Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 26 Primary Election Post-mortem Exam

No WCF post-election post-mortem can ever be considered complete until our ever-savvy readers have thrown in their own 2¢.

Via Ricky Hatch's Weber County Election website, we've gleaned the full list of survivors of yesterday's Weber County Primary Election. Each of the candidates named below now qualifies to appear on November Weber County General Election ballots:

US President (GOP)
Mitt Romney 
US Senate (GOP):
Orrin Hatch

US House of Representatives District 1 (Democrats)
Donna McAleer

State Auditor (GOP)
 John Dougall

Governor (Constitution)
Kirk D Pearson

State Attorney general (GOP)
John Swallow

Utah House District 29 (GOP)
Lee Perry

Ogden School Board District Precinct 1
Don Belnap
David Tanner

Ogden School Board District Precinct 5
Shane Story
J. Scott Handy

As an added bonus, and to assist our readers in wrapping up their understanding of yesterday's results, The Standard-Examiner carries these post-primary stories this morning:
And remember, folks: No way can a WCF post-election post-mortem can ever be considered complete unless and until our ever-savvy readers have thrown in their own 2¢, capice?

That's your cue. You're on, O Gentle Ones.

Update June 28, 2012 8:00 a.m.:  Encouraging outcome in GOP House 68, where GOP loonybird Bill Wright, author of the ill-conceived HB 363, went down in flames versus GOP moderate challenger Merrill Nelson.


MakesNoSense said...

Strange.  Utah Republicans rejected bat-shit crazy Dan Liljenquist, and yet embraced the equally loony John Swallow and John Dougall.

Bob Becker said...

Meh.  Romney running unopposed in his home state, and he still couldn't crack 93% of the vote.   

blackrulon said...

Why do I suspect that if John Swallow becomes Attorney General and John Dougall becomes Utah Auditor there will be a purge.exodus of long time state employees in these departments.

Ogden Res said...

Nice to see Handy beat Story, even though Story had signs everywhere, no doubt paid for by the local crony network he has faithfully served.

BAT_girl said...

 It's UTAH.

If you want to read something really disappointing, read John Saltas' explanation of why so many Utah based DEMs will vote for Romney over Obama, come NOV. Remember that Saltas started SL City Weekly over 30 years ago, as a BAR MAG of the Wasatch Front and he is UTAHN of Greek Orthodox background:

As per MakesNoSense........comment just below, there is a lot about the way people vote in Utah that makes no sense to me either.

Outdoors__girl said...

SUPREME COURT DECISION........this is not a SLOW NEWS DAY. TIME to make the donuts and start a new POST.........Rudi. I am holding my links until you do.

OLDMAN1 said...

That's OK.... put Obama back in the White House... I want to see what your going to do when your income taxes (if you still have a damn job) hit 80% and gas prices go to 9 bucks a gallon... Oh I know... Blame Bush... Not Chris Dodd or Barney Frank (the responsible parties for collapsing the housing market) or Nancy Pelosi, who has singlehandedly RUINED the state of California,  or the Democratic House and Senate majority that took over in 2006 and which has solidly put us behind the 8 ball as a nation... Your all insane... can't you see the forest beyond the trees?  This administration has turned us into world wimps!!! Our enemies are running amok because your President has no back bone; either that or he's in bed with them...  Hey, I made my money... and I'm debt free... and I worked my ass off because I PURSUED HAPPINESS... No one gave me anything... so when Obama comes after my blood sweat and tears because he thinks I didn't pay enough taxes he's not going to find it... and many other business owners are going to do the same thing...  and in the process they may just shut down their businesses because they will SAVE money... You have to go to an Ocupy Wall St movement now?  OH I'm sorry...  Fellow Jews beware also... The Democrats don't care about us (see DNC convention day 1 when they voted 3x to "put God and Jeruslam back in their political message and were booed down... Wake up people!! Take your country back!!

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