Thursday, June 07, 2012

Carl Wimmer Takes Job As Nevada GOP Political Director - Not! - Updated

A special WCF Tip of the Hat to the ever-oafish Carl Wimmer, for providing a little much needed pre-Utah Primary Election comedy relief.

Poor old Carl Wimmer! Three days ago, the former Utah GOP legislator, Patrick Henry Caucus founder and unsuccessful US Congressional candidate, was gleefully walking on air and packing his bags to move to Nevada, to take up office as the Nevada Republican Party's new executive director:
Oops! Seems there's developed a slight "fly in the ointment." Nevada State GOP officials now say they don't know nuttin' about Carl's new gig:
No problem, though. Even though everyone knows Wimmer ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer, we can all rest assured that he's now devoting his considerable energy, Don Quixote-like, to "to clear up confusion about whether he was the Silver State’s new GOP political director or not":
Our pet theory?  As one insightful Trib reader suggested, the Nevada GOP probably decided they'd be hiring a "Winner," not a "Wimmer," which would be an easy enough mistake for anybody to make.

No doubt about it, here's another Utah political story we'll be keeping a close eye on.

A special WCF Tip of the Hat to the ever-oafish Carl Wimmer this morning, by the way, for providing a little much needed pre-Utah Primary Election comedy relief.

Update 6/9/12 8:00 a.m.:  Carl traveled to Vegas to straighten out the confusion; unforunately for Carl he winds up empty handed. The situation's deteriorated so badly, that Chuck Muth, a Nevada-based political consultant, said based on Wimmer’s public criticisms of the party ("They’re not just dysfunctional, they’re non-functional"), he [Wimmer] likely wouldn’t work in Nevada politics ever again:


Keisha said...

"Carl Wimmer... gleefully walking on air..."Quite a feat, considering Carl's considerable girth.

RebelWithACause2 said...

Rebel With a Cause 2: How embarrassing for Carl Wimmer, but Nevada  has lots of  dense  people so I suspect they don't  consider a person's performance much. They keep electing Harry  Reid to the Senate. The guy who refuses to put bills passed by the House to a vote , causing nothing to be done. Of course they blame the Republicans for that, and the public seem to believe  them. At least, there seems to be no protest. 

LasVegasBob said...

We Nevadans are NOT dense, as you so idiotically put it.

We vote the American Way, for people like Reid, who promote our economic and other interests.

blackrulon said...

If he doesn'[t get the job will he blame Obama for failing to help the jobless?

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