Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Idaho Lifts 'Ban' on Five Wives Vodka - Updated

Idaho State Liquor Division "folds" like a cheap lawn chair

Here's the latest in the "Five Wives Vodka" guerrilla marketing story, folks, which has been simmering on the WCF front-burner for the past week or so:

Too funny.  The Idaho State Liquor Division "folds" like a cheap lawn chair:
All's well that ends well, we guess.

Update 6/7/12 7:00 a.m.:  The Idaho Statesman is on on the story too, confirming that indeed it was Jonathan Turley's strong attorney letter which tipped the scales, and also reporting that the Idaho State Liquor Division's policy flip-flop included a nice apology from the Idaho Likker Division for disparaging Ogden's Own Distillery's (OOD) fine "Five Wives" vodka product:
The Statesman story also hints that the controversy actually may not be resolved to the point where OOD might be willing to call off its legal dogs, as the Idaho ban isn't actually 100% overturned, but the new policy will merely permit Idaho on-premise licensees and retail consumers to purchase the "Five Wives" product by "special order," which is still a bit of a hassle, according to OOD spokesman Steve Conlin.

We'll continue to follow developments in this fascinating local story, Of course.

What about it Gentle Readers? Who among us doesn't believe that the Ogden's Own Distillers will do everything possible to continue to play this controversy to the hilt?


Bob Becker said...

Idaho Liquor Commission ought to have "Open Mouth, Insert Foot" translated into Latin and make te translation its official motto.

And before anyone else says it, my reaction to the news is...I'll drink to that!

Ray said...

Thanks to Idaho's hapless Liquor Commission, Ogdens Own Distillery had publicity that money can't buy. Hopefully they'll be able to capitalize on it. Cheers...

blackrulon said...

Maybe a small portion of Utah money spent on Idaho lottery tickets will come back to Utah

BAT_girl said...

AT least Ogden's Own Distillery shows no signs of moving its operation into Idaho. Which means all the profits they make off all the convenient publicity dropped in Steve Conlin's capable hands will bring billable profits of Idaho Sales into Utah taxes. I too will drink to that.

I am also hoping that OOD calls their new Raspberry Vodka FIVE HUSBANDS VODKA. I saw some great labels for that name, fly by in the last week.

If yo missed out on the first story on FIVE WIVES VODKA, scroll below or go to:

BAT_girl said...

The comments under Charles Trentleman's article are worth reading, in link above.

Here is a post from Jonathan Turley's blog:


Wqualude said...

Silly name for vodka! Utah has more to offer than silly plays on it's history

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