

Wallyworld has ruined many a town and community. We all would be better off with vacant land than another Super Wallyworld (Walmart) or Sam's Club.

Support your local small businesses. No more sprawling malls and cookie cutter chain stores.

Jennifer Neil said...

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