Friday, June 22, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Pay, Teacher Morale Issues for Precinct 5 Ogden School Board Candidates

In truth, there are several great choices in the Precinct Five race, none of whom answers to the name Shane Story

The Standard-Examiner is "firing on all cylinders" this morning, with this pre-Primary Election story, putting the spotlight on Ogden School District Precinct Five, wherein School Board incumbent Shane Story faces three challengers in the primary election — J. Scott Handy, Clark Hogan and Weber County Forum favorite Jim Hutchins:
In truth, there are several great choices in this race, none of whom, in our never-humble opinion, answers to the name Shane Story, however.  And in keeping with the theme of our earlier article this morning, wherein we touted the benefits of electing school board members who actually know a little something about public education, we'll remind our readers that Jim Hutchins is an actual professional educator too.

So who'll be the first to throw in their own 2¢?

The floor's open, O Gentle Ones.


Danny said...

I concur:

Don't vote for Belnap or Story.  These are the people who ensconced fatman lawyer Brad Smith as the well-paid superintendent due to their mutual laziness and ineptitude.  Fatman Brad has since spent his time replacing seasoned professionals in Ogden Schools with people who can be relied upon only to kiss fatman Brad's ample butt.

Write it down twice:

Don't vote for Belnap or Story.

Don't vote for Belnap or Story.

Ogden Schools are at the bottom of the scholastic heap.  It's the school board's fault.  They are inept cronies who need to go back to whatever hellhole the crawled out of and stop contaminating our schools with human detritus like the fatman, Superintendent Brad (failed lawyer) Smith.

Jim Hutchins said...

Thanks for the kind words, Rudi.

Just a minor correction: Clark Hogan is a teacher at Bonneville High,
and therefore also a professional educator by my campaign's definition.

I believe in treating Ogden City Schools teachers like the professionals they are.

Missing from the article (cut for space and clarity reasons) was the
part of my interview where I railed on the former Mayor and his school
board cronies for giving away taxpayer dollars meant for education to
finance the pipe dreams of the former Mayor, who (I understand) is
friends with Shane Story.

Here is a link to Dan Schroeder's most excellent article, just to remind
WCF readers of the board's perfidy. I believe the Ogden City School
financial situation would be about $300,000 per year less dire if the
Taxing Entity Committee members (including Brad Smith) had not rolled
over for the former Mayor's scheme.

VoteHutchins said...

I'm with you, Rudi.  I'll be voting for Jim Hutchins on Tuesday.
He's intellectually brilliant, has a lifelong career educational professional job resume with positions ranging from the lowliest middle school positions to the most highly technical college teacing positions, is politically dynamic, and is just what we need on the Ogden School Board to  deal with these mindless tea party-types who are now running the Ogden City School system into the ground.

rudizink said...

Just for the record, Jim, I didn't overlook Mister Hogan's "educational professional" credentials, such as they are.

In the big picture however , he's also a licensed Utah Realtor, which rules him out as a viable pro public education candidate, in my book.

Questions said...

I teach in the Ogden City School District and I totally disagree with what everyone on here is saying.  Members of the school board don't need to be former or current educators.  They do need to be able to listen to educators though.  A few things to ponder:
What is wrong with the concept of performance pay?  It works in the business world.
Why does Mr. Hogan want to be on the school board when the only school in the district he sends his children to is Shadow Valley Elem?  He sends his older child to South and is planning on sending all of his children to BHS.
Can you really compare Weber County to Ogden City?  Any teacher I have seen come from Weber County has only lasted a year or two in Ogden City.
I'd like to know what people think.

Scott Handy said...

Dear Rudi,

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me last Saturday.  Also, thanks for linking my brochure to WCF.  I would like to post some of my thoughts to your blog.  They are as follow:

To be the best school district in the state:
Challenging classesSupport Common CoreFinest teachers employed- cross curriculum programs Electronic media/computers and accessoriesLibraries updated and full-reading programs that motivates students to read books.Textbooks/learning supplies and materials-using manipulatives, games and art supplies.Updated learning areas/classrooms and schools-incorporate more of the arts, visual performing, dance, music etc.Comfortable learning environment/air-conditioning & desks Support IB programTrade electives/plumbing, electrical, construction, carpentry, fashion, interior design and architecture.Learning field trips/tours-also on sight field trips that would include professionals in all areas brought in. (Musicians, financial, artists, animals, plants, farming, and geology.)What can we do better?-promote positive feedback to teachers, students, parents and have mandatory parental involvement at school, home and office.
Improvement of student achievement:
Quarterly testing-pre, post and re-teach.
Ask for their expected goals and accomplishments-hold them accountable
Engaging teachers-through showing appreciation by the administration.
Parental involvement-expected from all parents if possible-not the few-help with correcting papers bring their talents to class to speak or instruct their talents or hobbies.
Emphasize computer understanding and learning
Business mentoring and n the job training.
 Characteristics of a great superintendant:
Listens to the board and peers/makes good decisionsWilling to change and accept failure as a learning processCommunication skills with all employeesTransparency in leadership and decisionsAcknowledges accomplishments/managerLeads by respect and not fear or threats/flexibleOpen door policyOpenly engaged in all schools/visits and teaches-visits classes, knows every teacher, visible to parents and students and attends every school each year.Attends learning seminars to improve skill setCompassionate about position and othersObjectives are achieved/measurableSupportive of teachers/morale-let them know they are appreciated and KNOW THEM BY NAME.Take risks and make commitmentsSmart hard worker
A successful superintendant will (measured):
See test scores riseSee increased student population within the schools-advertise positive things happening through the newspaper and highlight teachers and students each week.Lack of turn over of teachers/they will stay in the district and not transferAwards received by teachers and staffBuild new schools/learning atmosphereRecognized positively for his or her efforts
Skill level when students graduate:
Accepted to any college or trade schoolGrade level or better in reading, math and English-students feel comfortable thru testing practices, procedures and stress relievers (yoga.) Short testing can be a daily activity to help measure grade level.Can enter into job market if further education isn’t desiredGood citizen-character building, Big Brother programs etc.Service orientedLearned what hard work accomplishesHonesty and self esteem building-confidence building established thru successes and improving upon weaknesses.
And finally everything we do is about and for the children.

Scott Handy said...

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead) Don't forget to vote tomorrow.

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