Sunday, June 03, 2012

Weber County Democrats June 5th Congressional Candidate Debate

With the politically savvy Doug Gibson moderating this debate, it's bound to be one lively and informative event

Attention all Weber County Democrats, and all other otherwise politically-leaning folks who are likely to vote in the upcoming June 26 Primary election.  The Weber County Democratic Party website provides a heads up of this coming Tuesday's (June 5, 2011) intra-party debate, where the two Democratic candidates who qualified at the State Democratic Convention to square off in the Primary to run for GOP incumbent Rob Bishop's Utah 1st Congessional District One seat will put their best feet forward to garner your June Primary support. Here's the full text announcement, via the WCDemo site, along with a coupla extra live links which we've added for our WCF readers' convenience:
Dear Weber Dems, Here’s an important date to put on your calendar: Tuesday, June 5th at 7 pm in the auditorium of the Pleasant Valley Branch of the Weber County Library, just across the street from Ogden Regional Hospital.

A debate will be held that night between our two excellent 1st District Congressional candidates, Ryan Combe and Donna McAleer. The debate will be moderated by Doug Gibson, the Editorial Page Editor of the Standard Examiner.

I’m sure Doug will have some tough questions of his own for our two candidates, but we’d like to give you a chance to submit questions. Please send to me at, and we’ll forward them to Doug.

Let’s pack the house that night and show Weber County there are more than a handful of Democrats in our community!

Steve Olsen

Chair Weber Dems
Date: June 5, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Pleasant Valley Library
5568 S Adams Ave
Washington Terrace, UT
The Standard-Examiner also carries a brief announcement this morning in its hard-copy edition.

With the politically savvy Doug Gibson moderating this debate, it's bound to be one lively and informative event.

Mark your calenders folks.

We hope you'll all plan to attend.


Bob Becker said...

With the politically savvy Doug Gibson moderating this debate...."

Well, not that savvy.  If he was, he'd be a liberal Democrat like me. 

Bob Becker said...

Was an interesting evening. I'd not seen either candidate before. They didn't differ on policy matters, much. Still, by evening's end, I asked for a McAleer yard sign.   

Having a decided and declared non-Democrat conservative moderate was an interesting idea, and on the whole, it worked well. Though the moderator did get one thing wrong: he said in the lead up to a question he was putting to both candidates, that the Tea Party had become an appendage of the Republicans.  In fact, it's just the reverse: the Republicans have become an appendage of the Tea Party.  The moderor was scrupulously even handed, and he  gently kept Mr. Combe from taking an extra turn at the end of some of the exchanges.   I think it worked.

Nice crowd. I'd estimate 150-ish.   There were more questions from the audience regarding education than on any other topic.  And Mr. Combe scored nicely when asked about Planned Parenthood:  "Planned Parenthood has prevented more abortions than any other single organization.  Who would oppose that?"  Nicely played, Mr. Combe. 

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